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Rich Kane's analysis of "Why Pearl Jam Still Matters" (Oct. 27) was so invigorating I nearly forgot that I've never been pleased to pay to see a set of sometimes okay but often boring arena-rock retreads.

Ned Raggett

Re: Steve Lowery's "Conversion" (Oct. 27): It's about time Political Football paid homage to one of the great teams, the New Orleans Saints! Many people ask me why I'm a longtime Saints fan. The answer is simple: in New Orleans, we are only interested in watching a game—any game—and drinking. By the time the game is over, we don't care who won or even who played. We know only that we've watched a game and we're feeling fine.

Sandra Ramos
via e-mail

Felix Continental Caf on the Orange Circle serves plaitanes, not platanos, with every meal (Best of OC, Oct. 20). All plaitanes are platanos; not all platanos are plaitanes. Just a subtlety of Spanish.

Gustavo Arellano

I didn't know I was SUCH a connoisseur! Of the 30-some restaurants mentioned in your 5th-annual Best of OC Awards (Oct. 20), I consider myself an unknown regular at 22 of them! I love Plum's, Niki's, Felix, the Original Pancake House. . . . All right, I won't mention the rest, although I saw no mention of the fabulous Side Street Cafe in Costa Mesa for breakfast. As for those I've missed, I will visit them soon—after my pilgrimage to Krispy Kreme.

Gustatorially yours,

Eric L. Halasz
Costa Mesa

Thanks for your articles on Irvine City Councilman Dave Christensen (Anthony Pignataro's "Another Dave, Another Scandal," Sept. 15, and "Super Dave," Sept. 29). I am one of those volunteers who spent four-plus months in all kinds of weather in front of supermarkets gathering signatures for a petition in Irvine (and several other cities) to promote a campaign-finance-reform law that would have directly limited the kinds of business Christensen transacted. No sooner did Mayor Christina Shea proclaim her City Council clean and the law unnecessary did news break of Christensen's activities. We owe you thanks for amplifying our message! We have no media (or any other) power and need allies wherever we can get them. Your articles are payment for those of us who spent our limited free time pushing for campaign-finance reform; you let us know that our work and spent weekends were not lost.

Christa Schubert
Long Beach

Compliments to Bob Aul for his hilarious rendering of Bob Dornan (A Clockwork Orange, Oct. 13). The image of the bitter, defeated ex-congressman, arms outstretched and mouth agape, charging down an imaginary runway with that ridiculous new beard of his (playing the role of the respected elder statesman in retirement?) was almost more than I could handle! You guys really take the edge off having to live in OC.

Chuck Hammond

Thanks to Matt Coker for reviewing the carnival of right-wing mischief at South Orange County Community College District ("Cirque du SOOCCD," Oct. 13). The candidacies of John Williams and Tom Fuentes speak to one unhappy function of community colleges: the opportunity for anti-public education, pro-privatization types to use community-college politics to advance their own slimy careers. As if calling attention to this cynical agenda, candidate Fuentes—who doubles as head of the county's Republican Party—recently called teachers "a special-interest group." Yikes.

Andrew Tonkovich
Laguna Beach

One thing missing from Nick Schou's article on killing crows in Costa Mesa ("Killing Crows," Oct. 6) was the reason the police had to use pellet guns on the birds. It was feared that poisoning crows would also kill seagulls. Since seagulls are scavengers whose diet is almost identical to that of crows, why would it be okay to kill crows and not gulls? Well, gulls are cute, stately, romantic and white. Crows are dangerous-looking, crafty, loud and black. Is there racial profiling even against animals? And how vain to think killing six crows will bring peace to the neighborhood that called the heat in the first place! No longer will homeowners be awakened by cawing at 5 a.m. It will be their consciences that prevent them from getting a good night's sleep.

Wayne R. Valin
Santa Ana

In response to "Jesus Would Vote Green" (Hey, You! Oct. 6): Well, excuse me! Just because some of us "conservatives" don't mindlessly believe every environmental scare story does not mean we are bad people who hate the earth and should keep our mouths shut. Does Jesus love bigots like you?

Paul Studier
Lake Forest


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