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At 34, I've been in the punk rock scene for 22-plus years, and I take issue with your mall-rat reporter, Chris Ziegler, who couldn't even be bothered to stay at the Inland Invasion show he was supposed to be reviewing ("No Fun!" Sept. 20). Not surprisingly, he totally missed the point. Many of us in the grass area were veterans of the OC punk scene. When Mike Ness said the show was like a high school reunion—it actually was. Your pathetic pooftah of a reporter didn't even mention OC-area bands the Adolescents, TSOL, the Vandals, Social Distortion and Bad Religion (even the Offspring, for that matter). They put on some of the best sets of the day, and seeing them again made the ticket price, the heat and the overpriced beer worth it. A few of the bands—New Found Glory, Blink-182—did allow time to go to the beer/water stands and/or Port-a-Potty. But not the time your reporter had to protect his dainty Converse from the facilities the common people had to use. Your edgy, snot-nosed column really makes me think, "Thank God I was into punk when I was because no matter what, I would not leave a show to run to a mall for a few hours just so I didn't have to be bored backstage watching some of the best music around being played by most of the original survivors of punk." You guys at the Weekly are soooo on the edge. Give me the guy who saw Devo in '78 any day.

Spencer Sener
San Clemente

Chris Ziegler takes a break from listening to Brian Eno and Adam Ant records to respond:The issue here is not that I got bored and went to the mall for a bagel sandwich. The issue here is that you are a 34-year-old man who likes the Offspring.


All right, blame me. I am the one who came up with the "Not Another Stupid White Man" title for the Green Party's fund-raiser featuring gubernatorial candidate Peter Camejo (Gustavo Arellano's "Stupid Green People," Oct. 4). I was reading Michael Moore's book Stupid White Men during the planning stage, and I had this image of a long line of Homer Simpsons registering with the Green Party. Apart from a few Asian and Middle Eastern faces that were totally filtered out by your colored lenses (Where did you get a pair like that?), it is true that most of the audience were white guys. My non-white, totally female brain can only come up two possible answers: 1) they were there to check out how smart this other guy is (d'oh!), and 2) maybe the "stupid white men" are not that stupid after all, so watch out—they might actually vote for Peter Camejo and Donna Warren!

Tung-Yun "Annie" McNally
event coordinator, Green Party

I know the Green Party has passed another milestone when the Weeklycalls it "flippant." I'll file that along with George Bush the elder calling liberals "out of touch." In the same issue, Victor D. Infante cites a poll that puts Gary Copeland at 4 percent, "tied with . . . Peter Camejo," when a more recent poll puts Camejo at 9 percent. For the past three monthly Green Party meetings, I've sent you a calendar listing with our new phone number, (949) 559-7236, and you continue to print the old one.

Gordon Johnson

This week's "Hey You!" column was inappropriate ("See No Evil?" Oct. 4). It seemed more like an editorial than the true spirit of your "Hey, You!" norm. It was definitely too political for my blood. Tell the author of that piece (for me) that the USA was at war with the nation of Japan when it dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. That cannot compare with the attacks on Sept. 11, which were not carried out by a legitimate government as an act of war—unless you consider every terrorist organization a "mini" legitimate government.

Scott Atheobody
via e-mail

The 1,500 (or less) civilians accidentally killed by our bombs in Afghanistan is far less than would have been brutally slaughtered by the Taliban in the approaching defeat of the Northern Alliance (James Ridgeway's Mondo Washington, Sept. 13). We saved untold thousands. You never seem to take that into consideration. Instead, you just wring your hands about the death toll as if we should have just left the Taliban alone or only used tear gas and rubber bullets on them. Then you had the abominable taste to print an article blaming the sins of the USA for Sept. 11 on the anniversary of Sept. 11 ! Fuck you!

Dennis Worden
San Juan Capistrano

. . . GUY ACCUSING THE WEEKLY OF THEFT: Sir, you are absolutely correct when you assert that our "Likee No Likee" feature (see page 114) is a complete rip-off of Vice. In fact, your astute observation has prompted us to search our souls and come clean with this laundry list of other things we have lifted over the years: OC (taken from the county of Orange, also known as Orange County and nicknamed OC); Weekly (our sister publication LA Weekly); the "Best of OC" (also LA Weekly and not The Orange County Register, as that paper's dark overlords would have you believe; LA Weekly's "Best of LA" pre-dates the Register's "Best of Orange County" advertising supplement); Jim Washburn's Lost in OC column (Jim Washburn's Lost in OC column from his days toiling for the Times Orange County edition); The County section (Will Swaim and Nathan Callahan's old political newsletter of the same name); Hey, You! (I, Anonymous in The Stranger); Shelter (The Village Voice); Commie Girl (Commie Mom); Rockie Horoscope (Nostradamus); Savage Love (Ann Landers . . . or was it Dear Abby?); stories (um, Ben Franklin?); photographs with stories (an old-time newspaper that wasn't The Wall Street Journal); the staff box (whatever the first publication was to feature staff boxes; ditto for the table of contents, letters to the editor, cartoons and ads); paper (national forests); ink (squid milking?); the printing process (that Guttenberg fellow. Steve?)


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