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I'd like to know what movie the cover is for this week's OC Weekly ["America's Queerest County," May 14].It's hot!

Andy Kempler
via e-mail

The editor responds: Actually, Andy, the guys on the cover aren't actors in a movie; they're friends of the paper who are very much in love and, as you say, considerably hot.

Best. Cover. Ever.

Mat Kladney
via e-mail


I'm a H.B. girl, and I don't have "puffy lips" nor am I a snob [Rebecca Schoenkopf's "Commie Girl," May 14]. The girls that go to Main Street are not from H.B.; they are from Irvine, 909, Mission Viejo, etc. They are all wannabe Club Rubber girls or wannabe strippers. So stop classifying H.B. girls as bitches. Real H.B. girls are punk rockers or strippers or surfers and not stuck up and insecure. So next time you come to H.B., try someplace other than Main Street; some place where locals hang out and not the Inlanders. I'd be a bitch, too, if I had to drive an hour to get drunk.

Miss Blake Phillips
Huntington Beach

Just wanted to say thanks for bad-mouthing H.B. skanks! It never fails. I'm an L.B. girl, [and] on occasion, I get suckered into going to H.B. but my boobs are real, so I have a crappy time.

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When I read the description of the sexual torture inflicted on Jane Doe by Greg Haidl, Kyle Nachreiner and Keith Spann [R. Scott Moxley's "Haidl Your Daughters," May 7], my body reacted violently. Will Jane Doe be able to have children after what these criminals did to her cervix and perhaps uterus with that pool cue? Haidl's father says his son can't sleep and has considered suicide. Does Mr. Haidl think Jane Doe can sleep? Does he care? Does Mr. Haidl approve of the defense attorneys' informing Jane Doe's NEW friends about her ordeal so she can't even attempt to begin anew?

If this were done by Iraqi soldiers to one of our servicewomen overseas, we'd be screaming to spill their blood. Why, then, are more people not screaming on behalf of Jane Doe? If Mr. Haidl had a daughter and she were the corpse-like victim in this case, he wouldn't be saying, "Well, I hope their family has dealt with it." He is a disgrace to the OC Sheriff's Department.

Elke Kolodinski
via e-mail


As the parent of two children who've been at the Farm School [Gustavo Arellano's "Downer on the Farm," May 14], I think it's important to mention that Karen Minns, the teacher who filed the lawsuit, did so after increasing levels of harassment, some of it witnessed by parents and students. Ms. Minns is the best teacher I have ever known, with an ability to connect and teach kids that is almost supernatural. She is one of the reasons that parents stay with the Farm School. At graduation, her students from a decade ago or more come back to touch base. She is an EXTRAORDINARY teacher, certainly not deserving of this disgraceful attempt at dismissal.

Harry J. Mangalam
via e-mail


I read Gustavo Arellano's "Mexploitation" [May 7] feature, and I am a bit perplexed. He purports that these signs are stereotypical, racist and demeaning to Mexicans, and I cannot figure out why. What exactly is wrong with a man wearing a sombrero? Certainly I agree that it is not a proper depiction of how every Mexican man dresses, but it is not designed to be. The image of a man in a sombrero hearkens back to the old days in the Mexican countryside, where the most common profession was farming or being a rancher.

To me, that image symbolizes authentic old-style food served in a relaxed atmosphere. I suspect that most other people feel this way as well, since Gustavo's is the first complaint of its type I have ever heard. Also, please do not forget that the people creating the artwork for these signs are mostly of Mexican descent themselves. If Mexicans felt this image is racist and offensive why, would they use it on their own restaurants and stores?

Ryan R. Gaytan
via e-mail

Gustavo Arellano responds: Ryan, so this is the first time you've ever heard anyone complain about negative stereotypical Mexican images? How about the Frito Bandito? Or Pancho Villa? Or the cast of The George Lopez Show?

I look forward to Gustavo Arellano's articles every single week in OC Weekly! His articles have brought a breath of fresh air to the paper! I've always been a fan of the Weekly, but I felt it lacked "something" until his point of view came along. I love his style and the stories he covers, especially when he connects with the Latino happenings around town (as rare as those are!). He gives an honest point of view, none of this Hispanic Pride bullshit regardless if the material is good or bad. He's not afraid of diving into the trenches of downtown Santa Ana or to dig around to find those microscopic pebbles of gold within the otherwise-dull walls of Orange County. I applaud you, Seor Arellano! Keep up the great work!

Ivonne Camacho
via e-mail


I wanted to let Rich Kane know what an incredible loser he is for not only bad-mouthing David Bowie ["Panic in Anaheim!" April 30] for yet another incredible performance at the Pond, but mostly for showing how distasteful he is for praising a loser band like the "Let's all kill ourselves, Polyphonic Spree!" Obviously you did not notice that everyone in the audience wanted them off the stage as quickly as possible because we thought they would clamp down on a cyanide pill; too bad they didn't.

Jay & Cecilia
via e-mail


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