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To answer your question on why Tamara Anne Moonier would claim she was gang raped when she knew there was videotape of her willingly being a reverse porcupine: because she's fucking crazy [R. Scott Moxley's "Great Dick, Babe," Feb. 10]. Her need to be a victim overrides her need to make sense; she puts herself in situations where she is exploited sexually so she can cry victim, because she wasn't able to in the past. I met a girl named "Susan" at a party when I was in high school who was extremely sexually aggressive with me, removed all my clothes and willingly performed oral sex on me, then pulled me on top of her. But just as she guided me inside, she said, "Wait, I hardly know you." I politely got up, got dressed and got the hell away from her. All the while she was pulling at my clothes saying, "Wait, where are you going?" Later I found out this is what she did on a regular basis, but most guys just pumped away, which gave her reason to say she was raped to anyone who would listen. The following year she threw herself at a nice nerdy guy at a party. The next day he was beaming that he wasn't a virgin anymore, until he found out she told everyone he raped her. He was horrified. I bet the poor bastard is still in therapy. I was good friends with Susan and called her on her behavior. Later she tearfully confided to me and a friend that her stepdad had been molesting her since she was a girl and it was her way to cry out. We told her to talk to a counselor as soon as possible. She took our advice and was immediately pulled from her house and her dad was arrested. He denied it publicly, while her mom called her a whore and said, "Even if it happened, she encouraged it." They talked her into dropping the charges for the family's sake. The moral of the story is, be careful who you have sex with, 'cause you just may spend the rest of your life in prison for something her father did.

Your article about Jenna Haze had no point and seemed like a personal attack on her [Gustavo Arellano's "Local Girl Gone Gonzo," Feb. 10]. Why would you publish her real last name? I have personally known Jenna for a little over a year. She's a very kind and intelligent person. She may not be perfect, but apparently she is a better person than you. Next time you want to write an article, make sure it has a point.

I just read an article that you wrote on Jenna Haze. What was the point of it? Did it tell us anything other than that yet another person who lives in Orange County is a porn star? What was the purpose of publishing her real name? Are you proud of yourself now? You are a very sad LITTLE person.

Editor responds:The point? Um, I don't know, maybe that it was our SEX Issue. Our SEX Issue being the issue in which we deal a lot with subjects and people involved in SEX. See, if it had been our MUSIC Issue, we would have had a lot of stuff about MUSIC, you know, musicians and record-store owners and others involved in MUSIC. But this was our SEX Issue, and so we featured a lot of people involved in SEX like sex surrogates, sex therapists, sex-shop managers and, yes, porn stars. See how that works? As to your outrage about our using Jen's real name, do me a favor. Go ahead and Google "Jenna Haze." I'll wait . . . okay, go ahead and click on that third entry from Wikipedia. Great. Now what does that first line say? "Jenna Haze (born Jennifer Corrales on Feb. 22, 1982 in Fullerton, California, USA)." This is not some big secret. In fact, Jenna's own people didn't have a problem with it. Her agent even e-mailed us after the story ran and requested additional copies.

Three cheers for Steve Lowery ["You've Been Pump'd!" Feb. 17]! I was beginning to feel absolutely alone in my shock: hearing that Exxon "earned" record profits last year doesn't seem to bug Americans who've been paying record prices at the pump, nor are many bothered by the fact that Exxon still hasn't paid billions in damages owed Alaskan fishermen from the Valdez spill 17 years ago. This is class warfare, a point Lowery makes by interviewing the working stiffs manning the cash registers at your local Exxon station. When it comes to the petroleum business, Exxon gets the oil fields, the refining business and the record-setting profits; customers and employees get the shaft.

Why are the responses in the "Ask a Mexican" column always peppered with words in Spanish? The people who write to this column are already outsiders to Hispanic culture, how are they expected to know Spanish? And yes, I'll admit to not knowing what some of those words are. The column is a cute idea, but I'm getting tired of having to ask other people for translations in order to find out what its author is trying to say.

Editor responds:Raai ye shoma khub ast va albaateh mardomeh ba hush mi tavaanand movafegh nabashand valy ma fekr mi konim ke kalemeh ha ye espaaniyaa-i ba tarjameh ha ye anha kheely ba mazeh ast. Balke ma ghalat beguyim beh khaatereh in ke ma espaaniyaa-i balad nistim ma iraani hastim.


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