Contact us via voice mail at (714) 825-8432, or by e-mail: letters@ocweekly.com. Or write to Letters to the Editor, OC Weekly, P.O. Box 10788, Costa Mesa, CA 92627. Or fax: (714) 708-8410. Letters may be edited for clarity and length. All correspondence must include your home city or service provider and a daytime phone number.TRUCK SLUT LOVEI am writing to you to find out what fat drunk chick you were talking about at hogue barmichaels (Locals Only, Sept. 4)?? do tell! was she a blond chick, who seemed to know the band??? (drain bramaged, that is??) because if it was, i think you need to eat your damn words!!! i could care less if you like el centro's album, i know they are good to see "live." drain bramaged, yes they love "beer" and not much else!! and whoever else you like or dislike, but if you were talkin about me that night as some fat drunk chick who was yelling at all the bands she didn't like, you got it wrong, you dummy!! i only bother to write this because i could have easily been the girl you were talkin about, however, i am not that fat! i hate to admit "big boned," yes, but some fat heffer, i don't think so you dumbass!!!!! and i don't remember anyone there who was as loud and partyin as hard as i was!! i yell at shows, but not to deface other bands. i yell to root the bands on, if they are any good!!! i know drain bramaged is good, i have probably seen them 20 times!! they have a lot of energy, and i think that is awesome!!! not to mention they are good friends of mine! i don't know exactly what girl you were talkin about, but if you don't know how to have a good time, maybe you should be a critic for something besides punk rock shows! you need a new line of work! maybe operas or broadway shows or something!!! get with the program, dude! your opinion is just one person's opinion, so don't think by "spicing" it up, by dissing the crowd, it will have too much effect on how well the band does in real life!!!!!! i hope i get the opportunity to run into your stupid ass one day "at a punk rock show," and i hope i am good and wasted and i punch you in the face one good time for all the big-boned "lasses" in the world!!!!! fag!!!!!-Trukrslt
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Rich Kane responds: See above.BOZZIO THE CLOWNShort of completely defending Dale Bozzio's shitty behavior at the Shack in Anaheim, Rebecca "Commie Girlfriend" Schoenkopf's name calling was completely uncalled for, especially to someone whose work has rightfully earned a place in new-wave history and advanced modern rock ("Destination Unknown," Sept. 4). Granted, Ms. Bozzio is no longer at her peak (perhaps a bit menopausal), but there's no reason not to offer some comeback support for a very talented artist. She deserves some credit for trying. Surrounding herself with backups who probably weren't even born when Missing Persons started out doesn't help her case. (I'm sure there are valid reasons why the other Persons went missing 10 years ago.) Cut Ms. Bozzio some slack, and be nice, sweetie. I await Chris Isaak's comeback review in 2014 while I listen to Bozzio's remake of "Walking in LA" (a la Marianne Faithful).-Commiequeer

Rebecca Schoenkopf responds: Listen, boyfriend, I like Missing Persons, too. But Bozzio was so unbelievably rude and unprofessional it would have been derelict of me not to call a twat a twat. Speaking of names, sweetie, we've contacted our lawyers, and they say you've got to cease and desist. So sorry!
Love, Commie Girl™
LET'S GET MIKEYMichael Alarcon's review of Koo's Art Cafe was puzzling ("Where to Get Hammered," Sept. 4). Did Mr. Alarcon actually come to Koo's? His descriptions of "beat-style Van Dykes [and] political tattoos" seemed to refer to the volunteers at Koo's-and specific ones at that-rather than its patrons. And as for "everyone here has a cause, and you should, too": well, perhaps what he meant was that the volunteers have Koo's as a cause. Other than that, there are really only a few of us involved in "radical" causes . . . like feeding the hungry.These inaccuracies would be inconsequential but for his final comment: "If you strike out with the opposite sex, word gets around, and you're finished here." For those of us within the group, this is particularly offensive. Only one person is "finished" here, and he didn't "strike out"; he sexually harassed and intimidated female volunteers. Unwilling to get help or even admit to having a real problem, he was asked to leave.While Alarcon's writing style may make for witty repartee, in this instance, it has trivialized a serious problem. He's placed the expelled aggressor into the role of the victim and cast the real victims as angst-ridden radicals (maybe even man-hating FemiNazis!). All of it reads suspiciously, as though his info is from one disgruntled source.If anyone wants to find out what Koo's is actually like, come down some Friday or Saturday, and listen to the punk/ska/emo/etc. show going on. Or come to open-mic night on Wednesdays to see local poets and songwriters. Maybe you'd be interested in our upcoming Soul Night or the monthly live hip-hop night "featuring excellent local rappers." Come check out the amazing graffiti-art pieces in the back yard that change from week to week; you never know what you'll find. But you have to actually find it.-Matt Mammal and Dan Free
Koo's Art Cafe volunteers, radicals and sensitive artsy types
Santa Ana


