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'Get a Haircut. Just Kidding. No, Really'


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It is about time that Skitch Hitchcock is getting his due [Vickie Chang’s “Skitch in Time,” Jan. 16]. Skitchy is the godfather of modern skateboarding. His designs carefully drawn on a brown paper bag were stolen with no credit or money given more than a few times. Skaters! Skitch invented and reinvented and then reinvented again the trucks, the wheels, the deck . . . the entire package. He is the evolution. Shame on those who became very wealthy ripping him off. From dropping into an empty pool to inventing the ramp, a ramp that has morphed from skating into the snowboarder’s half pipe, Skitch did it first. And he did it better. . . . And if that is not enough: Skitch has been a style-master supreme, spending decades longboarding at Lowers on big south-swell summer days.

Leonard Nash, Dana Point, via ocweekly.com

Itchy (Skitch), get a haircut. Just kidding. No, really. I’m glad you got some recognition in the 2000s. Though, I’m surprised the Weekly didn’t interview Craig Stecyk III. He did the last real skate interview in Skateboarder.

Looney, San Clemente, via ocweekly.com

Wow, thank you for the great story on Skitch and the crew. Skitch was definitely one of my early skateboard heroes. I was lucky enough to meet and skate with him a few times in the ’70s.

Jack Smith, via e-mail


The extent of this conspiracy to cover up the sexual abuse done by priests in California is appalling [Gustavo Arellano’s “Meet the New Bishop . . .” Jan. 16]. California probably has the largest number of bishops and other church officials who can be listed in the Who’s-Who of ecclesiastical enablers. The hubris is outrageous and well beyond the pale. What the institution needs is a complete overhaul of the governance of the Church—ASAP.

Sister Maureen Paul Turlish, New Castle, Delaware, via ocweekly.com

People in the pews will never understand the rapes committed by Roman Catholic clergy until it happens to their children or grandchildren. I can’t tell them of the pain and horror of being raped by a priest, especially when one is a child. Will the faithful ever learn or understand? Probably not. Catholics worship not the One who died for our sins, but rather anything or anyone who appears before them in the vestments of the morally bankrupt Roman Catholic Church.

Vicky G., San Pedro, via ocweekly.com


Nice article on the Crickets [Cole Haddon’s “Thanks for the Memories,” Jan. 16], but Jerry Allison is no longer married to Peggy Sue as is stated in this article. They divorced many years ago.

David May, Brentwood, Tennessee, via ocweekly.com

The Crickets were sad on the 3rd. Every time I’ve seen the Crickets perform at the Surf [Ballroom] shows, they’ve been drunk out of their skulls. Maybe it’s their way of coping, but I’d like to see them play sober—once.

Ted, via ocweekly.com


Good to know about this place [Edwin Goei’s review of India Cuisine, “The Smell of Curry In the Afternoon,” Jan. 16] and that the chef from the sadly missed Niki’s is in da house!

Christoofat, Aliso Viejo, via ocweekly.com


I’m shocked, I tell ya, absolutely shocked. A five-page article from Gustavo Arellano [“Hero & Villain,” Jan. 9] and not one mention of Mater Dei’s basketball program. You’re slipping, Gus.

Vern, via ocweekly.com


Special Screenings (Film, Jan. 16) reported that the Swedish horror film Let the Right One In had not darkened an Orange County theater before its Jan. 22 UCI Film and Video Center screening. A reader points out the film was previously shown at Edwards University in Irvine for a week. The Weekly regrets the error.

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