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‘Jackie Gleason Looked Better in His Bus-Driver Uniform’


It should be clear that if District Attorney Tony Rackauckas is going after a $1.20 bottle of ketchup [Nick Schou’s “More Than 57 Varieties of Strange,” April 3], then maybe Steve Rocco’s conspiracy theories may not be too farfetched. I think Rocco knows something we do not know.

Stanley Fiala, Santa Ana, via ocweekly.com

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Why don’t you talk about what a hole Santa Ana is [Gustavo Arellano’s Hole In the Wall, “Easy On the Cheesy,” April 3]? What redeeming qualities does Santa Ana have? Is it the crime, the gangs or the spray paint? This is just another slanted story.

Dion, Laguna Niguel, via ocweekly.com

I don’t have a beef with the sheriff [R. Scott Moxley’s “I’m the Sheriff First, and a Politician Second,” March 27]. I think she is doing the right thing by re-evaluating the [concealed-weapon] permits. There was too much questionable activity with them as they were, and I think they should just start over. Nobody who deserves one is losing out; the only thing happening is that some people are a little inconvenienced now that they have to re-apply. But if it restores integrity to the process, then it’s worth it. I do have one thing bad to say, though: Could she look any worse in uniform?! My God. Jackie Gleason looked better in his bus-driver uniform than she does. Yikes!

Bob, via ocweekly.com


Great photo of the “cop” on the March 27 cover. I hadn’t thought about the Village People for years!

Joel, via ocweekly.com

I live in Huntington Beach and work across the street from Old World Village [Spencer Kornhaber’s “Old World Disorder,” March 20]. I have been to the bar there at the German restaurant many times over the past two years and have never ever seen any skinheads. It is more like a Cheers place than any place else in town. The company is good, and the food is authentic German. I enjoy it, especially on Sundays. I can tell you that the person writing the article, Spencer, needs practice at being a journalist and getting his facts right.

Gary, Huntington Beach, via ocweekly.com


Sad how some people cannot let go of the past. Yesterday is gone, and tomorrow is yet to come. The Village looks great with the new look, and there is a wonderful club that meets there every Sunday (no skinheads either). I hear they have never caused problems like some other people have. Let’s move on and focus on all the good things instead of old news.

Elke, Costa Mesa, via ocweekly.com

TRY THE . . .
We ate at Basilic [Edwin Goei’s “Nice Raclette,” March 20] last fall for our anniversary and on Valentine’s Day this year. Both times were absolutely, indescribably delicious! We plan to make it our anniversary spot every year. The food is by far the best we’ve ever had, and the service was fantastic.

Stacey, Fountain Valley, via ocweekly.com

I say bring the low-to-moderate [income] housing to Mission Viejo [Spencer Kornhaber’s “Recall? Totally,” March 27]. Then all the people who make me hate living in this city can migrate to Aliso or something, and we can all be happy.

Tiffany, Mission Viejo, via ocweekly.com

What is the smallest fee these “musicians” will accept to not play near my table [Gustavo Arellano’s ¡Ask a Mexican! April 3]? Mariachis tend to play at “11,” and that’s too loud for me at dinner. I admit that Iron Maiden is my favorite band, and they play really, really loud, but, unlike the guys with questionable taste in clothes and oversized guitars, Maiden can actually play their instruments.

CHS, Long Beach, via ocweekly.com

You’re right about Elizabeth and James [Vickie Chang’s Trendzilla, “The Twin Towers of Fashion,” March 13]. I have been consistently blown away by their attention to detail and just-edgy-enough styling choices. I never would have [thought] Mary-Kate and Ashley [could] design fashion, but I gotta say, they are holding their own.

Boutiquing1, Lake Forest, via ocweekly.com

In the illustration accompanying the April 3 article “Fecal Wrangling,” the first sentence of the descriptions of Lloyd Charton and Dan Harkey websites were reversed. Much as we’d love to pass it off as an April Fool’s gag, it was just a mistake. The Weekly regrets the error.

In the Feb. 27 story “Hive and Seek,” we mistakenly referred to the subjects as the Backyard Beekeepers. Their name is actually Backyard B Keepers. The Beekly regretzzzz the error. And thankzzzz to The Orange CountyRegister for totally ripping our story off on April 2 (dun-dun-DUNNN!)—and, uh, getting the name of the group right (wah-wah-wahhhh).


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