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I live in the unit almost on top of the poop pole. We've only lived here for a month or so, but the time has left us gagging, especially around sunset when the wind shifts and my living room stinks of shit. I just wanted to thank you for the article [Scott Wennerberg's "Poop Pole," Oct. 1]. Now I know who to call. On top of that, I understand the workings of the vent system and have begun a campaign of duct taping bags over the thing to limit the fecal stench that has become my life.

Costa Mesa

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Thanks again to Scott Moxley for his continuing investigation of the Larry Agran corruption story in Irvine. Moxley's work is truly a public service. As an Irvine resident, however, I'm a bit stumped as to how to vote in the coming election. Is Moxley implying that Agran's Republican opponents for a council seat would be preferable to a relatively progressive yet ethically tainted Agran? It would seem to be if one were to follow the lead of Moxley's ex-Agranite source, Mark Petracca.

Douglas Higbee
The editor responds: Sorry, Doug, Scott wanted to give you an answer, but he's busy working on another Agran story. Why not go see Napoleon Dynamite again? It's kinda about politics, plus it's got a llama! KINDA BLUE

Hey, Commie Girl, sorry you are feeling blue [Rebecca Schoenkopf's "Pass the Prozac," Sept. 24]. I know how you feel. I've decided to just let the country go to the wolves and move to British Columbia with my three daughters. I have been a registered Green Party member since the second Clinton win, and I really thought the Dems needed to learn a lesson, so I continued to vote for Nader—what could it hurt? Who knew? You can't elect a decent guy in this country, and even if you could, they wouldn't let him enter office. So my last-ditch effort was gonna be to vote for W and let you all go to hell. But then I thought of your sweet son and realized I couldn't stick it to him. So cheer up, Commie Girl. Come visit us in B.C. I'll leave the light on for ya! (Being the energy-wasting American that I am.)

via e-mail

Why don't you put yourself (and me) out of your misery and move to LA or NY, where you won't have to bear further witness to all the things you seem to despise in and around our fair county that I and so many other guys love about living here: dumb broads who prefer augmentation and preening over self-examining, man-hating literary types who wouldn't know a good time if it bit them in their fat or not-so-fat ass.

Brian Ambrose
via e-mail

I have belonged to St. Mary's By the Sea Church in Huntington Beach for the past 20 years. Bishop Tod Brown has inflicted so much pain and abuse upon our little oasis of faith. He took away our Latin Mass, and there are rumors he wants to sell our church property. Your article has provided a valuable weapon in our fight to save our parish [Gustavo Arellano's "Lifestyles of the Rich and Pious," Sept. 17]. The million-dollar homes should be sold before he lays hands on a church that has been a refuge for the beach community, both rich and poor.

Name withheld by request
Huntington Beach

"Timothy Titus," you make the Apostle Peter look like a prophet ["By the Book," Sept. 24]. Peter warned of the untaught and unstable who would twist the Scriptures, resulting in their own destruction (2 Peter 3:16). You mock Christians because they refuse to bless what God has condemned. Now, you may think there is no God, that we're all just the product of random evolution, and so sexual preference doesn't really matter. If that were true, it would also be true that NOTHING matters; gay-bashing would be as valid as gay relationships. "Do what thou wilt shall be the whole law" would be the only logical conclusion. However, it is not true. Your choice is: "My will be done (for a very little while, no more than a lifetime)" or "Thy will be done, forever and ever." Choose wisely.

John Denney
Irvine Timothy Titus responds:I don't mock Christians; I merely point out that there are many who twist Scripture for their own ends. To claim that everything from the Bible must be taken literally is absurd, and I pointed that out by showing the many biblical teachings the people at St. James do not follow while claiming to believe everything. If a church allows interpretation of one passage, it must tolerate interpretation of others. St. James is intolerant of others' interpretations, yet they interpret whenever doing so fits their own ends. Jesus said some nasty things about hypocrites

Concerning Bill Hoover and Phillip Emmon's letters ["Letters," Sept. 24]: Hey, Hoover, yes, Ben Affleck is "only an actor." And a poor one at that. You say your neighbor is "only a car mechanic"? Let me ask you a two-point question: Who makes a bigger contribution to society? Your mechanic neighbor who makes $20 per hour, flat rate, or Ben, who makes $10 million for pieces of crap like Gigli? Your neighbor has more right to voice his opinion because he is a regular working stiff. Affleck—like all liberal actors and most musicians—is just using his access to the media to get his face on the TV. And Phillip, let me ask you if you really think Michael Moore's movie was "political"? That's one of the biggest problems with you liberals: you don't know the difference between politics and propaganda.

Richard Sawitskas

WF: What happened? We appreciated the e-mails and loved your post cards more. Now you're giving us the silent treatment? Has the smoke of Satan entered the sanctuary again?

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