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‘It’s Good to Know That There Is Always Air’


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The following letters are in regard to our Best of OC issue (Oct. 10).


It is such a great honor to be mentioned in the OC Weekly for Best Art Gallery Show in Orange County [“Best Art Gallery Show: ‘Roll for a Cure’ at Grand Central Art Center’s Rental and Sales Gallery”]! This was such a fun project, and for such a great cause! Thank you so much to the Grand Central Art Center for hosting our boobies! And much love and thanks to the best boyfriend ever, Thomas Griego!

Rebecca Day, a.k.a. OC Roller Girl Jacquelyn Hyde, Dana Point

Upon my search for the best Mexican mocha [“Best Mexican Mocha: Viento y Agua”], I also wondered where I could get the best bottle of water, but apparently not at Viento y Agua since, according to your translation, I could only get a bottle of air instead of water. Information is only helpful when it’s accurate, so for the few people left in OC who still haven’t caught on to OC’s sister language, Viento y Agua actually means Wind and Water, but it’s good to know that there is always Air.

Dara Ferreira, Orange

Scotty Coats is a TRUE [“Best Club DJ: Scotty Coats”]!! Congrats! You deserve it, bro.

Funkmosphere, Los Angeles

Jess Dyrenforth [“Best Masseur: Jess Dyrenforth”] treated a snowboarding knee injury of mine on several occasions. He took a much different approach than other massage therapists, first testing my knee’s stability, flexibility and tenderness, and then speaking to me about complaints before starting work. He concentrated on specific muscle groups—using pressure on some points and strokes on others. After each treatment, my knee felt great—much lighter and with more freedom of movement. I highly recommend him and his keen anatomical awareness.

Shane, Los Angeles

Jess Dyrenforth is an excellent massage therapist. I have three slipped discs in my neck and had severe pain and muscle tightness for years. He was able to alleviate the pain and tension. His hands are magic, and once you try him, you will agree. It is a small price to pay for a better quality of life.

Dora Aguilera, Pomona

I agree [with the item “Best Fired Journalist: Hao-Nhien Vu”]. No one else has been able to write like this. I wonder what is left at Nguoi Viet.

Paul, Garden Grove

I am humbled by the recognition of your esteemed publication [“Best Blog: A Bubbling Cauldron”]. Gracias, amigos. Don’t be surprised as opposing viewpoints come floating in . . .

There’s never a dull moment here in the land of Newport-Mesa, so we just keep trying to shine the light on some of the more interesting political scalawags as they go about trying to fool the populace.

Thanks, again, for the kind words.

The Pot Stirrer, via ocweekly.com

Geoff West has a knack for attacking issues, and that is what the citizens need. I would think the scenario I just read [on his blog] is jealousy. The lingering issues, however, are there because there are no solutions that are not against the law most of the time. Newport “sober living,” Costa Mesa “illegals,” but the real sleeper who is the best, in my opinion, is Judge Gray. The judge brings up the issue and talks about workable solutions.

Bill Warmington, Newport Beach


How odd—another Worker’s Comp claimant [Daffodil J. Altan’s “Cells From Hell,” Oct. 3] with a case that goes sideways suddenly breaks her silence. For the sake of argument, I will agree with everything stated about the conditions at the Women’s Jail, but you lost me at the “nightmare in 2003 [that] triggered the nerve damage in Matthews’ right arm.”

Was the Weekly writer able to keep a straight face when she heard this? Please . . .

Bob, via ocweekly.com

Thank you very much, Daffodil J. Altan, for the well-written article. You have brought many important situations to the public eye.

I have paid for my own long-term disability for years through the Orange County Employees Association. Orange County employees don’t qualify for state disabiliy. Also, I have worked one or more jobs at a time since I was in my 20s. I am a tax-paying registered nurse, not as I felt [online commenter Bob, above] inferred, a burden to the taxpayers.

I truly believe, in my opinion, that this is and has been a Health Care Agency/Correctional Medical Services-controlled issue. I feel the Sheriff’s Department was not informed on a proper basis, and the public should know this.

Thank you again for writting this article.

Teresa Matthews, Santa Ana

Teresa is a very brave and courageous woman, and I hope, through her efforts, the conditions of the jail will change. I admire her for her strength in coming forward with the truth.

Rhonda, Corona


In our Best of OC issue (Oct. 10), the item “Best Used Bookstore: Bookman and Bookman Too” stated that both stores were owned by the same entity; they are not. And the item “Best Ducks Player: Chris Pronger” stated that Pronger won the Stanley Cup with the Edmonton Oilers; the Oilers lost the 2006 finals to the Carolina Hurricanes. The Weekly regrets the errors.


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