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‘What’s Become of My Generation?’


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Nice story [Gustavo Arellano’s “Out of Tune,” Dec. 19]. It’s great to hear another one escapes the crazy OC fundies and their stolen Jesus.

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Formersocalres, via ocweekly.com

Being gay is not a sin, but living a homosexual lifestyle is against what the Bible teaches.

Lana, Santa Ana, via ocweekly.com

Religious types are free to quote whatever Bible verse they want, but that argument has got nothing to do with a country committed to making everyone equal under the laws that govern us.

Bonnie, Irvine, via ocweekly.com

Unfortunately, Mr. Gunn is only one chapter of the Mariners saga, where some folks before him and many after him were thrown out for the benefit of the corporate building plan or to save the face of the edifice. Mariners Church has a handsome face and a beguiling voice, but there is something quite ugly behind the mask.

Clyde, Garden Grove, via ocweekly.com

All I can say about Pastor Wiley Drake is he’s a bigot who should not be wearing the cloth of God when all he’s doing is teaching hate, division and unacceptance of all God’s people [Matt Coker’s “The Preacher vs. the President-Elect,” Dec. 19]. The Bible teaches love, and whether you agree or not, it teaches understanding of others and loving your neighbor. The only thing I see in these new-wave Christians is hypocrisy, and a pastor like him should not be teaching the word of Christ because he’s not teaching the truth. Obama has spoken more like a Christian than anyone else through this election. What the heck is wrong with you closed-minded pastors?

Bernadette, Sacramento, via ocweekly.com

Bigots, like sociopaths, are incapable of being cured. The sad part is that they truly believe the poison that comes out of their minds and their mouths.

Raymond Chmelik, Fortuna, via ocweekly.com

It seems to me that Pastor Drake is confused about a lot of the facts in this case. To begin with, he should ask his friend Joe Farah why World Net Daily published a report stating that Obama’s birth certificate is authentic.

Maine Skeptic, via ocweekly.com

These people are nuts! President-Elect Barack Obama—soon to be President Obama—is an American citizen. Who cares if his father was or wasn’t an American. His father didn’t run for president. Obama ran and won legitimately as an American citizen. If people had spent as much energy trying to change what the past eight years of Republican rule has done to this country as they spend on Obama’s citizenship, maybe our economy wouldn’t be in the toilet.

Anonymous, via ocweekly.com

This pastor qualifies as the biggest nut in Orange County. If it weren’t so sad, it would be funny. This preacher has reached new depths of depravity.

Mike, via ocweekly.com

I am as about as open-minded as they come on the issue of drugs and the use of them, but calling the police on your child just chilled me to the bone [Matt Coker’s “Lady Fatima,” Dec. 12]. Is this what’s become of my generation? I’m fat-ass Fatima’s age and would never do that. You spoke of all the rehabs you’ve sent your son to and seeing nothing change. Graduating from drug court a few months ago doesn’t say much at all about progress. Exposing your son to jail takes him in one of two directions—a prison gang or sobriety. I am a total liberal, but I am also smart enough to know that “it all starts at home.”

Mark Johnson, via e-mail

I saw my submission to Hey, You! was published on Dec. 5 [“Trust-Fund-Baby Blues”], and since then, I’ve sent the article to all of my former employees who are still working for that company. They all had a very big laugh. It was something that everyone really needed, and I appreciate the opportunity. Thank you again for the publication. Now every employee and former employee has a smile on their face and are glad that someone was able to get the story out there.

Anonymous, via e-mail

Maybe it’s just me [Nick Schou’s “Push Comes to Shove,” Nov. 28], but why do I get the sense that if loud-mouth Frank Santos had kept his mouth shut and not acted like an asshole (the cop in question was just as big a jerk, but nonetheless), this whole situation could have been avoided? Maybe it’s just me . . .

Homey, Orange, via ocweekly.com

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