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Thank you for "Not Too Late for a War Crimes Trial" (Jim Washburn, Feb. 1). In stark contrast to the Noonan/Deaver/Fox News version of Reagan as a great president, Washburn's article is incisive and truthful—exactly what we need today, when too much of our citizenry is unquestioningly servile to the current Enron presidency.

Bryan Moore
Jonesboro, Arkansas

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Washburn's otherwise excellent article omitted one important facet of the Reagan legacy. Reagan appointed Sandra Day O'Connor, Antonin Scalia and Anthony Kennedy to the Supreme Court and elevated William Rehnquist to chief justice. They voted to stop the recount in the disputed 2000 presidential election in Florida, a subversion of the democratic process on a par with any of the events Washburn described.

George W. Serbia
via e-mail

All Washburn needed to add was the David Stockman episode, in which the Office of Management and Budget director admitted to journalist William Greider that "supply side economics" was a "Trojan horse" designed to give goodies to the richest people in America and further disrupt the balance sheet of the nation.

Mitchell J. Freedman
Newbury Park

Washburn's article expertly defines the ever-widening path of duplicitous governance. Now, in the midst of the horrendous travesty named a "war against terrorism," that path has turned into a 15-lane highway.

Phelan Powell
via e-mail

Washburn's excellent piece on Reagan reminded me why I chose to become a teacher. It's hard to teach inclusiveness, compassion and the importance of social justice, but I believe that the work pays much bigger spiritual dividends.

Lu Urquidi
via e-mail

Ronald Reagan is a villain of the mustache-twisting variety, yet he is apparently destined to be remembered by history as one of the greatest leaders of our time. That makes me angry. And sad.

Peter Touchstone
Lake Forest


Rebecca Schoenkopf was hilariously correct in her description of the band Radio Rage ("Wellbutrin Time!" Jan. 18). But her article doesn't correlate with the correct date, band and pictures on the page. I'm the guy smiling with the guitar around his neck. Our band is called Clockwork. We played on Jan. 4-5 at the White House. The guys in Radio Rage are very talented. However, I do not wish to be mistaken for "cock-like posing." By the way, Clockwork will be at the White House again on Feb. 8-9. Come see our little "Clown Parade"—and maybe share some of your Wellbutrin with me.

Gary Patrick
via e-mail

Rebecca Schoenkopf responds: Hi, Gary! Sorry for the mixup. The pictures alongside my column don't have anything to do with the column itself. Our photographer goes to whatever nightspot he chooses; it was a coincidence that he hit the White House the same week I did. Sorry it looked like you were the guy with a guitar for a cock.


I was very disappointed to see the Weekly condoning and encouraging animal cruelty in "Nice Dish" (Jan. 25). You referenced veal and foie gras, two exceptionally cruel "delicacies." Veal is a male infant cow taken from his mother one or two days after birth and chained in a tiny crate for about 14 weeks. Incredibly susceptible to disease, they are fed massive doses of drugs and antibiotics, which are passed on to consumers. Foie gras is no more than the severe liver disease hepatic lipidosis, in which the liver of a goose or duck is enlarged many times its normal size. Tubes are shoved down the birds' throats, and food is forced directly into their stomachs several times a day for weeks before they are slaughtered. It is common for their stomachs to burst, and rampant disease is also typical.

Cassie Barden

I HATE YOU, I HATE YOU, I HATE YOU! Just when I had talked myself into going on a diet to rid myself of the excesses of a holiday well-spent, you come along and publish a wonderful article on food.

Lutz Moeckel
Garden Grove


It's about time OC stepped up to the plate in regards to the hip-hop scene (Nick Schou's "All Rise Together," Jan. 11). The area is full of untapped talent. I hope to hear more as they get things off the ground.

Jennifer Pittard
via e-mail


Nothing surprises me anymore about the lies spread by Airport Working Group's Barbara Lichman and her bought-and-paid-for Newport Beach cronies (Anthony Pignataro's "Noxious Talk," Feb. 1). Funny how Barbara never mentions that the county's El Toro Airport plan also sets aside many acres as park land. Would this "air park" land be somehow immune to underground toxins, unlike the proposed Great Park land? Next she'll be telling us that flying jets over toxic land somehow cleans it.

Chris Borders
Laguna Niguel

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