You folks generally are a little "over the top" as far as the slant of your news coverage goes, but your recent cover with Arnold Schwarzenegger that read "Welcome to California! Now Show Us Your Tits!" [Oct. 10] is a bit much. It is not only disrespectful, but it also shows a total lack of class. I would expect a little more from something the Village Voice publishes, especially since this is something laying around in places where kids can pick them up and read them. Before I just thought the OC Weekly was a worthless rag; now I know it. Go to hell.

John Meeker Capistrano Beach

Shameful, just shameful! How could you put a headline like that on your front cover? The tag line is dirty, cheap–and not just because I'm an Arnold supporter, but [because] there is no evidence to back them up. There is [sic] only allegations and hearsay. This reporting is pure opinion and no substance. People can see through these dirty politics and bad reporting. That's why Arnold is now governor.

Christiaan Hile

I am appalled at the latest cover of OC Weekly. Your judgment lacks in class and portrays a less-than-favorable image of Orange County. Shame on you!

Laura A. Pephens
Capistrano Beach


What are the chances of us defeating bad guys like Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein when it takes 50 of our best knuckle-draggers to take down one scrawny peace activist [Jim Washburn's "You Wanna See Some Real Terror?" Oct. 3]? No one has signed off on a clusterfuck of that magnitude since Janet Reno barbecued the Branch Davidians for their religious hijinks. I don't know Josh Connole, I am not an activist of any sort, and I drive car that has a bit of an asshole motif; but I fail to see Connole as a threat to our national security. By the same token, I guess I fail to see how hunting down pyros and graffiti artists is quite the right strategy in the first place. We're trying to stop terrorists, not juvenile delinquents, for Christ's sake. From what I have seen, Josh looks more likely to torch a bong than an SUV. Maybe that's the special profile that launched the troops.

T.C. Shred


I'm sending a big, wet, sloppy kiss to R. Scott Moxley for his truly unique article, "Blame the Democrats" [Oct.10]. I haven't seen an equal bashing of the power-hungry Democrats and Republicans in all my life! Pretty sad when you think of it, huh? You couldn't have said it better when unveiling the unprincipled tactics of both parties in order to maintain power. I can, once again, pick up an OC Weekly without worrying about the blood staining my clothes from all the bleeding hearts contained in the pages. Now, if they could just stop blasting libertarians. . . .

Angela Periolat
Huntington Beach

As a libertarian, I enjoyed R. Scott Moxley's analysis of Tom McClintock's role in remaking California's political landscape ["The Progressive Case for Governor McClintock," Oct. 3]. There really isn't any substantive difference between the Republicans and the Democrats. Both parties' political goal is 100 percent control over the tiniest details of every person's life. The socialist-influenced Democrats will do it "for the good of the state," and the fascist-influenced Republicans will do it "for the good of industry." We all will get fucked either way. It's great to see someone like Moxley with the moral courage to shout, "All these assholes work for us, and they all fucked up royally!" I swear, California politics is like two rednecks popping open cans of Meisterbrau and toasting themselves after they have run up the credit cards to the limit. Thank you again, and be careful: you might be catching libertarianism. It's chronic and incurable.

Paul Rako
via e-mail


I was surprised and completely offended by the racism of the Commie Girl column "Judgment Day" [Oct. 10]. Rebecca Schoenkopf, in a racist fit, says that Germans "blow." In case she hasn't looked at the clock, World War II is over. To exhibit that kind of prejudice in a paper like OC Weekly is despicable. I could only imagine what the outcry would have been if she had said that Mexicans, Italians or Jews "blow." For your paper to print these comments is the height of hypocrisy.

L. Martinez
via e-mail


I have zero tolerance for cannabis (marijuana) prohibitionists and their terrorizing ignorance, so I was pleased to read Rebecca Schoenkopf's "George Bush's Joint" [Sept. 26]. Biblically, medically and recreationally, millions of citizens use cannabis responsibly without incident and are tired of the various forms of government discrimination and deceit directed toward them. It should be asked if cannabis prohibitionists really even comprehend they're caging humans for using a plant?

Stan White
via e-mail


So a handful of Riverside idiots are outraged over a stupid television show about Orange County (The O.C.), which supposedly refers to Riverside as backward. Matt Coker's coverage of this story ["A Clockwork Orange," Sept. 26], replete with banjos and farming equipment, was both vile and malicious and disturbingly hate-filled. It's sad what you and others write and say about Riverside. It's an affordable alternative to your overpriced mess. What's more, you'd think with all of your pandering to the Everyman, you would appreciate affordable homes for average-income families. Try looking for a house in your area in the $100,000-to-$300,000 range. I think you'll find most of them will be total pieces of crap–if you can find any at all–while places out here for the same amount will be a hell of a lot nicer. Then please shut the fuck up.

Bill Lamb


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