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Re: Tim Meltreger's story "Shock Therapy: OC Scientologists denounce psychology with a little mind control of their own" (The County, Feb. 12): Maybe if psychiatrists would stop committing crimes rampantly the world over, the Citizens Commission on Human Rights would not even be necessary. Maybe ethics is a "misunderstood word," and they need to look it up in a simple dictionary. I think that could be a topic for your news column, rather than making snide comments about a group that is working to improve poor education.

-Melissa Butz, San Jose


I began reading Rich Kane's article on the Orange County Supertones with some trepidation, expecting to find yet another argument that Christians are better than the rest of us ("For Christ's Sake!" Feb. 5). I was pleasantly surprised, however, to discover a lucid discussion instead. Kane forced me to recognize that there are separate groups and individuals with various motivations and methods in a movement I had previously considered monolithic and void of either subtlety or meaning.

-Andrew Ngugi, Costa Mesa


Re: R. Scott Moxley's "Way Far Right: John McGraw promises to make the state GOP the Party of God" (The County, Feb. 5): Who is going to fight within the GOP against these religious extremists? The socialists from the OC Weekly? No way. The same groups that have been fighting them for the past 15 years, among them the Congress of Republicans, Republicans for New Direction and, yes, Log Cabin Republicans. These are some of the groups that have watched the pro-life, single-issue people completely take over the operations of our party. Do we go out and strongly support all Republicans (like Dornan)? No. We just keep quiet and watch them lose. We don't support Democrats, the party of keeping everyone in minority status. We in Log Cabin realize there are only two major parties in this system. We stay, we fight, we influence, we do not lose our dignity, we maintain our principles, and we laugh at your paper's attempt to produce kindergarten reports on politics with a significant slant toward socialism and childish mentality.

-Frank Ricchiazzi, Laguna Beach

R. Scott Moxley responds: Frank, your frustration at the Weekly is misplaced. As an openly gay Republican insider (contributor, strategist and appointee), perhaps your time would be better spent confronting the hatemongering bigots your party routinely sends to D.C. and Sacramento. Then again, maybe you're not sure how to do that. Your letter espouses two contradictory strategies for GOP gays: "We stay; we fight," and "We just keep quiet." There is a third option, one you, Frank, might be intimately familiar with: defend the party regardless of its Cro-Magnon social stances while childishly attacking non-hardcore Republicans as-oh, dear, no!-"socialists."


While it's Tom Tomorrow's prerogative to mock Lucianne Goldberg's addiction to tobacco and Matt Drudge's false humility, I must take issue with the conclusion he draws in "This Modern World" (The County, Feb. 5). Who would've figured a goofy-lookin' guy like Drudge would break the most important story in human history? "Only the people who spoon-fed you the story, hon," Goldberg replies.

Huh? As I recall, the only reason Drudge got to break the story is because Newsweek and Michael Isikoff spiked it. Drudge's fascination was not so much with the non-story (Clinton misbehaves equals dog bites man) as with Newsweek's need to suppress it.

Tom Tomorrow's propensity for hurling bombs like this and retreating behind a pseudonym makes him the anti-Drudge. Matt at least has the class to put his own name on his work and take the bombs hurled at his little Hollywood bunker from frustrated liberals who can't accept the message and thus seek to kill the messenger.

-Wayne R. Valin, Santa Ana

Dan Perkins (a.k.a. Tom Tomorrow) responds: The sequence of events, while opaque to Mr. Valin, remains relatively straightforward: Isikoff reported the story, Newsweek spiked it, and someone spoon-fed it to Drudge. Hence, the point of my cartoon: that Matt Drudge is awfully pleased with himself for someone whose greatest accomplishment in life has been clicking open the right piece of e-mail. As for that pesky pseudonym of mine, when I started doing this cartoon, it simply never occurred to me that anyone would ever care enough about what I said to give a rat's ass what my name was-I just thought "Tom Tomorrow" was a goofy mnemonic that might stick in people's heads. And while it's hard to take offense at being labeled the "anti-Drudge," it should still be noted that my real name is featured prominently every time I give an interview, in each of my four books, and all over my Web site-so if I'm trying to hide behind a pseudonym, I'm doing a piss-poor job of it.


Scores of readers have called to find the whereabouts of one of Orange County's sexiest people, Jonathan Thomas. He's the owner of Ocean Avenue Brewing Company, 237 Ocean Ave., Laguna Beach.

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