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Buddy Seigal is the only music writer I've ever encountered in Southern California who doesn't constantly reference punk rock and look for anger in music. I'm a musician; I'm prejudiced about such things. And as a musician, I can tell you Seigal has more credibility than any other writer out there.

—Phillip Cox, Lakewood HAPPY HELPERTON

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Excellent article about OC's "Valley of the Weird" ("The Death Ray," Oct. 1). Just one question, please: Can you tell me where Rancho San Clemente Ridgeline Trail actually is? I believe it is somewhere on either page 972 or 973 of my 1998 Thomas Guide LA/OC map book, but I can't pinpoint its location. Any help you can provide will be appreciated.

—Dean Smeaton, via e-mail Ned Madden responds: From the 5 freeway, take Avenida Pico north to Avenida Presidio. Turn right. Follow Presidio into Avenida Salvador to the top of the hill. Look for the park entrance right below the water tower. Check out the OC Thomas Guide, pages 992 and 993.

Some of my friends had mentioned that there is no dancing in Newport Beach. I didn't believe them until I went to the Quiet Woman restaurant and bar. To my surprise, when we got there, a band was playing, and we started dancing. But a bouncer immediately came up and told us to stop dancing or we would have to leave. What's up with that!? I feel like I'm in Footloose! Sign me a Concerned Booty Shaker.

—Sara L. Prosser, Newport Beach Dear Concerned Booty Shaker: According to the city's Web site, Newport Beach "is a city of booming retail, renowned oceanfront dining and distinctive housing and is a popular destination for business and leisure travelers . . . a winning location for small to large businesses." Just don't try to dance there. Because Newport is like Footloose, except that instead of Kevin Bacon, we've got you, and instead of John Lithgow, we've got Mayor Dennis O'Neil and a city requirement that entertainment establishments like the Quiet Woman purchase a "cabaret license"—i.e., a license to dance. Quiet Woman doesn't have one; most businesses don't—they're damned expensive, and for that reason have driven more than one dance club out of the "business-friendly" city of Newport Beach. We recommend you throw the bastards out of office and, while at it, consult our club listings for dance-friendly venues. CORRECTION

In our Best of OC issue (Oct. 22), we misidentified the cars driven by the owners/mechanics of Bullet BMW Masters. Chris drives a 1995 BMW M3 that has been mipped, chipped and equipped (with a cold-air intake, sway bar, stainless-steel brake pads, 17-inch stainless-steel wheels and a short-shift kit); Mickey's 1991 BMW M3 has been upgraded with springs, bars, shocks, struts, 6-point roll-cage and driver restraints, racing tires and wheels, and a Sparco driving seat made of Kevlar; Ken's 1982 BMW 5 Series is powered by a high-performance engine. The shop also owns a BMW 2002 for racing and an M6 that Ken describes as the bomb: "It's the ultimate wolf in sheep's clothing," he says, adding that it generates more than 3,000 horsepower. To Bullet: we apologize for the error and hope you'll consider driving us in the M6 when next we make the long road trip to Las Vegas.

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