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I'm still in the process of reading your April 9 issue, but I just couldn't wait to write. In between Rebecca Schoenkopf's regular column (Commie Girl) and the review of the Michael Moore cable series The Awful Truth (Matt Coker's "Moore of the Same"), I stopped laughing long enough to comment to my husband, "This is the best paper in the world for people like us."

I read the Weekly every week and have yet to read anything that pisses me off-unlike those whining losers who just can't seem to get the joke and insist on writing letters demonstrating that fact. I just thought it was about time to even the score in the Letters column. Thanks for never failing to inform, amuse and entertain us.

-Cathi Kurvink, Huntington Beach


Re: Randy Pesqueira's "Old-School's Out" (Art, April 2): In the past three years, Rebecca Schoenkopf's investigative style has revealed that OC has a growing underground art scene. Whether reviewing blood paintings by Laurie Hassold exhibited in a hole in the wall, Squelch crucifying himself to the floor of the Santora building, a panel discussion by Seth Wilder and a group of graffiti artists at Koo's Art Cafe, or a fashion show that is actually an art happening, Schoenkopf has been there. She not only reviews the work with wit, but she also gives us written panoramic glimpses into the people and events surrounding the work. By the time you finish reading one of her reviews, you frequently wish you had been there.

So when Cathy Curtis, former art critic for the Los Angeles Times, says, "The Weekly sees art only as entertainment and does not take art too seriously," I know: once again, Curtis can't see the whole picture.

-Skeith DeWine, Santa Ana


I couldn't help but notice that you are still accepting submissions to your poetry contest (Letters, April 2). I don't want to come right out and call Dana Rohrabacher a cheater. I suppose that "fer" almost rhymes with Rohrabacher. Hey, did he get a prize? I didn't-not even a T-shirt.

Are these late entries only open to bigwig congressmen, or can we all start sending you poems?

-Catbird Dawg, Mission Viejo

The editors respond: Actually, uh-"Catbird," was it?-Mr. Rohrabacher has generously volunteered to read all future poetry submissions. Send them in care of the congressman, 101 Main St., Ste. 3C, Huntington Beach, CA 92648-8118.


In the past two years, I have seen every successful Orange County band ridiculed continually by your staff writers. With the exception of a few ska bands, our local heroes have become a joke in your publication. The latest example was a masterpiece that music editor Rich Kane wrote about Lit (CD Reviews, March 26). This article was clearly written to take a jab at one OC band that has become nationally successful that is not ska or punk. I have seen harsh words said about other bands: No Doubt, Sugar Ray, Korn, Dial 7 and Zebrahead. Somebody on your staff needs to get a clue. Come on, OC Weekly, show some respect.

-Lance Welty, Huntington Beach

Rich Kane responds:Maybe you oughta try reading our paper before you write letters, Lance. We've raved about the Offspring, Mike Ness/Social D, the Supertones, and smaller-level major-label OC bands like Wank and Sonichrome-all of whom you've curiously omitted from your list. And we've slammed several ska bands in the past, too. You're just irked because we've criticized the work of some of your fave bands. Don't go blaming us for your bad taste.

I'm amused at the outrage Kane has generated with his "Lit blows" comment. I can never understand how people have such a hard time separating opinion from fact. If Lit are happy with their music, fine. Who cares what Rich Kane or Mike Boehm or Tipper Gore or anyone has to say anyway? It doesn't change their position on the charts or in the minds of their fans.

I personally can't get my mind to wrap around the idea that Lit might not blow, but again, it's only my opinion. Who knows? Maybe Rich is in on Lit's dirty little secret that they were once, under a different name, one of the scary hair bands that populated the back of BAM's pages during the late '80s and the early '90s. That's three strikes against them in my book, but again, it's only my (humble and correct) opinion.

-Greg Johnson, Costa Mesa

Rich Kane responds again: Quite right, Greg. Lit, in fact, used to be a Sunset Strip hair-farmer band called Razzle-we're talking makeup, bandanas, power ballads, the whole shocking story. But hey, if Lit-or any other band-is so soul-sacrificingly desperate to become big-time rock stars, that's fine. I, however, reserve the right to call them on it, as is my God-given rock-crit duty. You're also right about the alleged influence that we critics have-when it comes to a well-planned marketing strategy, we're all pretty powerless.


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