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Re: "Play That Punky Music, White Boy: The Offspring vs. the Unbearable Being of Liked-Ness" by Dave Wielenga (Feedback, Nov. 13):

Having spent 12 years living and being educated in Orange County, I've learned a few things about the scenic land of the beautiful people. Within the United States (Boulder, Colorado, aside), Orange County appears to be the epitome of white, decadent self-indulgence. As Noodles of the Offspring says, referring to young white youth who wish to stray beyond the cultural limitations placed upon them by society: "They throw on the paraphernalia of something that is just so completely who they are not, saying . . . 'Yo, I'm down with the streets, man. I'm hangin' with my G's . . . S'up . . . bitch!!!'"

How does Noodles know who anyone else is but himself? What a racist statement, and the pitiful thing is I bet he does not even realize it. Yeah, the next thing you know, those young, white kids will be wanting to marry outside their race, and hey, dude, that's really not them. May we all stay in our little boxes that other people define for us because Lord knows we wouldn't want to upset the presiding social order. How fucking typical OC. What a fucking un-punk-like sentiment coming from a band that once appeared to know what punk meant.

-Darnell L. Sherman, Riverside


I'm glad to see you have maintained an interest in Marvin Chavez and crew (Nick Schou's "Cannabis Cop Out," Nov. 13). The silly and sad antics of OC officials make me laugh. I only wish Chavez wasn't going through all this hassle and the Orange County Cannabis Co-operative could have some time to fine-tune their procedures in order to keep them out of trouble with the law.

-E. Smith, Hermosa Beach


Re: Matt Coker's Republican National Convention (RNC) piece (A Clockwork Orange, Nov. 13): I wandered onto your Web site while searching to see if there are any dates posted for the RNC in 2000. What do I see in your paragraph? A vicious, superficial attack on Rush Limbaugh, who had nothing to do with the RNC decision. You are pathetic.

-T.J. Huyser, via e-mail

Matt Coker responds: You're right. We're pathetic. As evidence that we're also contrite, we'll reprint our vicious, superficial attack on Limbaugh so that others can share in your outrage: "With Anaheim out of consideration, how about using one of those Tustin hangars for the [GOP] convention? Oops, almost forgot: we need someplace big enough for Rush Limbaugh's ass."


Gary Webb's story "The Crack-up: What the CIA knew about the drug trade, in its own words" (Feature, Nov. 6) was amazing! I can't believe that those "family-values, just-say-no" Republicans have the nerve to attack stupid Bill Clinton for having some fun with a cigar when their right-wing CIA stood by and watched a whole generation of people get ruined by crack. It makes me want to puke. Ronald Reagan knew! George Bush knew! Just like they knew about the arms-for-hostages deal that slimeball Oliver North was doing. The "War on Drugs" in the 1980s was a big, sick joke that sent thousands of people to jail for holding a lousy eight ball of coke while letting all those "contra freedom fighters" fly planeloads of the stuff into our country without so much as a dirty look. All of this happened as the media stood around with their heads up their butts. It's disgusting. Too bad Reagan is now so out of it he can't even wipe himself, or I'd send him this story-along with pictures of the screaming crack babies he and Bush helped create.

-Jeanne Edwards, Rancho Santa Margarita


Opening the OC Weekly after the election, I eagerly anticipated R. Scott Moxley's apologia, "I Was Wrong," for having previously predicted that Bob Dornan would defeat Loretta Sanchez. Instead, I found another predictable hit on the Dornan clan ("White Trash Disco: Bob Dornan's shameful final hours," Nov. 6). Don't get me wrong: the Dornans deserve all the crap you guys throw at them and more. But where was the sense of celebration that Sanchez buried the son of a bitch? Where was the mea culpa that you had Sanchez losing (albeit narrowly) to the Ghastly Gas Bag from Garden Grove? Huh? Well? We're waiting.

-David J. Verduglio, via e-mail

R. Scott Moxley responds: David, I could apologize, but you might not consider my expression of sorrow specific or sincere enough. You might even insist that I orally flog myself for months on end, on national TV, and/or every time I'm in public. Hell, your sensibilities could compel you to demand a special prosecutor, a formal government censure or-oh, my Gawd-my resignation. But I cannot put you through any further agony or run the risk of congressional hearings. Prognosticating must be reserved for those who are always right. I apologize to you for violating that rule and ask for your forgiveness. As for celebrating Loretta's victory, here goes: Yippee! Yippee! Will you now be able to resume your existence?


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