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‘If This Represents Orange County, We’re In Big Trouble’

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This article is very well-written [Spencer Kornhaber’s “Go For the Throat!” March 6]. It reflects the community sentiments and Lance MacLean’s unacceptable actions and language very accurately. Very well-done!

Joe Holtzman, Mission Viejo, via ocweekly.com


It’s amazing that MacLean gets this treatment when you have dolts like John Paul Ledesma on the city council. I think you have some disgruntled community folks with too much time on their hands. Usually, you see such pettiness in such cities as Cudahy and Maywood. Keep shaming yourselves, Mission Viejans.

Clueless, Mission Viejo, via ocweekly.com


Sounds like someone has a grudge. I’ve worked with MacLean in the past on a couple of projects and found him very nice and respectful. Isn’t it great how one person with the power of the Internet can cause so much damage? This is like cyber-bullying.

Stan, Mission Viejo, via ocweekly.com

Please do not give this guy any more attention [Matt Coker’s “Talkin’ Jihad With Craig Monteilh,” March 6]. He is trying to find yet another way to benefit himself. His previous convictions weren’t due to an undercover assignment. If they were, why are the victims of his scams not receiving any restitution or compensation? Don’t believe his lies or get caught up in his paranoia or his games.

Comment by OC Citizen, via ocweekly.com

This article was not good at all [Albert Ching’s “Pushing the Envelope,” March 6] . My 5-year-old sister could write a review with more structure and relevance than this page-filler.

Championship Winner, Yorba Linda, via ocweekly.com

Pizzeria Ortica is a low-budget riff on Mozza [Edwin Goei’s “Upper Crust,” March 6]. David Meyers knew it was best not to try this retread concept in LA, lest he be laughed out of town. In any event, I’ve been to Ortica twice and both times came back underwhelmed. The side dishes are solid, but the actual pizza is less than memorable.

Wrong, Costa Mesa, via ocweekly.com

My husband and I have been reading the OC Weekly for years. We loved Troubletown and This Modern World. We liked the political stories and the movie reviews, but everything has gotten so bad. I don’t understand it.

You have articles that most people in Orange County, unless directly involved in the stories—they are just totally boring and not interesting at all. No more Troubletown, no This Modern World, and the movie reviews are ridiculous. There’s nothing good left.

I used to take the paper and pass it out, but now it’s so bad I’m embarrassed to. If this represents Orange County, we’re in big trouble. You should try reading the LA Weekly; it’s a much better paper.

Theresa Wilson, via telephone

I extend my utmost concern for the recent story that outlined the activities performed at Santa Ana’s consulate of Mexico in an unfavorable light [Daffodil J. Altan’s “The Man Who Wasn’t There,” Feb. 20]. For 21 years, the government of Mexico, with full respect and observance of this country’s laws, has given this support and protection to its nationals in Orange County through this consular office, and it has searched for and kept a healthy relationship with the media, authorities, business people, opinion leaders and the community in general throughout Orange County.

Under this premise, the story published by your paper distorts reality. First and foremost, let me express my deep disappointment in the contorted image of the consul of Mexico portrayed in the cover photograph of your publication. Misrepresenting the image of the consul of Mexico is, to say the least, a very disrespectful action toward the representative of the government of Mexico.

At the same time, I must express my total disagreement with the content of the reporter’s article. I granted your reporter an hourlong interview to go through all the details of our consular tasks in good faith. Instead, she ignored the content of the interview and chose to instead include statements from people disgruntled with the consulate, presenting a series of arguments and objectives that were far from the original motive of the interview.

For this consulate, it is fundamental to give a truthful and objective figure. We engage in quality service to all Mexicans, and we profoundly appreciate our responsibilities and duties, particularly those surrounding our diplomatic mission on behalf of the government of Mexico. We respectfully request and appreciate the participation for all media to accurately communicate the services and activities offered. We accept criticism, but at the same time, we expect respect for our representation. Our doors are always open to welcome everyone, and we encourage our community to personally express their complaints, demands, suggestions or compliments with an aim to better the services we provide.

Carlos Rodriguez y Quezada, Consul of Mexico, Santa Ana


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