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Those of you who live in SoCal probably read the biased, uneducated Modified review in OC Weekly (CDReviews, Oct. 15, 1999). That small-minded opinion was written by a supposed "music editor" by the name of Rich Kane (which surprised me because I thought a music editor would have to be open and not a flaming imbecile). If you missed the review, he basically made ignorant comments about songs like "Let Me In," saying that it sounded like Gloria Estefan and that no one would appreciate it until in their 40s. He underestimates women in his sexist remark about "Mistaken" being so little-girl-sounding that it's perkier than his nipples in Minneapolis in January. He comments on ska riffs that Save Ferris so nicely "messes up." He makes comments about some of the albums subject matter: "Monique's junkie loser boyfriend." Basically he bastardized the entire review, not even once making a real comment about the music. Now don't let the fact that this so called "editor" can't even write a grammatically correct sentence influence you in anyway . . . or the fact that his review was nothing but low-ball ass chatter influence you either . . . BUT . . . if you feel the need to express your opinion to Mr. Kane in a wordy and even COLORFUL manner . . . I applaud you. Rkane@ocweekly.com. Infact . . . write him more than once. Feel free to comment on his belligerent stupidity . . . close minded attitude . . . and outward meanness. Thanks.

Hoku Beale president, Save Ferris Fan Club Sferrisgal@aol.com


You are an idiot, and you call yourself a music editor. You are supposedly to give comments about the music and not insult the band. Have you heard of constructive criticism? Well of course not you are a big idiot I don't blame you. Modified may have not been the BEST album I've heard but it wasn't as bad as you put it. I think the OC Weekly should fine themselves a unbias music editor cause you aren't worth shit. Bye Fucker!

ToTaLHaTe3@aol.com via e-mail


You're stupid!!! Save Ferris is a great band. How could you critisize them, you probably listen to lame music. "Let Me In" is a great song. Were you trying to make yourself seem funny by writing dumb things about them?

RHCP723@aol.com via e-mail


I see that you have written a very belligerent article on the band Save Ferris. You call yourself a "Music Editor." I think people under that title are a little bit more open minded about certain things and bands. And just because you work for OC Weekly and may live in OC does not mean you know anything about Ska music. You probably have never even heard this band perform. . . . They are really smart and educated young people. . . . So please next time you decide to write articles of bands that play music you know nothing about. . . . Why don't you take the time to listen and read about them before you open your mouth and mind and let out really dumb remarks. . . . Why don't you use the education you have and write things that make sense.

BluDrm21@aol.com via e-mail


I don't know if you got the first letter I sent and I apologize for sending it again if you did. I wanted to let you know that I was offended by your review of Save Ferris' new album Modified. Your article was just you bashing the band, and it wasn't about the music at all. Don't get me wrong, you have every right to exercise your opinion, but I think the people who read OC Weeklydon't just want to hear a bunch of negative remarks in your reviews. I understand that this is just your view of the record, and I respect that, not everybody is into the same things. I think you should have more than one person commenting on the albums you review, that way the reader gets more than one opinion, and can better appreciate your article. Thank you for your time. Sincerely,

Veronica P. via e-mail


You frikkin suck! Your article could not have been so wrong! I'm not here to bust your chops about your opinion of Save Ferris, but rather how you presented it. Everybody is entitled to their own opinions about things, but as a fan and a human being, I think your article was just wrong. It was narrow-minded and demeaning to the band! If you're going to write an article about how you don't like a band or a CD, then just give your opinion without ripping on the band itself! Even if you don't like the band, you don't just go and disrespect them like that! After all, what have you done with your life? You've become a close-minded, asshole, loser reporter for a small time paper. Wow . . . big accomplishment! I'm sure you'll be spending the rest of your sad life there. Judging by the way you wrote that article, I'm sure their not at all particular about who they hire there. I, or even my 17-year-old brother, can write a much better article than this trash, and we have! Sure you get the rep of being "mister dangerous on-the-edge controversial reporter," but you come off being the biggest asshole, jerk off person I've ever encountered. In the future keep your damn articles tasteful and respectful. . . . Its not that hard, at least for us "amature" reporters!

Kevin Chomintra via e-mail  


It is sad that you can be so ignorant and write such pitiful information abou the Modified CD by Save Ferris. I knew that there is a reason that I usually do not listen to reviews. . . . It is because they often are very wrong. Thank you once again for showing me that some people are not meant to write reviews. You are one of them. Why are you so vengeful. Did Monique turn you down once upon a time. Just to let you know, you could not be more wrong about the Modified CD. It is a great piece of work. You, on the other hand, are a great big piece of s**t. Better luck with your next reviews. It might help if you pull your head out of your a** first.

