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There were a number of errors in your article on Ted Crisell (Commie Girl, May 11):

1. Ted Crisell is not a leftist. Ted Crisell is a businessman and former president of the student bodies of Orange Coast College and Chapman University as well as a Rotary International graduate scholar. Ted Crisell has more than 30 years in the real world of business.

2. Ted Crisell supports protecting the environment, helping our schools and reducing taxes.

3. Ted Crisell was the official Democratic nominee for Congress opposing [Representative Dana] Rohrabacher, the long-time incumbent who was [not] proven guilty of campaign fraud, having had his campaign manager indicted and convicted of campaign fraud along with his treasurer. He has not been a friend of the environment, of education, the arts or working men and women. He has done a very poor job over the past 12 years. No press coverage was given to the debate at Orange Coast College, at which Ted Crisell defeated him on every point and Rohrabacher showed up late and was booed by the students and community members present.

4. Ted Crisell supports the Artists Village in Santa Ana and believes the City Council and Mayor [Miguel] Pulido have done a great job putting the Artists Village together. Ted attended an event in the Artists Village with a white shirt and black slacks. He did not wear a cape.

5. Ted Crisell loves to dance and comes from a family of dancers. Ted Crisell's mother was raised in a Catholic orphanage, and she was a tap dancer and ballerina. In the dance world, Ted is called Theo. He was part of an 11-member dance troupe. One of the student members was gay, but not all the dancers were gay. The Fiesta Latina troupe was led by Professor Jose Costas of Orange Coast College and performed before hundreds of students and members of the community.

[Hey! What happened to 6?!]

7. Latin dances were performed and well-received with clapping, shouting and standing ovations. Ted did a fine job dancing, and at age 54, he did quite well in keeping up with those half his age. He did not faint, fall down or vomit.

[Oh! Here it is.]

6. The tone and misinformation in the article written by your reporter is truly sick. How about reporting on some real things. I feel you should not have on staff a person who cannot report facts. Calling people in the community names, not reporting the right facts and twisting the facts is not good reporting. Please bring your paper and reporters to a higher level.

I want the owner, editor and community to know I am disappointed by what this reporter is trying to do to people in the community. Report the truth about the dishonest and corrupt [Scott] Baugh, Rohrabacher and [Dave] Garofalo. It is time we remove these crooks from Orange County! And next time I campaign to remove Rohrabacher, how about giving the campaign some coverage?

Ted Crisell
via e-mail Rebecca Schoenkopf responds: You were so wearing a cape.


Joey Ramone dies Joey fuckin' Ramone and all you print are irrelevant, bullshit quotes from a bunch of ignorant wankers who could hardly give two fucks ("Joey Ramone, 1951-2001," April 20). A monumental piece of shit that makes the pigeon-fart articles Chris Ziegler usually writes seem infinitesimal. Congratulations. Why would you waste the ink to print such a worthless and insulting article trivializing the life of such a rad human being and musician? Next time, go fuck yourselves instead of fucking corpses.

Jon Lindsey
via e-mail


I am indebted to Alison M. Rosen for pointing out that a cucumber resembles a man's penis ("VeggiePhallus," May 4). I don't know how my three-year-old son would have turned out had he continued to watch Veggie Tales movies with a large dick as the main character. I think it's time for you to move on to Pokmon and Rugrats.

Linda Dreiling
Rancho Santa Margarita

Alison M. Rosen responds: Linda, Linda, Linda. Clearly you misunderstood myVeggie Tales story. The point wasn't that Larry the Cucumber "resembles a man's penis" but that Bob the Tomato resembles his balls.


Re: Alison M. Rosen's story on Thomas Kinkade ("Aaaiiiiiiiiieeeeeeee!!!!" April 6): First, we antagonize Europe by scuttling the Kyoto Accords. Then we panic them with Missile Defense. And now this! The first two can be laid at the door of George W. Bush and his corporate overlords. But you, my friends, must shoulder the blame for the latest atrocity. According to the UK paper The Independent, Thomas Kinkade, Painter of Light™, is about to gain a major foothold in the British Isles. Mad Cow, Foot-in-Mouth—haven't these people suffered enough? Apparently not. Is it just a coincidence that this big, international push for the Painter of Light™ comes just after you ran that cover story on why he does not make some people gag?

Shakespeare said the good we do is buried with us while our evil lives on. One hundred years from now, people will refuse to believe that such a reptilian creature as Bob Dornan existed, let alone that he had to be driven from office by the good efforts of a humble weekly. But 100 years from now, someone will still walk into a London home, look at the Kinkade on the wall, and ask, "How did this crap get here?" How, indeed.

Paul Brennan
via e-mail

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