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It breaks my heart to see such crap on the cover of your paper today ["Mission Accomplished!" Nov. 5]. It honestly makes me sick to know that the picture of our president and his middle finger is sitting in front of a local sandwich restaurant where small children can easily see it. Your paper makes me sick.

Jolene Dugan

Lake Forest

Wow, that cover was incredible! It gave me such a laugh that I had to show it to all of my nonconformist friends at work. We all had a good laugh. Times are pretty tough. Right now I'm hearing our president saying he is going to use his political capital he gained with the country split 51/49; he calls that capital. My cousin is in Iraq right now; a friend was just shipped off to Kosovo (I wonder where his next orders will take him?). We have to pick ourselves up and fight even harder this time. At least in Orange County, we'll have you to inspire us!

Trevor Davisson

via e-mail

Kids saw this cover, saw their commander and chief flipping the bird, something they would be expelled from school for doing. Poorly done, OC Weekly, poorly done!

Stacy Olsen

via e-mail

That was completely radical, and my hat is off to you. I normally don't pick up the Weekly, but it was so refreshing to see something in Orange County that isn't pro-war or believes all the lies. I just thought it was really cool.

Pamela Frankel

via telephone

Despised Bush, didn't understand Kerry, couldn't find Nader's name on my ballot. Saw Fahrenheit 9/11. Listened carefully to Whoopi Goldberg, Ben Affleck and other Hollywood "liberati." Kept repeating the phrase, "Oh, come oooon!" Decided: these are not my kind of people. Held my nose and voted for Bush. I enthusiastically return your middle-digit salute.

Fred Davis

Costa Mesa

What a degrading picture, whether it was doctored or not is beside the point. You guys put a picture on the cover of the president as if he's flipping off the country. Completely despicable.

Dana Terry

via telephone

Michael Moore was right! This election proves how stupid the American people really are! Congratulations to the Bible-thumping Republican hypocrites who helped elect that corrupt, lying, son-of-a-Bush!

Eddie Rose

Laguna Niguel

This is disgusting, degrading, insulting; I can't think of enough words for it. If that's the best you can do, you ought to be embarrassed and ashamed.


via telephone

I look forward to seeing you all squirm for four more years.

Todd Hansen

Laguna Hills

I finally figured out which previous politician George W. Bush reminds me of: that evil Martin Sheen character in The Dead Zone. Commie Girl for prez in 2008.

Mason Malugeon

Huntington Beach


Regarding Gustavo Arellano's "The Gospel According to the GOP" [Oct. 29] and especially the picture attached to it: you will get nothing by making a mockery of the pope of the Catholic Church by the image you have presented in your article. It is totally uncalled for, unfair, cruel and uncivilized to make a mockery of a man as holy as the pope. You know yourself that you cannot deny the fact the pope is holy, respected by more than a billion Catholics, and thus your actions condemn yourselves. I pray in the name of St. Peter that your OC Weekly be turned around and changed. And that everybody who mocks the pope changes their ways and learns their lesson. Your journalism does no justice.

Aaron Julius Lecciones

via e-mail

The editor responds: I would challenge your assertion that simply by depicting the pope on the back of an elephant we are mocking the pontiff. Elephants are awesome creatures, symbols of strength, wisdom, integrity and forbearance. They are sacred creatures in many parts of the world, and as everyone knows, it is elephants, standing on the backs of turtles, which hold the Earth up. As to doing "no justice," Arellano's articles dealing with the Orange diocese pedophilia cover-up recently earned him the prestigious Lilly Fellowship from the Religious News Writers Association as well as the ongoing praise and thanks of numerous victims and outraged Catholics.


Gustavo Arellano wrote, "What's worse, Santa Ana's joke of a City Council, led by el caudillo Miguel Pulido, continues to loll around like Pompeians as the country's youngest, most-Latino, most-Spanish-speaking, most-crowded town stews like a dream deferred ["Cinematic Balm," Oct. 15]." Thank you, thank you, thank you. As one of the few Santa Ana residents paying attention, I have come to realize there is too much to correct via this election regarding all Santa Ana ills. However, I thank you much for staying on top of what is going on.

Kim Gerda

Santa Ana


Great review by Gustavo Arellano on Thach Ch Hin Khnh ["This Hole-In-The-Wall Life," Oct. 8]. The original Hin Khnh is on Westminster between Brookhurst and Bushard. Its selection is slightly larger, and the ch is fresher because they have more traffic (first in, first out inventory). If you go to the original shop, try the bnh cay, finger-sized pieces of spicy fried dough. It's a nice palette change from all the sweets.


via e-mail


An incorrect name was credited on a photo of Greg Haidl with R. Scott Moxley's story "That Boy!" [Nov. 12]. The photographer was Michael Goulding of The Orange County Register.


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