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I know that you want to report on loons, but, please, come on: enough Dornan shit ("White Trash Disco: Bob Dornan's shameful final hours," Nov. 6)! The troll lost, and that says it all.

The people he ignored and shitted on were through with his tripe and bullshit-AS AM I and others here behind the Orange Curtain. I was Bob-barded with so many calls and so much tripe via mailers that they should be restricted. Then to be reading of "poor Bob" and his disheveled looks is way too much "reporting." We see the loser bitching and moaning and crying foul. And he demands a re-count. Well, smell the newsprint: his lot is over and out.

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Career politicians deserve to be ousted after their first term and not be allowed to rape the public taxpayers to line their pockets. That is what Dornan wanted to keep doing to his district.

Please, no more Dornan. It's not worth the ink the OC Weekly is printed with. Nor the paper it's printed on. Keep the lunatic Bob's activities to the Seizure World News. Then we won't have to read about his long-winded bullshit. In fact, don't report on him OR his sons at all!

-Lenny Cota, Westminster


Under the guise of promoting "tolerance," you promote more hatred, invective and misinformation than can be found on the average Ku Klux Klan Web site ("Hate Central: OC's bad reputation grows," Nov. 5). Wyn Hilty uses some of the most emotion-laden pejoratives and scare words ever invented to attack people who question the sacred-cow status of Jews, blacks, immigrants and homosexuals. Such modern-day heretics are denounced as "anti-Semites," "racists," "homophobes," "extremists" and "hate group" members.

Hilty puts an unsolicited e-mail that quoted the Founding Fathers criticizing Jews in the same category as an e-mail that contained death threats against Asian students (as if deviation from orthodoxy has something to do with threats of violence). She also quotes an especially politically ambitious college board of trustees president with his hate-filled rantings against a critic of organized Jewry-and presents this university charlatan as a credible source.

Hilty also refers to the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) as an "anti-bigotry" organization even though the ADL does everything it can to promote bigotry-that is to say, the ADL does everything it can to strengthen taboos against the free and open discussion of such subjects as race, World War II and the Jewish influence on the American political process. The ADL is notorious for attacking, smearing and defaming anyone who dares to think or speak outside the approved, thoroughly kosher P.C.-party line.

If you wish to come across as credible on racial issues and as a promoter of "tolerance," I would advise being a bit careful in your use of the language.

-Lois Prew


How come Rich Kane has to dis MTV so much ("Ruby Diver Doesn't Make MTV's The Cut: And that's a very, very good thing," Oct. 23)? Ruby Diver was given a gift from God. Not only was their singer on MTV, their name was, too. An entire article on them ran in the OC Weekly, and that article was mentioned on the cover.

So what if they were asked by MTV to ditch the band and just have the singer on the show? They/she didn't have to be on the show.

My band was once asked to submit a song to Y-107 for radio play, but we didn't because we didn't think that song represented our music. So if my band cared enough to turn down an offer, why couldn't Ruby Diver? That is just how the music business works, and if you don't realize that and want to live in your fairy tale of a world, where nobody cares about money, invite me over because I want to live there, too.

-John Gandy, a.k.a. Spanky Sapphire, Sapphire Bullets of Pure Love, Anaheim

Where does MTV get these people? A host like "T-Bone," whose musical career is in the toilet; a hand-picked audience; and a biased, R&B-influenced panel deciding the fate of a jazz solo? Where's the rest of the band? We want to see the whole band! It's not fair how the band was split up by a conformed image that MTV thinks we should see.

Maybe Ruby Diver should be called "Screwed."

-Jason Coryell, Brea


Regarding Rebecca Schoenkopf's Nov. 6 Commie Girl ("Eeeek! Fire-breathing bands and fictional porn stars"): I believe the police would have entered Club Mesa, but with Lob, Commie Girl, Squelch and Lee Mallory on the scene, they probably reconsidered.

And didn't we have a merry passel of witches, drunks, bitches and even a guy outside his britches?

All this with only 45 days till Christmas.

-Lee Mallory, Newport Beach

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