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Re: Jon Hall's "The Warm Fuzzies" (The County, Dec. 11): Recently, I received notice of a public forum regarding the Orange County light-rail system because I live in close proximity to the planned route. The most interesting thing about the notice was the map: it shows the south end of the route terminating at the El Toro Marine Corps Air Station.

Supposedly, the light-rail system has been in the planning stage for many years. How could this be? What if voters had rejected the planned commercial airport at El Toro from the outset? Suppose the voters reject the airport in the near future? You don't suppose that the Orange County Transportation Authority would spend all of that planning money on pure speculation, do you?

Not likely. They must know something that we ordinary citizens aren't privy to. Hmmm, it appears we are getting railroaded here. (Excuse the pun.)

-Mitchel Faris, Orange


Unfortunately, I did not have a chance to read the review to which Tony Shipley referred in his letter to the editor in the Dec. 11 issue (re: Will Swaim's Nov. 20 review of With These Hands: The Hidden World of Migrant Farmworkers Today). I was, you see, living in Japan, a country I wonder if Shipley has had the pleasure to visit. If so, he would understand how ludicrous his claim is that "in Japan, sport bikes in any class over 250 cc's can't be ridden on the street." Clearly Shipley hasn't enjoyed the sleeplessness caused by young Japanese bosozoku (motorcycle gangs, Mafia in training) and their late-night sojourns on 500- and 750-cc bikes. These bikes are indeed street-legal-and to no end annoy Japan's decent proletariat and the cops who have no cause to bust them, as "noise pollution" is an alien concept.

Shipley's suggestion that we read The Japan That Couldn't Say No to learn how "they really feel about Americans" is particularly offensive. Perhaps I misread the intention of his letter, but the Japanese hold Americans in far greater esteem than we deserve. I need not read a book by some tool of America's conservative trade agenda to know how "they" really feel about us. Time spent in conversation with the Japanese on their soil renders Shipley's clichs ignorant and dated.

-Dan Frio, San Juan Capistrano


I've come to appreciate that Anthony Pignataro's reporting on the proposed El Toro International Airport is nearly infallible. But in his report on deer killed while crossing the county's toll roads ("Pass the Buck," Dec. 11), he made a rare error in suggesting that OC's deer range in weight from 350 to 700 pounds. In fact, fewer than one in 10 mature bucks will ever reach even 350 pounds; none ever hits 700. At that point, you're talking elk.

-Gene Clasen, Orange


Is this the OC Weekly or the Rebecca Schoenkopf Weekly?

Whatever happened to Michael Alarcon? His reviews of local clubs were very entertaining. And yo, Rich Kane, please get someone knowledgeable of the local music industry to do those reviews.

The current music and club articles are more about Rebecca than anything else, and some of them stray so far from the actual subject that they make no sense. Her real entertainment value lies in the art reviews. It's here that her writing ability is evident. Rebecca's art critiques may not always be accurate, but they are intelligently written, and they seem to be objective.

P.S. Ease up on Rebecca's workload; she's sounding cranky and a little like Dr. Laura! AAAAHHHH!

-P.H. Wilson, Laguna Beach

Thank you for bringing enlightenment to the people of Orange County who live in darkness behind the paper curtain of the Los Angeles Times and The Orange County Register. A special thank you to my favorite staffer, Anthony Pignataro, who has produced almost all of the El Toro Watch reports-an amazing achievement and one all Orange County residents should applaud.

Please keep the light of truth burning bright. We cannot survive without a weekly reading. My thanks, respect and affection for an outstanding publication.

-Dave Blodgett, Laguna Hills


Less than 24 hours ago, we sent you a letter urging you to not support the impeachment of President Bill Clinton. After hearing of the frightening news of the air strikes on Iraq, we must change our position.

-Daniel & Elizabeth Torres, via e-mail


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