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We'd like to extend thanks for your staff's reporting of the Arthur Carmona travesty (Commie Girl, Dec. 10; "The Kid Is Gone," Nov. 26; "The Kid Is Innocent," Sept. 17; "Dana's Point," May 21). You are to be commended for the heart that you have in getting this miscarriage of justice to the people. Not many wish to take the bull by the horns as you do and put the truth out there.

Michael and Roberta Robles founders, Californians to Amend Three Strikes via e-mail A really pissed-off newsroom broom pusher responds: Thanks very much—and thanks, in turn, to Times columnist Dana Parsons, whose work on the Carmona case in early 1999 produced some of the year's best investigative journalism. If you'd like to help get Carmona out of jail, contribute to the Arthur Carmona Legal Defense Fund, 621 N. Linwood, Santa Ana, CA 92701. Include a self-addressed, stamped envelope with your donation, and they'll send you a very cool bumper sticker.


The Weekly's cover story on the bankruptcy was generally okay, but you guys really must give up your fantasy of some Swedish-style socialist state ("What Bankruptcy?" Dec. 3). Of course the poor got the shaft. But if you want to get people here fired-up, you should show them how the middle class has gotten the shaft big-time. Take, for instance, well-financed elite interests wresting away precious public parkland (at Mile Square Park) to provide an additional golf course and country-club-style facilities (dining, cocktail lounges, conference rooms) catering to a fortunate few. You guys seem to forget that Joe Average (or, in Orange County's case, Joe Above Average) perceives the rich as being represented by the Republican Party and the poor as being represented by the Democrats. Joe Above Average feels pretty well-abandoned, even though anyone wanting to get elected needs his vote. That's why some loudmouthed dipshit like Ross Perot can stir up so much interest.

P.S. I spent two weeks in Southeast Asia. Tell Commie Girl that your average Communist is grumpy, clueless, colorless and doctrinaire. The virtue of Communism (besides its savage effectiveness at world population control) is that Communist countries provide marvelous values for vacationers. Party on!

James Murphy via e-mail


i was reading your latest issue when i came across dr. physics' column on the orange unified school district's barring of a gay-straight alliance club ("All Clubs Are Gay," Dec. 17). i found his response of "all clubs are gay" offensive and felt this introducing statement negated all comical value of his publication. i read oc weekly to find a liberal outlet amidst all the republican crap i've endured all 19 years of my life here. when i come across a statement like "all clubs are gay," it is yet another reminder of the sexually discriminative society that we all live in and goes to show just how much understanding this county has yet to achieve so far as tolerance and equality are concerned. liberally using the word "gay" to convey a negative expression is one of many small things that the unenlightened masses need to understand is wrong. therefore i think that dr. physics' column is a waste of paper and ink, as he has little more to say than crap. put a garfield comic in his place instead; your readers will thank you.

Derek Tsang via e-mail


Thanks for Brook Stowe's review of Wish You Were Here ("Be Glad You're Not Here," Dec. 17). It was refreshing that—despite his bedfellow relationships with local competitor companies—Stowe's dispassionate objectivity was so crystal-clear that it encouraged readers to judge for themselves. (And they did!) Comments like "populist homage" and "loony tune of obsolescence" will help catapult this well-received and newest of my award-winning full-length works to new venues for next year. Besides, I hold with due regard the opinion of one who has tossed off some very good 10-minute plays.

Joseph Hullett author, Wish You Were Here via e-mail Brook Stowe responds:Joe, it's hardly surprising you misread my review; your script is a masterpiece of illiteracy. So let me read it aloud for you: I called your play "lunkheaded," "a nightmare of missed opportunities," condescending, derivative, "hamfisted," "bereft of contemporary insight," outrageously overpriced, and "aimless." I said your direction was "oblivious" to detail, your set "uninspired" and your script thoughtless. And I said all that in less than 300 words.


The Dec. 17 cover art by illustrator Bob Aul was incorrectly attributed to a photographer. Are we embarrassed? You would see shame written across our collective visage if said visage were not momentarily parked clear up our collective backside. Blame it on Christmas cheer. We did.


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