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Matt Coker states the OC Dyke March had a "disappointing turnout of about 100 lesbians" (A Clockwork Orange, Aug. 23). Was Matt present? Because the most reasonable estimate was that between 200 and 250 women and men were at the march. Even if there were only 100 women, was Matt upset about the number? As a coordinator of the event, the OC Dyke March was an absolute success. I am completely unimpressed with the Weekly's coverage—or should I say lack of coverage of this event. Lori Hutson
The Center/OC

Matt Coker responds: Do you mean to tell me the bikers I followed as they caravaned all the way to Cook's Corner weren't lesbians? No wonder they beat the living shit out of me.

Ordinarily, I chuckle at self-important people who write to complain they were misquoted. Who really cares, right? Then it happened to me, and now I am shamelessly writing because I was misquoted (Rich Kane's "Shagadelic," Aug. 16). While I like the artwork of Mark Rothko, I did not say that Shag's work was like Rothko's. I said that Shag's work is fun. You see it, you get it, and you like it. It's not (abstract) like a Rothko. I'm sure no one really cares what I have to say, and I'm fine with that. I just wanted it corrected for myself. I guess I'm self-important, too. Dianna Miller
Director, Brea Gallery

Rich Kane, too self-important to respond personally, issues this statement through his loyal man-servant, Oso-Theo: I stand by my report of Ms. Miller's quote, which, if you read it right, suggests that Shag and Rothko are both easily likeable artists.

Too bad Jim Washburn is ignorant of the facts of such an important and emotional issue ("Enemies In Our Midst?" Aug. 16). Jim says, "All persons of Japanese descent in the U.S. were ordered into relocation camps." Truth is all Japanese and Japanese-Americans were ordered to leave the states of Oregon, Washington and California. Any Japanese-American living in the rest of the U.S. was never interned in World War II. Funny how if the Weekly is ever wrong, it is againstAmerica—kind of like the supermarket, where it is always an overcharge, never an undercharge. Bob Scott
via e-mail
Regarding Jim Washburn's piece on the LA Times ("A Times Obituary," Aug. 9): an excellent job praising and parsing our paper's robust coverage of Orange County in recent years. For that, thanks. I take exception, though, to his case that we are abandoning serious arts coverage of the county (the area where I have some responsibility). In recent weeks alone, we've had prominent coverage of the surf-art show in Laguna; significant stories on Orange County theater; continuing coverage of tussles at the OC Performing Arts Center; and a welter of reviews of pop music, classical music and dance events there. True, our standards of newsworthiness have shifted. In the '80s, this paper covered arts events in OC far more microscopically than in LA County, a perhaps odd way of doing things. Now we are redesigning and reshaping the Calendar sections, aiming for more vigorous and critical coverage across Southern California and beyond, as well as enhanced listings and audience information. Be assured that our readers in Orange County are very much on our minds as we plan these changes. Bret Israel
Senior Calendar Editor
Los Angeles Times
This is Bobby Trendy ("This Week in Eating Your Television: The Anna Nicole Show," Aug 16), and I saw the article that Stacie Davies wrote about the show and had the word designer in quoats when she was refering to me. I was wondering why? Did she think that I was not a designer? Tell her to go check out Orange County's Sun Theater ? The Grove—they spent $350,000 with me just to decorate ONE room! Tell her that! And let me know what her reply is! Thank YOU! BoBBY
via e-mail

We approached her slowly, told her quickly, then ran like the wind. Next day, we found this response to you from Stacy "Don't Spell Me Stacie . . . or Stacey . . . or Staci . . . or Stacee . . . or, for that matter, call me Stace" Davies:Bobby, you're right. Anyone with a swath of velvet, a tube of glue and a totally gullible, tasteless bimbo as a client may call himself a "designer." What you may not call yourself, Bobby, is a Spelling Bee finalist.

Brian Bennett, Frank Ricchiazzi, Mary Cheney and the overly trusting Log Cabin Republicans would do the gay community a favor if they stopped purporting that politicians are our friends (R. Scott Moxley's "Bill Simon's Queer Principles," Aug. 16). Mary Cheney's hope to "make sexual orientation a non-issue for the Republican Party" is idiocy. She wasn't allowed to invite her lesbian partner, Heather Poe, to her father's vice presidential acceptance speech at the GOP Convention in 2000. The rights denied the gay community will continue to be "non-issues" to our politicians, if we allow it. Kelly Wine
Santa Monica
We couldn't have mentioned your job if you hadn't bragged so hard about your title when you sent an e-mail about the Angels from your work (and the lazy implications of a place called "R&R" were too perfect to pass up). As far as the Weekly's pay scale and expertise, the 'Bag got a raise when he arrived from a Southern California daily—where he covered the Angels as a traveling beat writer in the 1980s. Otherwise, your second letter was about the same caliber as your first . . . except for more typos. The real Will Swaim says thanks for at least getting his name right.

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