Babbler3@aol.com via e-mail


I recently read your review of the above subject and found myself absolutely shocked at such heartlessness and ignorance on your part. In the past, I've enjoyed reading OC Weekly from time to time, but due to your biased and mean-spirited review of the new Save Ferris CD, I'm going to make sure that from now on neither I nor the rest of my family and friends ever touch a copy of said so-called paper. How can you, in all journalistic fairness, call yourself a critic, and a musical one at that? Did you actually and honestly listen to the CD in question? And the use of your foul language vis-a-vis your comparison to Miss Estefan is a lack of appropriate vocabulary on your part, or is it mere editorial prejudice? I'm proud to say that I'd recommend Save Ferris' music to my children at anytime. At last one can listen to musical talent, as compared to a whole lot of screaming and yelling, and trying to decipher lyrics, if any exist in the first place, judging by some of the music heard over the radio nowadays. Where is this world coming to when decent music and a talented group such as Save Ferris gets treated in such a manner by a nobody who wants to make a name for himself such as you!


A concerned parent and an afficionado of good and decent music everywhere! aka Fastcut77@aol.com via e-mail

P.S. Tell the truth—are you just a bit jealous of Miss Powell's talent? Did you miss your chance at being a musician and are now taking it out on this upandcoming talented young group? Don't despair, you can always try in another lifetime.


YOU NEED TO NIP IT IN THE BUD! Dude . . . you must shut up! Obviously you don't appreciate women in the music business. I like all kinds of music, including both Save Ferris and Gloria Estefan. How can you compare them, though? Their music is not like each others in anyway, so my decision for you is just, "Shut the fuck up, bitch!" because you don't know crap. Your making it seem like both Save Ferris and Gloria Estefan suck, which they don't! Save Ferris is a young, hot, hard rock group that has a lot of potential. And Gloria Estefan is a legendary diva who invented Latin Pop. If you're such a "music guru," did you see the American Music Awards last night? Who received the Merit of Honor Award? Gloria Estefan! So I think you need to review you "so-called good reviews" again. Oh, and by the way. I live in Chino, so I don't read the Orange County Weekly I read the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin which is better than any other white trash paper.



A Rock/Latin Pop Fan. aka Robert Rosario Jr. via e-mail


Is it interesting to know that you must be one of the only oblivious-to-everything-around-you music reviewers? Wait, let me guess, your going to be arrogant enough to tell me you don't care! Save Ferris is one the most incredibly talented bands around, until you can PROVE otherwise expect a loss in readers due to your article. When listening to an album you have to be able to relate and appreciate change and talent. You obviously must know nothing about music or you appreciate this albums talent enough to call it "good." Come to think of it why am I waisting my time writing you when I know that you will disregaurd everything I say. maybe someday you'll learn to appreciate all music and become a reviewer who knows what the hell their talking about.

Alicia Ridenour via e-mail Steve Lowery responds for no particular reason: Apparently, Rich Kane's article left many with the impression that we are anti-ferret. Nothing could be further from the truth. You see, we believe in ferrets. We believe in ferrets as certainly as we believe in sunshine and children's laughter. We believe ferrets are our future; we believe that ferrets are all that is good and wonderful. We believe ferrets run Hollywood. We believe Almighty God created ferrets to be our friends, to comfort us when we are low and to act as intergalactic sentinels in our never-ending battle against the giant hermaphrodite spore mutants of Planet Blync. What a dreary world it would be without ferrets! Harry Truman was a ferret. General Norman Schwartzkopf was a ferret. Former President George Bush is a ferret, and so is Jenny Jones—as compelling an argument to spay and neuter your ferret if ever there were one. Not believe in ferrets? We'd sooner not believe in our robot friend Mitch, who flies high in the sky and writes messages to us in the clouds, messages only we can see, messages that tell us to do things, sometimes bad things. Yes, we believe in . . . What's that? Not ferrets? "Ferris"? What's a . . . I see. Never mind. Rich Kane really responds: Whoa! The Ferris Army (which, apparently, could use some spelling lessons) sure is thin-skinned! But Hoku Beale failed to mention the mostly positive things I had to say in my review ofModified—I compared Monique Powell to Mavis Staples, fer chrissakes! You be the judge, dear readers—jump to www.ocweekly.com/ink/00/06/cd-kane.php.

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