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‘Having Tom Tomorrow Doesn’t Hide the Fact That You’re the Walking Dead’

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In a Jan. 2 blog post on Navel Gazing, Editor Ted B. Kissell announced some “excruciating,” economically driven personnel moves at OC Weekly. Managing Editor Rich Kane is no longer on staff. Staff Writer Vickie Chang has moved to the part-time Clubs Editor position, replacing Nate Jackson, who is no longer on staff. Amanda Parsons remains the paper’s Editorial Assistant, but the position has changed from full-time to part-time. The following letters are in response to that announcement.

Rich Kane is brilliant. His next employer will be extremely fortunate to have him . . . and me as a reader. Goodbye, OC Weekly.

Carrie Florer, Fullerton, via ocweekly.com

Hey, remember when you guys got bought out by those other guys who had tons of money, and the format of your paper changed, and that commie chick quit, and everyone pissed and moaned that it just isn’t the same anymore? One thing stayed the same: You spend too much money on total incompetents when it comes to reviewing movies. You know what your silly rag reminds me of? My dumbass friend who is still drinking when everyone is up and having breakfast. Having Tom Tomorrow doesn’t hide the fact that you’re the walking dead. You won’t print this because you’re, like, mature and shit.

Michael Oman, via e-mail


Edwin Goei’s description of the coffeehouse squatters at the Lost Bean [“What’s the Buzz?” Jan. 2] was spot-on. While the coffee and food are some of the best around, the times when I can find a vacant table that hasn’t been “marked” by these social codependents are rare. Thank goodness Peet’s Coffee is located across the street to provide a good backup.

Leonard Correa, Tustin, via ocweekly.com

I hate all this “fake green” stuff out there.

I don’t believe anyone has made a “hot” cup out of vegetable products yet. The heat will melt it. As far as biodegradability, they have found hot dogs that are intact in landfills after 15 years. For something to biodegrade properly, it has to also be “compostable” and also taken to a proper composting facility that composts with the proper ingredients and temperatures.

Also, there is no such thing as “organic certified water.” If it’s filtered tap water, it started out as chlorinated or has chloromine in it and is regulated by the EPA. If they went to some stream and pulled it from there, I wouldn’t drink it, as it may have bacteria, cysts, or other nasties in it. Not to mention the runoff from farms, streets and industry.

The prices you mentioned are ridiculous to charge consumers for coffee and snacks. I hate people who tell a green story and pretend to care about people and the environment as they rape the public and line their pockets.

Diamond Dog, via ocweekly.com


I just read your new music column in OC Weekly [Albert Ching’s Sound Guy, Jan. 2]. You might already know this, but all of the artwork displayed in all of the House of Blues venues in America are samples of American folk art, including work by prominent American folk artists throughout the past 150 years. The House of Blues works with a nonprofit organization (The International House of Blues Foundation) to bring art and self-expression to students of all ages. Kids are given tours of the folk art, hear samples of music, and then are given training to try and create their own art, specifically folk art. Folk art usually tells a story and is often created by untrained artists. Next time you are at a show, try reading the captions by the pieces on display. Also, check the marble inlays over the restaurant. I enjoyed the article.

Jon Mann, via e-mail


Mariners Church Board did the right thing in asking Robert Gunn to step down [Gustavo Arellano’s “Out of Tune,” Dec. 19]. As a professing Christian, there needs to be a stand against immoral sin. Christians do not hate gays, but rather the sinful act. Mariners has to protect the body from any further sin. There have been many cases of child molestation and spreading the disease of AIDS in the homosexual community.

Marlene, North Tustin, via ocweekly.com

Thanks for a good article, Gustavo. I appreciate the informative details on both sides of the legal wrangling. Unfortunately, Mr. Gunn is only one chapter of the Mariners saga, in which some folks before him and many after him were thrown out for the benefit of the corporate building plan or to save the face of the edifice. Because of your writing skills, I wish you could tell the larger story. Mariners has a handsome face and a beguiling voice, but there is something quite ugly behind the mask.

Clyde, Garden Grove, via ocweekly.com

Dr. [Kenton] Beshore at no time in his remarks stated what particular sexual sins Mr. Gunn had committed. And Mariners and South Coast have terminated leaders in the past for sexual sins that were not homosexual, so you can’t accuse them of singling that one sin out. No defamation here!

Howard Ahmanson, Irvine, via ocweekly.com

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