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It’s a pretty sad day when Jerry Springer’s world invades the body of Christ [Matt Coker’s “Rock Angel,” Oct. 17]. Scripture lays out loving and firm guidelines for dealing with sin. Hitting a guy when he’s not here to speak for himself any longer is pretty low. Larry Norman is deserving of an honest look at his life—the good and bad—by someone who has not had personal issues with him and is objective. I’ve always admired Randy Stonehill’s music and life—that is being diminished by his involvement in this project and other activities that smack of hypocrisy. If David Di Sabatino wants to be the Michael Moore of the Christian world, he needs to set his sights a little higher.

Mark, Washington


I liked Larry Norman’s music but was dismayed by his actions. He seemed to be saying one thing on stage and doing another. I saw the Lonnie Frisbee movie and thought it was bang-on. Unfortunately, like everyone else that got close to Larry, the filmmaker is going to have to endure the stuff that Larry put others through: assassinating their character and doing this sort of shameless thing on the Internet. I am betting they’re paying for people to write this sort of stuff everywhere on the Net they can. Let the truth come out.

Bradley, Ventura


It’s simple, Larry lived a dual life and his die-hard fans, the real fanatics are thrown for a loop here. But to be angry at a filmmaker who set out to make a movie of one of his heroes and well, got the same history from person after person after person that lived life alongside Larry Norman—what did they want him to do? And to the person who said “Don’t believe everything you read in newspapers”— The same can be said for Larry’s falsehoods in his liner notes, and on his website. He supported an orphanage in India? HOGWASH! He was the king of self-promotion.

Michael, Woodland Hills


I have personally followed Larry’s career and music since around 1970. I actually listened to and processed what he was saying. Subsequently, I supported his efforts by purchasing and sharing almost everything he ever put out, from the beginning, as it became available. His faith, life and music clearly changed my own life and creative direction in a positive way and continue to do so to this very day, yet, I am not naive, either.

I know of no human being, if their life was forced under the microscope of painstaking recollection, examination and post-event commentary would not, could not be portrayed in the most dismal of lights. This misguided notion that “humanizing” any of us, does in fact do that to some redeeming, noble value is dubious at best. Sure, facts are facts; opinions and subjective, personal perspectives of various people are no more than just that. All of this whole matter actually goes to intended motivation of Di Sabatino; something which in truth, none of us will ever know... that being something only God is in on.

What does this mean? Be wise. Understand and thoughtfully process everything you see. Remember that without commercial ($) success, no film gets circulated or brings accolades to its producer/director. How far will someone go in their efforts to titillate people and build audience buzz in order to get their efforts to pay off in cinema bucks? Do the makers of films with dubious motivations inadvertently reveal within themselves the same types of “foibles” they seek to “expose” in their subject matter? Hmmm.

Think about it... but not too long; don’t forget to love.

G Brown, Dallas


This article is a complete hack job on Dana Rohrabacher [Nick Schou’s “Seeds of Change?” Sept. 19]. I’ve followed his career for many years, and just about all of these allegations are erroneous and embellished. No wonder he doesn’t respond to your rag of a publication.

Chris Regal, Huntington Beach


What a delightfully irrelevant news/opinion piece. The item that makes Debbie Cook’s run so very irrelevant, immaterial and incompetent, is the fact that the Democratic National Committee will not spend a dime on her. The DNC simply has conceded the district to the Republicans—strange, since this election year the Republicans seem to be especially hated. . . . Cook is simply a place-marker, someone who is running to show that the Democrats exist in this district—in hopes of some future change, not unlike the situation with Bob Dornan and Loretta Sanchez. And her lazy campaign validates the DNC decision.

R. Burnett, Long Beach


I am a Republican and right now not too happy. However there comes a time when comfort in office becomes the end of effectiveness. Sadly, Rohrbacher’s district needs so much attention and decisive action and he is just not the person. I am most disgusted with jokes he has made about the illegal imigration problem. I am also sick and tired of individuals of some importance believing that they are the sole solution makers around. I personally don’t see the congressman listening to the citizens and their suggestions. Right now with what is going on in all aspects of government, I don’t care what party is around, I want a hard worker and fighter that will get the job done.

I know this gentleman is popular and a nice guy, but right now I don’t want a nice guy representing me in the worst crisis this country has been in, in all areas of our government. I hope and pray that there is a bumper crop of youngsters out there that will bring back hard working politics with a success record. Just remember, we have Supreme Court appointments coming up, a brand new Congress and Senate plus most importantly: a goal to become a country that is respected again.

Bill Warmington, Newport Beach

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