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I was moved to tears by the kindness and humanity toward the homeless described in your article about Santa Ana police officer Randy Beckx (Nick Schou's "The Force Is With Him," Nov. 22). Thank you for printing this wonderfully uplifting and positive story. And thank you, Officer Beckx. May your actions be a new blueprint for society on how to deal with the homeless and mentally ill. God bless you and yours.

Raymond Karch
Laguna Niguel

I've never read a more biased diatribe in my life (Nick Schou's "My Favorite Martin," Nov. 15)! Apparently, Schou thinks we should ignore illegal immigration and drug dealing, and has a vendetta against anyone—in this case, Harald Martin—who believes that the laws pertaining to these crimes should actually be enforced. Not even the murder of Officer Tim Garcia seems to have tempered Schou's views! If the editor of the Weekly harbors any hope that his paper will ever be taken seriously, he could start by firing his Minister of Propaganda, Herr Schou.

Randle C. Sink

I just wanted to correct some information on your article (Nick Schou's "My Favorite Martin," Nov. 15). The information on Officer Tim Garcia is incorrect. I am Tim Garcia. I was injured during the incident but not killed. I am currently assigned to the burglary detail as a detective.

Detective Tim Garcia
Anaheim Police Department Nick Schou responds:The bad news is that I misreported the health status of Anaheim police detective Tim Garcia. The good news is he is alive.

I have picked up your newspaper a few times, and I'm amazed how left-wing and out-of-step it is with conservative Orange County. It seems every article criticizes George Bush and Republicans as well as any other conservative. Your paper is nothing more than liberal pap and can be discounted as nothing more than a joke. As you can see by the latest election results, as well as the plummeting viewer numbers watching the evening news, your position is no longer accepted by mainstream America. Fortunately, we Americans now have many choices on where to tune in for fair and balanced news or tune out the liberal mantra spouted by the mainstream liberal press in print or on the air, distorting and misrepresenting the facts and throwing in not-so-subtle criticism of conservatives or conservative ideologue. You must take that tack because your ideological arguments are hollow and without serious merit. Your newspaper is nothing more than toilet paper with print and the left arm of the waning Democratic Party.

Eric S. Lee

Christine Sevilla suggests I kiss her "big, fat, Filipino ass" for liking the indie film, The Flip Side (Letters, Nov. 15). Why do readers like Sevilla find it necessary to use sexual terminology to attack me? Last year, another reader accused me of having my head up my ass. Both anal sex and rimming are perfectly legitimate sex acts without being turned into terms of abuse.

Daniel C. Tsang

Shakira may or may not be a sell-out for singing in English and trying to look like a gringa (Gustavo Arellano's "Is Shakira a Sell-out?" Nov. 8). But she is most definitely a sell-out for doing a Pepsi commercial.

Dan Brezenoff
Long Beach

Thank you for the glowing review of my friend Amber Dawn's art exhibit at McClain's Coffeehouse in Fullerton (Rebecca Schoenkopf's "Too Pretty: Amber Dawn could become great with just a hint of uglification," Nov. 22). The headlines, however, were stupid.

Jeffrey Redwine

To the anonymous ranter against Chapman University film students: I found myself painfully moved by your desire to stab yourself in your eyes and almost shed a tear when I realized the abject irony that you are incapable of seeing your own sightless condition (Hey, You!: "I Wish I Were Blind," Nov. 1).

Sadly, there's no need to wish you were blind—you are. As a film student at Chapman, I have the honor of seeing everyday a kaleidoscope of brilliant and daring dreamers who are consistently pushing the creative envelope. Each day committed, I have been shown the power of film. Every moment exploring, we honestly make our statements to the world. Granted, things created at this film school will be thrown into a wastebasket in a studio office somewhere, but that is the precise reason we are all here: to learn, grow and be inspired. Come to think of it, you might not be blind. You may just need to open your eyes.

Aaron Schnobrich
Chapman University

Why does your website, um, well . . . suck? I enjoy reading the Weekly, but week after week, your site is littered with errors, broken story links and the like. I had to go to the archives and look up last week's letters section just to send this e-mail!

I don't get it—you seem like just the type of savvy hipsters that would really have your cybershit together. So what's the deal? The average 11-year-old can maintain a glitch-free website with astounding ease, and most of them will work for comic books and Pop Rocks.

Peter Touchstone
Lake Forest

The singer who called to say he has contacted his attorney because a Weekly critic compared him to Hitler: I can't talk now. I've got Hitler's angry attorney on the other line.


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