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‘So Sad That I Live Here’

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A couple of years ago, the Dallas Morning News did a fantastic series on runaway priests. With just a little effort, they managed to find quite a few of them almost immediately. Meanwhile, the U.S. Bishop Club has professed to know nothing of their whereabouts after claiming they have been hunting for them for years [Gustavo Arellano’s “Where In the World Is Edgardo Jimenez?” March 20]. There are scores of these guys, accused or under indictment, hiding in plain sight in the U.S. and other countries—including Rome. They’re residing in their order’s provincial house, with full knowledge of their superiors. And waddya think the creepy closet case in the Vatican, swathed in Gammarelli and Gucci, is doing about it?

H.R.H., Miami, Florida, via ocweekly.com

It’s great to have the Galaxy Theatre back, creating another live-music venue behind the Orange Curtain [Albert Ching’s Sound Guy, “Galaxy Quest,” March 20]. Kudos to Gary Folgner for keeping the faith.

Chris C., Aliso Viejo, via ocweekly.com

I find it despicable how easily people allow lies to flow out of their mouths when they know who they are and are not [Matt Coker’s “Blood Feud,” Feb. 20]. They know it has been found in black and white within the pages of history, baptismal and birth records that do not lie, regardless of what they’ll have you believe. What I wonder is, how they live with themselves knowing that they are trying to steal a heritage that isn’t theirs. Go figure.

Shelly, via ocweekly.com

How did the ever-ridiculous Savage Love column become the only thing worth reading in the OC Weekly?

John Pritchard, San Clemente, via e-mail

After reading the article “Go for the Throat” [by Spencer Kornhaber, March 6], as a 25-year resident of Mission Viejo, I am amazed that a city can be so safe and clean despite the concerted efforts of its so-called “leaders” to turn it into their long-lost junior-high playground where they learned all about bullying, lying, throwing spitballs and “nyah, nyah” tattling.

Memo to all of this fine city’s leaders and concerned citizens, including the current mayor, his lap dogs on the council, CIG’ers, bloggers and other goofy gadflies: Grow the fuck up! And if that’s not possible, how about you stop wasting taxpayer money yammering endlessly at council meetings about non-issues and slights, lies and filing nuisance lawsuits, and just go home. Or just have some drinks and kick one another’s asses. Oh, wait, we taxpayers would have to pay for your injuries since you’re all older than 50 (although, it seems like none of you ever really grew past the age of 15).

Jim Curran, via e-mail

As a son of a (since-deceased) Holocaust survivor, I am terribly disappointed to learn of the treatment of the Jewish gifts store at Old World [Spencer Kornhaber’s “Old World Disorder,” March 20]. Hopefully, the other shopkeepers there will band together to help her keep her store and fight any anti-Semitism that comes there. There is power in words, and the defacing of private property should not be condoned. Shopkeepers should put up a sign saying, “While we are proud of our German heritage, we are NOT proud of anti-Semitism.” Anti-Semitism is no longer associated with Germany and Austria.

Jason Platt, Whittier, via ocweekly.com


I wonder if any of those Hitler-worshipers at Old World realize that Nazi Germany got its ass handed to it in World War II and Hitler committed suicide accompanied only by his “girlfriend” (some say they were married hours before their demise). I should add that Hitler’s insistence on making military decisions—and contradicting his generals—didn’t exactly help the German war effort. They’re fighting a losing battle.

CHS, Long Beach, via ocweekly.com


Sadly, anti-Semitism is still associated with Germany and Austria and the United States, too. I am disgusted that we have a skinhead hangout here, but that doesn’t seem too farfetched, seeing as we also have Mexican-hating Minutemen who are openly racist and taunt people on Main Street every once in a while. Huntington Beach isn’t exactly a melting pot that’s totally appreciative of diversity. There is also that old guy who drives around the streets in his hate-mobile indicting commies, young naive idiots who voted for Obama and illegals for ruining America. So sad that I live here.

Jessica, Huntington Beach, via ocweekly.com

In “Old World Disorder” [March 20], Cyndie Kasko was paraphrased as saying that the Old World Restaurant turns away skinheads at Oktoberfest. Kasko contacted the Weekly with a clarification: “Our establishment does not have a policy of refusing service to any particular group, but we do not permit or tolerate conduct that advocates violence or discrimination against any person or group of persons based on their race, color or religion.”


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