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Thank you, R. Scott Moxley, for your reporting on Dr. Kooshian ["Dr. K KO'd," July 29]. You and the Weekly have taken great risks to provide Orange County an incredible community service. I only wish the Register or The Blade had your balls.

Matt Dyer

Scott Moxley, I cannot begin to tell you as a gay man how grateful I am for exposing Dr. George Steven Kooshian. I am enraged that we as a community were unable to act decisively against Dr. Kooshian without your help. What you have done for us, I believe, is on the order of Woodward and Bernstein's services to the entire nation in bringing down Nixon. I will never be able to understand how Dr. Kooshian was able to enrich himself on the backs of his patients. We in the gay community are incredibly lucky to have you as a friend.

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Harleigh Kyson Jr.
Long Beach

Why does George W. Bush want the terrorists to win [Rebecca Schoenkopf's "Commie Girl," July 22]? Here's one reason: The Bush administration has promised the war on terror will be a long one, i.e., it'll take a while to transform the U.S. into a true tyranny and large parts of the world into U.S. protectorates. If you muddy the proliferation and terrorism waters and make it impossible for the CIA to collect useful intelligence, the next major terrorist event will be easier to stage and the next level of tyranny and power consolidation can be achieved much more easily. Yeah, the Bushies and their media protectors are those kind of people. And yes, I am serious.

Ron Leighton

Schoenkopf asks why does George W. Bush want the terrorists to win? 1) To sell more weapons. 2) To justify invading impoverished countries with resources that he and his friends can pillage. 3) To liberate Arabs from their choice of faith. Need any more reasons?

Roxanne Sumner
St. Paul, Minnesota

I just love reading Steve Lowery's "Diary of a Mad County." This is the only glimpse of intelligent life that makes living in OC tolerable. I start each Saturday by dragging myself to the newspaper stand to pick up OC Weekly to get through all the body mutilation ads to "Diary." This week's photo of a U.S. boy-soldier was especially resonant [July 29]. Perhaps I'll get more involved than just driving my Prius with a peace sign on it.

Alex Artsyukhovich
Via e-mail

The freeway system, administered by the OCTA, is in a world-class state, with wide, smooth lanes, plenty of shoulders and carpool lanes everywhere, in sharp contrast to the condition of the freeways in Los Angeles County [Nick Schou's "Hooray for OCTA?" July 29]. As for the 91 freeway, tolls are actually lower overall than in the private system. Remember that the OCTA is setting tolls to fill capacity, while the former owners, the CPTC, set tolls to maximize revenue, which isn't the same thing. The fact that tolls are in the $7.75 range only shows how congested the toll lanes would be if they were set lower. As for buses, the OCTA has recovered from the wrath that former OCTA CEO Lisa Mills brought with her disastrous "straightlining," which resulted in criticism from riders and disabled people. Brain-dead decisions were made in that era, like un-serving the local Braille Institute, forcing transfers at random intersections and a mismatch of service in the central Orange County area, resulting in extremely overcrowded buses. Straightlining resulted in a net loss of ridership in a growth economy. Most of the worst effects of the decision have been taken care of, and the bus system, though nowhere near the level of cities like New York and Chicago, is still very good for a car-dominated, multicentered metropolitan area.

Hank Fung
Via e-mail

Congratulations on twisting the facts and misleading the public [R. Scott Moxley's "The Motion for a Mistrial is Denied"]. It is interesting to me how you remember to include all of the bad parts of the day but left out how Kyle Nachreiner and Keith Spann had over 40 supporters in that courtroom waiting for them to come home!

Name withheld
Rancho Cucamonga

Well, I say if the system gives the Haidl rapists a slap on the wrist, we have us a good ol' fashioned lynching. I'll bring the ropes, who's got the horses? Or would motorcycles be a better choice? I'm not really that worried, though. [Judge] Briseo hates them, and he's been shutting down appeals left, right and center. They're cooked. I just hope no one kills them in prison before their release date. They should have to live with the stigma for their allotted time on this earth, with their assholes stretched to the size of Goatses'.

Via e-mail

Thanks to Gustavo Arellano for shedding some light on the demise of 540 AM and the current state of music radio ["Oh, What a Station!" July 29]. I didn't make it to the Dells/Dramatics show at the Grove, but I liked 540 a lot for that one year—not to mention Hal Lifsons' "Radio A Go-Go" on KIEV and "Music for Nimrods" with Dan "The Board Op" Buhler on KPFK. Man, '90s radio was pretty cool. Jack FM? Jack this!

John Manning
Costa Mesa

Elsa Arellano's "How Are the Huevos?" was a refreshing debut [July 29]. Watch out, Gustavo, your county may soon start referring to you as "Elsa's brother."

Nydia Cisneros
Via e-mail

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