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Having spent the past three decades as a public school teacher, my skin has become in some ways quite thick and in some quite thin. It is a fact that a college grad with a B.A. (let alone one who has spent an additional year obtaining a teaching credential) can earn far more in the private sector than as an educator. It is also a fact that there is a seemingly endless and often shrill hue and cry in the media deploring the quality of education available in our county/country.

In addition—and this is where the thinness of my skin becomes most evident—we don't see teaching as a particularly respected occupation. I cannot begin to count how many stories I've read in local newspapers that have contained sentences similar to this: "Mr. X, formerly a principal at a local high school, was demoted recently and will now be teaching."

And then here's this from Manohla Dargis' review of The Insider ("Smokin'," Oct. 5): "Meanwhile, his life fell apart and he became a high school chemistry teacher."

From all of us in public education, thanks a lot.

Ellen Butler Irvine


I don't understand the gist of your Wal-Mart piece ("Discounted Democracy," Oct. 5). Am I supposed to sympathize with the citizens of Huntington Beach because suddenly, miraculously, they are concerned with the ruthless business practices of Wal-Mart? Isn't this the same group of citizens who repeatedly vote for union-busting, pro-growth, right-wing Republican legislators? Now —all of a sudden—these citizens are interested in working-class wages? Since when did this community care about blue-collar union issues? I'm sorry, but their complaints ring hollow. They should just be honest and admit that they don't want the "lower class" of people that might be drawn to shop in their pristine neighborhood. To them, I would say, "Quit voting for developers' rubber stamps. That's what pro-development boards and planning commissions do: they whore for development's interests. It seems that your sudden concern for workers' wages has come a tad late."

David Perez Garden Grove


I am utterly appalled at Rich Kane's story on tribute-band night at Hogue Barmichael's (Locals Only, Oct. 5). Like teachers, engineers, athletes, doctors, cops and other professional people from around the world, musicians also have different levels of talent and passion. At least the musicians from Which One's Pink? (the Pink Floyd tribute band) had the balls to attempt to emulate their heroes—a tribute to possibly the greatest musicians to record together. What a thrill it must be to actually play the House of Blues (not once but twice), the Troubadour (not once but twice), the Key Club (when it was still Billboard Live), the Roxy, the Whisky, and many other great Hollywood and LA venues. What a thrill for these local musicians to have people come up to them after their shows and give them nothing but praise. What a thrill to be mentioned in newspapers and magazines and on the Internet and radio. To even play Vegas—yes, Vegas. To be known and recognized by the real musicians of Pink Floyd for their brave attempts. To be known by their heroes.

To the OC Weekly's Mr. Kane: if playing your heroes' music in front of large crowds is not up to your standards of living the dream—and these people are "living their dreams"—then you must have a very poor role model and hero.

You Orange County people should really come to Los Angeles more often and leave your fake, high-quality styles for an evening of down-to-earth living to experience why LA attracts the best of the best from around the globe.

Giles Cross via e-mail


I'm sorry, but after the great Internet Kurt Vonnegut hoax, I can't believe that the First Person "I Don't Know Anything" (Oct. 5) was written by Steve Lowery. I'm sure it wasn't written by Rebecca Schoenkopf, ghostwriting for Mr. Lowery—not funny enough, no name-dropping, no German quotations. I bet it was written by some woman in Chicago, and when they make it into a video, they will still use a male voice-over.

Cynically yours,

Jim Clark Tustin


Thanks so much for including me in your 31 Scariest People issue. I'm glad I make you feel all tingly. Your article makes me feel tingly. However, I'm still in my 60s, not 70s. Please don't rush me.

Jeanne Carmen Laguna Hills


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