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Your cover picture of President Ronald Reagan was offensive and disrespectful (Jim Washburn's "Not Too Late for a War Crimes Trial," Feb. 1). Washburn has obviously carried on his private war against the president for a long time, and his tactics are downright criminal. The president is 91, and he's ill with Alzheimer's disease. Kicking a man when he's down is a cheap shot. It's no wonder your publication is free. Orange County is still a Republican bastion, despite some change in demographics, and who would pay for this at a newsstand? All I can ask is: "Have you no decency?"

Carolyn Ann Michel
Laguna Niguel

We should blast Jim Washburn's features onto Mount Rushmore.

John A. Cater
via e-mail

Jim Washburn's diatribe told us nothing about Reagan and everything about Washburn—his obvious hatred, his venom-filled innards. I disagreed with some of Reagan's views and policies, but on balance, I felt he was an outstanding president. People who knew Reagan personally for many years speak with the highest regard for him. They don't rely on highly slanted, biased accounts. But Washburn seeks those out with glee and peppers his commentary with snotty remarks you'd expect from a 10-year-old brat.

Larry Michel
Laguna Niguel

If Jim Washburn turned his Reagan article into a book, I'd buy two—one for me and one for Peggy Noonan. Great stuff!

via e-mail

We all need to be reminded of what the Reagan years did to us and take it as a warning of what the Bush years have in store for us. Once again, the vast majority of people support a president who is out of control and an administration staffed with many of the same evildoers that staffed the Reagan and Bush the Elder administrations.

Robert E. Reynolds
via e-mail

Washburn's piece on the Reagan legacy was a masterful summary of what I hope history will come to regard as one of the darkest decades. I teach at a major university and am continually disheartened by the rigid conservatism of my students. Instead of reveling in the freedom to debate a range of issues, they are silent, sullen and angered by any challenge to their beliefs. My coming-of-age occurred during Vietnam, Watergate, assassinations and questioning of the sanctity of pretty much every man-made institution. My students have been formed completely by the Reagan-Bush years. My greatest fear is that they will bring their fear of change, resistance to debate, and dogged pursuit of their own happiness into the larger society. For this, we have to thank a senile old man who deserves no one's thanks and no one's pity.

Susan A. Roberts
via e-mail

Reagan was the "root" of the tree of evil; George I and George II are just branches. Democracy in this country has been on the decline ever since. I trust only three sources of news: High Times magazine, KPFK radio and OC Weekly.

Keith Rowley
via e-mail

If I could, I'd send this article to every member of Congress, but I doubt it would even make a dent.

R. Moss
Sedona, Arizona

The Ronald Reagan rant was terrific. However, everyone always leaves out one fact: for about one-quarter of Reagan's term, he was in the throes of severe dementia brought on by Alzheimer's. I've seen what this disease can do to people, and Reagan was obviously suffering in the 1980s. I just can't understand why he was allowed to be president under those circumstances. "Reagan's memoirs"? Now there's an oxymoron!

Richard Hubbard
via e-mail

It is a shame that the intensity and subtle sophistication of Uncle Tupelo, Son Volt and Sebastapol evaded Buddy Seigal ("'Nad Pong," Feb. 1). As a Chicagoan who first caught Jay Farrar in 1992, I distinctly recall his heartfelt snapshots of small-town heartland, dead-end trailer parks and taverns. Farrar is a craftsman. He bypasses any need to insert his own ego; this is not emotional distance or lack of personality—it is artistic maturity. It is odd that Seigal (a journalist who must rely on allusions to masturbation and terms such as "'nad pong," "ass-worm," "ball-tainted finger" and "bee-yotch") finds issue with Farrar's "less-than-stellar intellect."

Everett A. Evansky

Your comment about me being more concerned about Anaheim's Latino residents mowing their lawns and obeying city codes was disgusting (Nick Schou's "Driving Miss Kathy," Jan. 11). The purpose was to show the beneficial effects that have come from Cynthia Coad representing this supervisorial district and her determination to raise up deteriorating neighborhoods. Who lives in those homes I know not and care not. The issue is the impact on our community, our children and our test scores.

Katherine H. Smith
President, Board of Trustees
Anaheim Union School District

The Feb. 8 A Clockwork Orange reports that George Allen coached his last football game at Long Beach State on Nov. 17, 2001. That would have been quite a feat for someone who'd been dead for 11 years. The correct year was 1990.


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