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From observation and from testimonies of Vietnamese, I would say their viewpoint of Mexicans is that we are dirty, lazy, uneducated, illegal and so on [Gustavo Arellano's "When Immigrants Attack," July 18]. Since their arrival 20 years ago as refugees, I would say Vietnamese have a lack of understanding of the history of the Chicano Mexican people, not to mention Indian history. I think they view us this way because of what they see in the news about us. I would say that the Vietnamese do carry racism against the Mexicans, and I would say it's because of the image that they see of us without the understanding of our long history that we have had here in the U.S.

Lupe Lopez
Via e-mail

Hello, Gustavo Arellano, a.k.a. Mr. Esoteric. I am impressed with your basic historic knowledge, but in your weak article ["Gringo de Mayo," May 2] you make it seem as if all Mexicans and Mexican Americans are flying flags that say VIVA MEXICO every Cinco de Mayo. Mr. Esoteric, even though you placed the accents in the proper position in the two Spanish words that you wrote, I do not think you are capable of writing a well-educated essay in Spanish. Finally, as a Mexican American, I would be embarrassed to be seen with a person like you. I never celebrate Cinco de Mayo, but whenever I have a chance to drink, I drink.

Aldo Gutierrez
Via e-mail

P.S. Get a real education; you probably went to Cal State Dominguez Hills or Cal State LA, and call yourself Gus.

Gustavo "Guti" Arellano responds: Pues cmo Ud. no me di razn de que exactamente es su problema con mi artculodipwad, solamente le puedo decir que su cartaDick Nichols es indicativo de una enfermedad en la comunidad Latina, esa de ignoranciaignoramus. Le aviso que lea mi artculo otra vezpocho pendejo y despus escriba devuelta a nuestra revistachimichanga con una carta que tenga puntoTecate. Y la educacin fue en UCLA, pendejo, no un Cal-State. See you Cinco de Mayo!


Stacy Davies asked of Fleetwood Mac, "What's left to know about the classic overexposed band and its biggest star?" ["Bella Donna Groupies," July 11.] Obviously for you, what's "left to know" is digging up half-cocked groupie stories from the '80s. I wonder if YOU ever had a problem in your life—and then had THE GUTS to seek help for it like Stevie Nicks did? Here's another one of your journalistic gems: "Fleetwood Mac, with a hopefully cleaned-up Stevie Nicks, performs at the Arrowhead Pond." Stevie Nicks has been in recovery from drug and alcohol abuse for years. Why is there no mention of this in your article? Get your facts straight.

Jan Freedland
New York City

Stacy Davies responds:I (sniff) saw the recent Fleetwood Mac show, Mr./Ms. Sensitive, and you're right (sniff): Stevie was so "cleaned up" and wax like, she (sniff-sniff) barely moved, her tambourine playing was off, she forgot the words to "Rhiannon" and the windows to her soul flashed "Vacancy." The lesson here (wheeze) is clear: Stevie Nicks SHOULD be on drugs! Now excuse me while my face falls back into this pile of blow.


Thanks, Jim Washburn, for your insightful Lost in OC column regarding the environmental issues of the day and especially global warming and genetically modified foods ["More Backyard Trash Fires," July 4]. On global warming, I think it should be pointed out that although we are an influence on the environment, in the scheme of things we are a putative influence. The sun's output varies from time to time. In the last century, three volcanoes belched out more carbon dioxide than the entire history of mankind. Not to mention the fact that insects generate more CO2 and cows generate more methane than we do (fine by me as long as I'm upwind). To be fair, I don't think it hurts to take some preventive action, especially at the rate we're losing trees, but it's important to understand that there are bigger forces at work that we have no power over. And I think it's ironic how the food companies like ADM and Monsanto want to patent their food inventions, but they don't want them labeled because they're afraid that people won't buy them.

Scott Dunn
Costa Mesa


Let's see, Commie Girl, in your world Bob Hope dies and Kobe Bryant gets off the hook because he cheated on his SATs, and Wondertwat, or whoever, tops the charts ["Commie Girl," July 11]. But you're right about the Stray Cats: they sucked in 1980 and they suck now. It's funny how rockabilly crops back up every five years, but not for long, thankfully. Wait, I see why you're concerned about Kobe: you're afraid another rich black LA athlete will not get a fair trial. Good point. Pinhead!

Russell Parker
Via e-mail


Can somebody get Rich Kane something for his crankiness? His review of the Hootenanny ["White Punks on Fascism," July 11] was a bit harsh. I saw thousands of fans there for the Stray Cats. If Rich was hot and bothered, maybe he should have handed his assignment to someone else. Granted, things didn't go smoothly, but as Rich says himself, he was there at the first Hootenanny; he knows that the event is unorganized to begin with. But no, Rich would rather bash the event, the bands and the fans. Rich, do me a favor: stay home next year. I'll use your free media pass.

Joe Finkle
Via e-mail

Oooh, did the big, bad mean-looking people scare the widdle music critic? One word of advice: Mr. Kane, if the people scare you so bad, don't go to the fucking concert! Let Buddy cover it; he actually likes that kind of music. You made fun of the Stray Cats for needing bodyguards, but who's the one crying about the tattoos and skinheads looking to beat him up? Another thing: the people who go to a concert want to hear songs they know and can sing along to, so get off the Blasters' back. I guess you didn't see all the smiling faces having a good time. But I guess that's kind of hard to do with your hands over your eyes wishing the bogeyman would just go away. Stick to what you're good at: covering safe shows like the Weenie Roast and Acoustic Christmas.

Ted Arnold
La Mirada

P.S. Rebecca Schoenkopf liked the show and she's a girl. Wuss!

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