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Great war issue ("War 101," Feb. 28)! But you forgot about "propaganda," which seems to be another thing the Bush clan can't pull off. According to Gulf War vet/registered nurse Joyce Riley, the American Gulf War Veterans Association (www.gulfwarvets.com) for the past six years has received "numerous reports from veterans stating the U.S. forces were responsible for the setting of oil-well fires at the end of the Gulf War" to discredit Saddam Hussein. Riley says there was "intentional misinformation given to the American people to generate support for Desert Storm, often created by advertising agencies such as Hill and Knowlton." (Can you say wag the dog?) Now, Bush the Littler claims the al-Qaida/Iraq connection and the hidden weapons. I wouldn't put it past these guys to blow up the Statue of Liberty to try and get us onboard.

M. Croft

I want to thank OC Weekly for standing up and revealing the war for what it really is. THANK YOU! It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to find a publication that is actually reporting real information rather than the regurgitated PR that you find most everywhere else. I have told just about everyone I know about the article, and they are all rushing to pick up copies. You have gained many devoted supporters and have stirred up the pot for protest.

Stacy Olney

I read the "War 101" article in your magazine. The article refers to the Not In Our Name website as being www.noin.us. That is a mistake. The correct address of the site is www.nion.us/nion.htm. You should correct it because it takes people to some strange website.

Zilvinas Kilda
via e-mail

The editor responds: Thanks for the heads-up. Indeed, if you go to www.noin.us, you're sent to a site where you can buy CD burners, and if you go to www.milf.com, you're sent to a site where you can see a man having sex with someone's mom.


I enjoy, have enjoyed and will probably continue to enjoy OC Weekly for a good few years now. I steal it from the coffee shop next to my work and thumb through it when I am supposed to be taking out the trash. Other times, I confiscate it from someone at my school (the glorious and mighty Chapman University) and read the personals out loud in my painting class. We all get a mighty good giggle while mixing our Cadmium Red Medium Hues. Someone recently wrote in the Letters section, "Fuck you, OC Weekly" (Letters, Feb. 21),which I think was rude and completely unnecessary. Your publication has flaws, true, but it is altogether a decent paper. I like that it is organic; I can use it when I run out of Charmin. Otherwise, I like the variety of articles, and I appreciate that there is always a Wahoo's Fish Tacos ad. Currently, I work for Rubio's Baja Grill. Anyways, I think you should know that I am but one of the many faithful readers out here in Orange County's faithless oblivion. Between trips to Costco and smashes on the 55 South, I make sure I keep in the know as to local creative thought. However, I think there are WAY too many breast-implant advertisements. Anyways, please take note that I am in an excellent position for accepting a job offer. I write, photograph, draw, sing, twirl, eat, judge, criticize, report, pretend, laugh, seduce, indemnify, travel and speak four languages. You really need to hire me. Salary is open for easy negotiation. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

P.S. I was fifth-grade spelling champion of Tustin.

Mindy King, a.k.a. La Mindy
via e-mail

The editor responds: Thanks? By the way, "La Mindy," please explain how one steals a free newspaper?


I didn't know Doug Pinnick was a homosexual (Rich Kane's "Metal? Christian? Gay?" Feb. 28). I've been a King's X fan for many years, and I'm not interested in sending Doug any hate mail. The thing is, though, that homosexuality is a sin. Christianity isn't about writing Doug nasty e-mails. Christianity is about repentance and forgiveness. The two work together. According to the Bible, living in sin isn't acceptable to God, whether it be a married man leaving his wife and moving in with his alternative girlfriend or a homosexual man acting out on his homosexuality. I am not surprised that Doug has forsaken some of his Christian faith because he might realize, even subconsciously, that he wasn't living the faith, "walking the walk," as it is said. I wish Doug and his band well. I'm not going to criticize the guy—he has to live his life as he sees fit. Christ didn't ask anyone to be perfect. He just asks us to give ourselves and our hearts over to Him.

B. Dirk Yarborough
Costa Mesa

The editor, happily married for nigh on a millennium, inquires: Hey, B.—if that is your real initial—you might want to check out our Calendar pick titled "This Week in Loving Queers," in which a Bible scholar discusses common misconceptions about homosexuality. Whatever. What I'd really like to know is about this "alternative girlfriend" you speak of. Um, is she "walking the walk"? And if she isn't, do you have a number. . . . What? Just sayin'.


Due to an editing error, we did not list the correct timing of DA Tony Rackauckas' unusual hiring of Robinson, Calcagnie, Robinson in R. Scott Moxley's "Tony's New Suit: Weekly sues DA over secret files" (Feb. 27). The DA hired the firm in November 2001 to represent the county in its MBTE-pollution-related lawsuits.


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