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I agree with you that Rocky Delgadillo is SO handsome [Commie Girl, May 18]. We try not to objectify men, but really, who are we fooling? The man is gorgeous. Very charming, too. And Ferial Govashiri, the new chair of the Young Dems, is amazingly lovely. So there, Ann Coulter!!!
Gila Jones
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While driving around this lovely county of ours I oft run into signs encouraging the re-election of Mike Carona. Next to the words "re-elect" there is a long rectangular blank spot. An idea has come to me as if in a vision. Someone needs to go around with a stencil and the words "the Little Sheriff" in that blank spot [R. Scott Moxley's "Dong? Schlong? Peter? Pecker? Wiener?" May 17]. It would be the graffiti sensation that's sweepin' the nat . . . county. Just some food for thought. Don't rat me out to the man.
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I believe "Lauri" from The Real Housewives of Orange County to have been the porn star "Janine" in her former life. If not, it is her identical twin sister. Check out the Internet!
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The editor replies: We checked, and unfortunately we're going to have to rain on your parade. According to her website, "Janine" is 29 years old. Need we explain further?

Man, is it that bad, or were you just pissed off that day? Your latest column [Gustavo Arellano's "Gracias, OC!" May 18] actually made me a little sad, not just for our (not-so) beloved county but for our xenophobic country. I've lived here for most of my life and can recall when I first realized that folks here try extra hard to live up to the stereotype of fat, white, entitled assholes. It was at my first "real" job and a guy, who was sort of a friend, mentioned that he felt put out by having to select "English" on the "ATM machine" (that redundancy annoyed me nearly as much as the implicit racism).

Now, I know you already know this, but there are a few of us gabachos around these parts who aren't represented by the folks who left the hate voice mail for you. It was a great column because it exposed the things people aren't talking about. Alas, they still aren't talking about them.

Please keep covering the immigration issue as long as the poor, oppressed, white people of this country have their collective panties in a roar. Keep countering rhetoric with facts. Pretty soon, they'll get tired and go back to bitching about gay or "swarthy looking" people.
The Serrach (a.k.a. James)
Via e-mail

My parents were born and raised in Mexico, immigrated, and thus I am the first generation born [in the United States] in my family. I grew up in Orange County and following high school moved out of the state. I spent a few years working, saved some money, and put myself through school, graduating from law school last year (all out of California). I have been reluctant to return because I believe I have found a home in Seattle, a city with greater acceptance. But damn I miss the sun! I vividly remember my "boys" making the comparisons you speak of, "Mexicans vs. Illegals," hearing comments such as "why can't they be more like you" or "but you are not really like them." As if that weren't enough and despite my status as an athlete, student body president, and an active community member, a high school counselor would not assist me in applying to UCLA because my "kind statistically did not succeed in college" and said that I should maybe look to a community college. A high school mentor took me aside once and told me that I had a greater chance of being an alcoholic and beating my girlfriend/wife than ever finishing school. As you can assume, the list goes on and on.

Orange County will always be home. However, I just cannot return to a bastion of hypocrisy where so many gabachos brag about the wonderful melting pot that Southern Cal is yet are the first to hold on tight to their purses as I walk by. I just hope they realize that raza population numbers are growing exponentially and that it is a matter of time before these numbers have an overwhelming affect via votes, and not just in Orange County. Raza will get in the White House, someone other than Matt Santos.
An Educated Mexican
Via e-mail

In her response to Asantay Williams, by listing all of the things she can afford, Commie Girl proved herself to be far from poor [Letters, May 18]. I am a 27-year-old mother of one, and like Williams said, I WOULD feel like I had won the lottery if I had an extra $900 per month. For me, and every other young parent I asked, it would provide a huge financial cushion, yet Rebecca treats it almost like an insult. Having been raised by a Communist, it's no wonder that she has such slanted thinking. While Commie Mom and her comrades were dreaming about a Marxist utopia after the fall of Saigon, my father-in-law was being "re-educated" by the Viet Cong. The big brother he idolized was murdered by them. Perhaps Rebecca could think about that the next time she feels so beleaguered while signing a form to get thousands of government dollars. I'm sure that in many ways Rebecca is a fine human being, but that doesn't mitigate the fact that she is an immature, ungrateful brat.
Heather Tran
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