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Kudos to OC Weekly for drawing attention to the scary behavior of OC law enforcers ["The Thin Boo Line!" Oct. 31].Many people (especially cops) seem to think that "the media" mostly portrays law enforcers badly, but it seems to me that most media representations of cops are one-dimensional and heroic. Sure, papers like the LA Times and the Weekly will run something critical now and then, but compare those few stories with all of the TV news, crime dramas and "reality" shows offering flat narratives of "good" cops and "evil" crooks. Can we please get over that hero bullshit? I would be grateful for anyone who would put themselves in harm's way on my behalf, but most cops I have talked to said they joined up "to drive fast, get in fights and hold a gun." Maybe those comments were tongue-in-cheek, but that's what they said. Ultimately, we need to look at some of the assumptions underlying our concepts of "the police." If we do, we might not find "scary cops" terribly surprising. Please do not print my e-mail address; I don't want to get arrested.

Costa Mesa

Thanks for the great photo of Officer Dangle. What a hunk! He can scare me any time.

Steve Collier
via e-mail

Awesome job on the bad cops. It's about time someone grew some balls and told the truth. I happened to be on Mark Wersching's (No. 3) shit list on the night of May 1999. It's unfortunate they let him continue to bring more misery to others. Fuck you, Officer Wersching!

Name Withheld
via e-mail


It's time for Huntington Beach City Councilwoman Pam Houchen to resign [Nick Schou's "Million-Dollar Munchikins," Oct. 10, and "Condo-Mania," Oct. 17]. First, there was the paintball payoff in which Houchen voted to approve a beach tournament without disclosing that her husband had been paid thousands of dollars by the promoter. Now we have a new scandal reported by OC Weekly in which Houchen has cleared half a million dollars from a condo conversion performed without acquiring the necessary city conversion permit.

When we HB residents elect council members, we trust they will serve on the council without any undisclosed conflicts of interest and they will obey the same laws as the rest of us. Houchen has violated that trust on both counts. She should spare us any further Dave Garofalo-esque revelations by doing the right thing and resigning.

Mark D. Bixby
Huntington Beach


I read you guys every week online to check out how Orange County is doing while I'm up at UCLA. I love Scott Giffin's new "We Respond to Register Letters" column [Oct. 31]. Keep it coming! Exposing The Orange County Register's total lack of journalism is always a good thing.

Tony Abate
via e-mail


Hello, Rich Kane. I read the review you did on my band, Twenty-Four Seven ["Where Metal Came to Die," Oct. 3], and have to admit it's pretty funny. In fact, it's a hoot! I did some research on you and found out some interesting facts. One of the more interesting facts I found was what you voted for as Best Group on a 2001 ballot for the Village Voice. Your No. 1 pick was "Afro Celt Sound System." I'm not familiar with them, but I bet they're not hard rock. You also voted for Macy Gray and Pete Yorn.

I strongly believe that you don't like hard rock music. In fact, I'll bet you think it sucks altogether. Your redundant use of words such as "hoot" and "Hessian" are all the more evidence. You don't like rock clubs, and you especially don't like the people who hang out at them. I suggest you move on to write about smooth jazz or world music where you would be better suited to give a review that fits you. No death threats here, Rich, just some advice from a hard rock musician.

Billy the Fist
Bass Player, TwentyFour Seven


In the Best of OC issue, under the section called "The Best Art Flack, If By 'Best,'You Mean One Who Single-Handedly Inspires the Disdain of All the Local Art Media" [Oct. 24], you mention that Richard Chang got snubbed by the Bowers. True. But you listed him as from the Los Angeles Times—NOT true. I know Richard, and I know he works for The Orange County Register. Why do I even care? He's a friend, so I figured a clarification might be in order. Plus, I hate for LA to get credit for having Richard. LA tends to get credit for shit even if it happens in OC. . . . Yeah, I've got issues.

Rob Roy
via e-mail


Commie Girl/Dork: let me say YOU SUCK. Now let me write why you suck. After reading "Judgment Day" [Oct. 10] in the berliberal, bleeding-heart, save-the-world-from-itself OC Weekly, I was shocked to come to the understanding that you are as ignorant as someone who thinks the war on drugs is Bush's war on drugs. Wait, you wrote that piece of drivel as well. First off, not all Germans suck; every race has its undesirables, and I am sorry you have only been exposed to those from the American-German community. Secondly, it's not the "government" that tripled your car tax; it was crooked Gray Davis—duh! Next, Tom McClintock is not "Seor The Devil." He's simply the best choice for governor. Too bad he believes in the pro-life movement. Lastly, the majority of OC chicks are not superhot; they are superpretentious, superselfish and superficial. I even wrote a song about dumb OC chicks.

James Peterson
via e-mail


I represent a growing segment of the Long Beach population that is sick and tired of all the hype surrounding this transplant, Justin Rudd [Stacy Davies' "Flossin' and Fightin'," Oct. 10]. How about some recognition and coverage of the other "supermen" and "superwomen" who volunteer in their communities. No one really gives a fuck what or where Justin eats!

Long Beach


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