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As an alcohol-free, all-ages venue, Koo's is a place where young people can hear the kind of music they like and often receive information on issues of real importance to them. In short, they are treated with respect (even in their thrift-shop clothes).I am curious, though, as to Mr. Alarcon's "tip" about striking out with the opposite sex. It seems a rather harsh indictment, and I must wonder if it is really just sour grapes.-Jody Fitt
Costa Mesa

Michael Alarcon responds: Huh? I won't make this long and drawn-out because I have a NOW rally to attend in 15 minutes, but I didn't know a Koo's employee/volunteer was asked to leave. It was a coincidence. The capsule was based on my many visits there. There are a lot of people who want an outlet to help their community, and I was just expressing my opinion as to where they might find like-minded people.OPEN SPACE, CROWDED SKIESLess than a year ago, we were told by airport supporters and the Federal Aviation Administration that El Toro is a $10 billion gift to the county. Now, looking at the Airport and Open Space Plan, 2,441 acres-or about 53 percent-of the total base land originally scheduled for income-generating properties will be a $5.3 billion golf-and-recreation area for Orange County to enjoy (El Toro Airport Watch No. 77, Sept. 4).I just can't wait to hit a few balls over the environmental plumes that are spaced throughout the base area. Maybe a day hiking under the jet-fuel exhaust from the 747s will act as a sunscreen for the kids or, better yet, create a new hair color for their moms and dads.-Dave Kirkey
Coto de Caza

ALL APOLOGIESBuddy Seigal, I'm sorry. I've hurt your feelings. Let me make it up to you. I withdraw my "dry, crumbly shit" remark (Letters, Aug. 28). I did not mean to complicate your working relationship with your editor friends. And please don't call me a Republican anymore. That kind of libel will hurt my standing with the National Socialists.Finally, I can see my dyslexia and fourth-grade education are getting the better of me (happens every time I forget my dose of Prozac). I was throwing a tantrum over your placement of "ABC" and "Love Train" with such greats as "Maggie May," "Hot Rod Lincoln" and "School's Out" from the Rhino Records '70s box. I hope this clears up my myopic misrepresentation.-Fast Eddie

LOOK NO MOREI was appalled by the first sentence of Derek Thomas' review of Sex and the City (This Week in TV, Aug. 21), which reads: "Sarah Jessica Parker may physically resemble a haggard wench in this HBO series, but because the show's premise is basically 'four single women who are well past 30 and searching for love in New York City,' the look fits."The look fits? I am stunned by Thomas' willingness to print such an ageist, sexist remark. This loudly implies that all women over 30 who are single and looking for love can be classified in the "haggard wench"-looking category, or perhaps this look is restricted to that class of women in New York City alone? I have many beautiful, highly educated female friends who are over 30 and single (by choice) and live in Orange County who will no longer be reading your publication.-Maureen Smith

WHY WORRY ABOUT Y2K?In the final paragraph of "It's the End of the World As We Know It" (Byte Marks, Sept. 4), Wyn Hilty writes: "But I would prefer it if we approached the problem rationally-examining the facts, trusting the experts, and assuming that the real truth lies somewhere between the claims that all will be well and [Gary] North's warning cries of the Apocalypse."I haven't followed your views online, so I don't know how much you actually know about Y2K. But if you actually do trust the experts and examine the facts, you'll be very afraid-not as much as North would have you be, probably. But obviously more afraid than is evinced by writing a column that tended to dismiss Y2K concerns as nut-case thinking.A new Web site that may aid you in your research, coming up tomorrow, is www.Y2KToday.com.-Larry Sanger
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I appreciated your column to a degree but ran out of appreciation when you began the ad hominem attacks on North. While I don't subscribe to the "end of the world as we know it" crowd, I do believe the Y2K problem is serious, credible and not likely to be solved in the few months remaining. It is an accident of history that this computer problem surfaces at the time that we face a new millennium, a mere coincidence. As such, hawking the problems as some sort of madness will not make it go away. Y2K is for real. In fact, it is so real as to be scary. I'm not involved with any others' efforts to become compliant, but I am concerned that others do fix their problems. The ramifications are enormous. And it might not even be in your control to do something about it (other than to write your representatives and demand action). This is no joke, although many believe it to be so.North is not an end-of-the-worlder, as you apparently know, based on your accurate description of his religious philosophy. What benefit is there in attacking one of the few people who supply an information resource to at least help understand the nature of this problem?-alwynaubrey
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Wyn Hilty responds: Let me make my position clear. I am not denying the existence or the seriousness of the Y2K problem. Even the most optimistic experts agree that it will cost billions of dollars and an ungodly number of man-hours to fix-money and time that could be better spent on, say, feeding the hungry (or giving Congress another raise). My argument was simply that there is such a preponderance of evidence on all sides of the "How serious will it be?" question that when it comes to deciding who to believe, the choice is governed more by faith than by a rational process. And unfortunately, North, the man leading the "end of the world as we know it" crowd, is driven by a faith that believes, among other things, that homosexuals should be put to death. Y2K is a technical problem, not a hearty raspberry from a vengeful God, and I resent that religious fanaticism rather than technical expertise is partly shaping public policy on the issue.

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