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I don't understand how Rebecca Schoenkopf can chastise a scene for being a "parade" or fashion show when the whole event is designed to do that very thing (Commie Girl, April 20)! People from around the world merge into Las Vegas for the Rockabilly Weekender, so, yeah, everyone is going to look the same to an outsider, and yes, everyone will be checking out what everyone else is wearing. I try not to get caught up in that whole fashion-show bit, but I did on Saturday and had a blast!

Tony Redhorse
via e-mail

I just finished reading Rebecca Schoenkopf's article on the rockabilly weekend in Las Vegas. Her pithy Gold Coast assessment"I swear, it was like Reno in there, with all the seniors hobbling to the VideoPoker machines, Pall Malls dangling from their gnarled fingers and big-lipsticked mouths"really made me laugh, having just spent a lost St. Patrick's Day weekend in Reno. Thanks for making me laugh so often.

John Fitzpatrick
via e-mail

There are some choice quotes in Schoenkopf's article, my favorite being: "I haven't seen a scene based so narrowly on looking like everyone else since last time I was at a Black Flys party in Huntington Beach." An entertaining read. Thanks for taking a bullet for the team.

Long Beach

That was just a terrible review. You seem bitter. Did you get laid at all? It might relax you a bit. Better yet, get drunk. It just might help your sour attitude.

Mike Harrington
via e-mail

Rebecca Schoenkopf responds: To which review are you referring, Mike? I have lots of terrible reviews. And if you're talking about Vegas, I got laid seven ways to Sunday, but thanks for your concern.


Thanks for this week's Commie Girl ("Prom Queen Scene," April 27). Schoenkopf managed to bring a tear to my eye without being syrupy, maudlin, or any of those other adjectives normally used to describe stories about blossoming young men and women about to have their lives cut short. What she helped do for Nicole Brucker will serve her well in the next life.

Frank Frazier
via e-mail


I am amazed that a high-quality publication like OC Weekly let "Joey Ramone, 1951-2001" serve as the article to remember the man's life (April 20). Ramone was, after all, the quintessential godfather of punk rock in general and most certainly of American punk. To give remembrance with such an article was nothing short of rude and disrespectful. The Pennysaver could have run a better piece.

Jeff Cloud
Huntington Beach

Someone claiming to be aPennysaver representative responds: Jeff, we're so pleased you mentioned thePennysaver that we're going to give you a Sears Homelife china hutch valued at $1,300 for only $900. Oh, the glass door is broken.


Thanks for Rich Kane's article on Long Beach City Councilman Frank Colonna's bizarre attack on the diPiazzas' nightclub (LowBallAssChatter, April 27). You might have gone a little farther and encouraged people to take some sort of action. Perhaps you can direct people to www.longbeachculture.org. Also, there is a lot of talk among the LBC musicians about organizing and taking action—-i.e., picketing, alerting the media, showing up in large numbers at City Council meetings.

Roberto Lo-Fi
via e-mail


These Weeklings won Orange County Press Club awards on April 29: Jim Hill, 1st, Best Weekly Business Story, for his feature on Disney's California Adventure; Steve Lowery, 2nd, same category, for coverage of the collapse of the Mossimo fashion empire and 3rd for his profile of performance artist David Woodard; Todd Mathews, 2nd, Best Weekly Sports Story, for his Anaheim Angels marketing piece; R. Scott Moxley, 1st for "Juvenile Justice" and 2nds for his destruction of Congressman Chris Cox's China Report and his dissection of the county's skewed budget; Anthony Pignataro, 1st, Best Weekly News Feature, for his story about old people who kill rabbits and 2nd, Best Weekly News, for his coverage of land development; Alison M. Rosen, 3rd for her profile of lantern-jawed infomercial host Tony Robbins and 2nd for her story on OC band Lit; Nick Schou, 3rd, Best Weekly News Feature, for his story on a right-wing school board member; Dave Wielenga, 1sts for his brilliant profile of an Angel baseball player who seems truly cursed and for a review of the rap-gone-to-seed tour Up In Smoke. In Best Column, a sweep: Rebecca Schoenkopf, 1st for "My Father, Publisher of herointimes.com"; Matt Coker, 2nd for his story on Disney's moustache policy; and Lowery, 3rd for his story about undeniable Oedipal urges in his kids. In best humorous story: Rich Kane, 2nd for his piece on hate mail people send him; Lowery, 3rd for his subtle political think piece "Kicking Dick Nixon." In Best Magazine Story: Cornel Bonca, 1st for his OC Fair story "Pigs! Pigs! Pigs!"; Butch Warner, 2nd for his first-person account of life behind bars. In Best Weekly Beat Coverage: Coker, 1st, for his reporting on the environment; Wielenga and Pignataro, 2nd for their coverage of the Dave Garofalo scandal (here's to you, Mr. Mayor!); and Rosen, 3rd for chronicling pop-culture effluvia.

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