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Your roller skating hatchet job was probably the worst, most inaccurate article I have ever read (Steve Lowery's "Resistance Is Futile," June 7). Where is the mention of the "true" skaters that have never stopped? You only talk of the people who just discovered it again after 10 to 20 years. I am 34, and I have been skating at Orange County rinks since I was 13 and skating at Fountain Valley Skating Center for approximately 18 years. Kenny, who was repeatedly insulted throughout the article, is a true skater; he goes to many rinks and does miles of outdoor skating. His "leprechaun suit" is a green ski bib he wears when he skates outside in cold and rainy weather. Kenny wears a hat every day of his life. People who know him think it's great because that's his style. Tommy Wish should have bought an ad for his gym; Lowery plugged it three times. That was a horrible picture of him, but his gym T-shirt sure showed well, didn't it? He is far from being "the best all-around skater at the rink." If he was embarrassed to admit he was going skating, then he doesn't belong there. A true skater is never embarrassed to say they are going skating. Besides the social and mental aspect of it, it's one of the best forms of exercise there is. The rink's dcor is the same as all rinks have always been; they do not follow fads. All skaters know that and don't go there saying, "Where's the 'Disco Sucks' T-shirt?" Danny and Matt are pictured, but their names aren't mentioned. Just by looking at Matt's beat-up skates, you can see that he is a true skater who has never quit. The article tries to pump up skating as a retro fad from the '70s that is coming back. Wrong. Skating has never gone out for the die-hard skaters, and quad skates have always been in. At least 50 percent of quad skaters also have inline skates; how retro is that? This article is insulting and inaccurate, and you should be embarrassed to have published it.

Cindy (a true skater)
via e-mail

I was not surprised by your article about the cancellation of the Orange County Cultural Pride Festival, just saddened (R. Scott Moxley's "No Pride," June 7). While it is true that attendance and revenues have dropped for OC's gay festival while other areas have grown, you neglected to mention that the same can be said of many of the large-scale events throughout OC—gay, straight or otherwise. AIDS Walk Orange County is also held at UC Irvine and has enjoyed tremendous support from the community of Irvine, so I do not think it is accurate to blame the site for Pride's demise. With the exception of a handful of fund-raisers, most of the larger public events have seen drastic declines in participants and the ability to cover their expenses. We at AIDS Walk are proud of the dedication of the volunteers who raise funds and attend our event, bringing the message of inclusion, tolerance and acceptance to the entire OC community. Breeders and non-breeders alike were welcomed at AIDS Walk; they were 10,000 strong and raised $720,000.

Monica McDade
AIDS Services Foundation

What a pleasure to read Gustavo Arellano's review of Babasnicos (CD Review, June 7). It was well-written and researched; erudite yet accessible; poetic, intellectual and earthy—and graciously free of bitchy, overly colloquial, self-aggrandizing bad writing. Hey, what's this guy doing at the Weekly?

Liam Scheff
Long Beach

It is hard to believe that with all the money this country spends on intelligence, the FBI, the CIA, the president, the Pentagon or any other agency did not have some clue that the Sept. 11 disaster was going to happen (James Ridgeway's "Mondo Washington," June 7). When I hear that they may have been forewarned, my blood absolutely boils. I think they should be held accountable. It makes me wonder what the hell $30 billion is getting us. Is a Homeland Security department going to help? We are the country of legislation. Whenever the shit hits the fan, Washington starts legislating, yet no one can take responsibility for anything going wrong. Instead, the government starts fingerpointing and legislating.

Aveen K. Sufi
Costa Mesa

Hello, Commie Girl. I was recently introduced to your column. In fact, I had the pleasure of bumping into you at the Blue Beat a couple of weeks back for that "chic little gathering." I must tell you, though, that I find you very confusing. I've read your columns, and I'm having a difficult time understanding why on earth you call yourself Commie Girl. Are you a communist? If so, why? Do you understand the true essence of communism in today's world economy? What are your views on communism and its link to the organized labor and union movements throughout the world, but more important in the United States and Poland? What are you about? What is the platform you stand on? If you're a self-proclaimed communist, then what are your credentials? I don't understand why you use your title so loosely. So, Commie Girl, here is your chance to convince one skeptic reader that you have the credentials and fiber to call yourself a communist. Or is it all just a gay Orange County act?

Dan Baker
via e-mail

Rebecca Schoenkopf responds: I will give you 25 cents if you will eat a bug.


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