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I was thrilled to see you place Libertarians! Libertarians! Libertarians! in the No. 114 position of your Best of OC 2,000 Guilty Pleasures list (Oct. 22). When I saw the following week that you were listing OC's 31 Scariest People (Oct. 29), I was hoping to get yet another thrill and see Republicans! Republicans! Republicans! and Democrats! Democrats! Democrats! But I was disappointed. I just can't understand how you could leave off those who condone the arrest, property confiscation and personal incarceration of sick and dying people who choose to exercise their rights as granted by the passage of Proposition 215.

By the way, Nov. 2 was the three-year anniversary of the passage of the Compassionate Use Act. Three years later, the Democrats and Republicans in power still say, "So what! Let them pay my contributors in the prescription-drug lobby . . . er, I mean . . . eat cake!"

Rick Root, Westminster Dear Rick: We agree, which is why we listed recently retired deputy district attormey Carl Armbrust as the 14th scariest person in Orange County. We don't know anything about Armbrust's political affiliations—and frankly don't care—but we can tell you this: he was individually responsible for using undercover officers posing as sick patients (complete with legal-looking doctor's notes) to bust two high-profile members of the Orange County Patient/ Doctor/Nurse Support Group in the past year. It was a clearly political act, one designed to undermine Prop. 215. The good news: a judge recently overturned one of those convictions. Thanks for giving us the chance to publish the entire sordid story a third time. HORRIFIED!

OhmyfuckingGHAWD! That Nixon head statue is TRULY, REALLY, GENUINELY disturbing! It looks like fucking SATAN fer chrissake! Err, uhh, actually, I suppose it is Satan. The irony here is too perfect to be believed.

Mike Woods, via e-mail JOLLIFIED!

You bloody rotten bastards. I've been reading your list since the day it came out, and I'm still not done. I have things to do, damn it! But just as I'm about to put the article down, my roving eye catches yet another bone-chilling example of the horrors of this county in the form of The Orange County Register's letters to the editor column. Your list makes me pound my head against the wall in joy!

I'm off to harass Christians in AOL chat rooms. Keep it up, my friendly friends.

Stormfeather, via e-mail MOLLIFIED!

I was born in Long Beach, raised in La Habra, and joined the landed gentry in San Clemente, where I lived for the past five years—that is, until I moved to Seattle this past summer. I think what I'm trying to do is thank you for the first crying jag since my move from the only home I've ever known. You managed to cover every sentimental hot button I had in your 2,000 Guilty Pleasures list, plus a few I had no idea were lurking in my psyche—all this done quite humorously and with that inferiority complex so unique to my incorporeal homeland. I dunno. Maybe I don't belong here. Maybe I just want to come home. What I know for sure is I really, really want a fish taco. Now.

Linda Riley, Seattle OCEAN SIDE!

Little Corona is at the southeast end of Corona del Mar. It is an ocean beach and can barely be seen from the bluffs along Ocean Boulevard at Poppy Avenue by looking almost due east—not the direction of any sunset I've ever seen.

Enjoyed your list of the Best of OC—especially after I figured out you were facetiously quoting the Register letters. I must say you get around.

Ellen Wright, Costa Mesa A blind person responds: We said we enjoyed the bluffs at sunset, not that you should actually stare into the sun. I tried that once while experimenting with LSD, and well, you see the sad result before you here. Now, when I'm not working on fast-moving, heavy machinery in the Weekly's pressroom, I spend my time talking to kids about the danger of looking into the sun. And is there any other way to read theRegister's Letters page? RECTIFIED!

In "Down the Drain" (The County, Oct. 8), the Weekly erroneously reported that Fullerton-based cleaning contractor Jose Guzman was convicted of several misdemeanor charges as a result of an investigation by the environmental-protection unit of the Orange County district attorney's office. In fact, through a plea agreement with the DA's office, Guzman (who had been charged with more than a dozen misdemeanors) pleaded guilty to and was convicted of only one misdemeanor. We regret the error.


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