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Re: Gustavo Arellano's "The Gilchristification of OC," March 31: anyone who can't understand the difference between Los Angeles and Orange County when it comes to illegal immigration shouldn't be writing anything in any newspaper. Los Angeles has already been re-conquered for "la Raza." The only thing left to do is vote in illigal [sic] immigrant-pandering politicians and watch it go further down the shitter. Orange County still has a chance to rid itself of the illegal invasion. Saying that the residents of OC have been brainwashed by Jim Gilchrist sounds cute and witty in the newspaper, but the truth is that the residents are sick and tired of the invasion. They just had someone (Jim Gilchrist) that finally come out and said it. You're an idiot.

While I thought the movie V for Vendetta was brilliant in its own way, I cringed at the line, "Sometimes blowing up a building can change the world" [Scott Foundas' "Anarchy in the U.K.," March 17]. I doubt if I was alone in thinking that was a bit uncalled for. There is nothing heroic or visionary about the deeds of Osama bin Laden. If the Bush administration is full of chickenhawks who pose for photo ops with military gear while others die, bin Laden would be quite happy among them. Like Bush, bin Laden sent 3,000 people to their deaths and seems to think very little of shedding other people's blood. Like Bush, bin Laden is a man of narrow goals who thrives on the ignorance of his followers and, also like Bush, must start each day amazed that, after years of death and dying, people still line up for the cause. Please, no words of praise for terrorists on either side.

Re: Theo Douglas' Q&A with Paul Frank ["Let Me Be Frank," March 24]: I think I met Mr. Sunich at the Home Depot where I work a little over a week ago here in H.B. I didn't know who this humble character was until you printed his picture! I have been a fan of his design concepts for a long time, and was unfortunately unable to afford most of them other than secondhand—but then I have always been a fan of quality over quantity, and, by and large, Paul Frank Industries has stood the test of time (and style) over the years. Unfortunately, I have also witnessed the corporatization of the company. I already kind of knew something was up when I read your article, and was soon expecting Paul Frank in the 50-percent-off bins at the local Target (right next to Mossimo). Paul, if you are reading this, you have already won the PR game by just being honest with the media. It doesn't even matter the outcome of the court case as long as you have kept your soul.

Too bad your mind is so closed that very little truth can creep into it. Never mind that Christians sent millions of dollars to help Muslim tsunami victims; never mind that they sent millions more to help people recover from Katrina. Never mind that faith-based operations are the ones actually doing the work in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. Never mind that most of the charitable organizations in the world are supported by these people. They're certainly stupid. But maybe they know a little more about kindness than you. I'll bet they wouldn't pretend to be your friend just so they could ridicule you in print. It's called morals.

My husband picked up your magazine in the library thinking it may be a good magazine to read. Little did we know it was not a magazine we would want to read and are disappointed that it is with a stack of magazines in the library making it easy for the young people to read. You know, there is so much out there that has a negative influence on our younger generation and it is sad to think your magazine is put out with this kind of language, articles and ads. Do any of you have children? Teenagers? Would you want your children to read this? I read the article by [R. Scott] Moxley and she [sic] used bad language in a story that was terrible itself. What are you all drinking or smoking? Look around you—does it all look good? NO!!! So much TV, movies, etc. is bad. Do we really need another "ONE" thing terrible? I am an optimist but alarmed at what I see and read. I doubt if this letter will change your magazine for better reading but I really needed to tell you how I feel. It is amazing what money can do to a person. How do you feel about your self-worth? How do you really feel when you go home at night? God gave us all talents to do something which we would be good at but we do it in Christ's name. He is not proud of your magazine.

Jesus responds: You know what really makes me not proud, Shirley, is when people assume they know what I'm thinking. Generally speaking, they don't. Also? Check out Matt. 7:1.

I have read just about every piece ever written on the Haidl case—from OC Weekly to out-of-state newspapers. I applaud R. Scott Moxley and the Weekly for courageously presenting balanced coverage and standing up for Jane Doe ["Bad Dads," March 17]. May you win a Pulitzer Prize. I wish other local newspapers had the integrity to follow suit.

It's nice that the Haidl Three and their families are finally sorry for their misconduct. But if they were sincerely sorry, they wouldn't have hunted Jane Doe like an animal. The rape and the defense tactics disgust me. I am still curious about what kind of man brutally rapes a defenseless woman in the manner in which Ms. Doe was harmed and then proudly shows off his deeds to friends.


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