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After reading you bash Sheriff Carona for what seems like an eternity (and rightfully so), I fully expected an endorsement of one of his opponents in the June 6 election. I never got a sample ballot due to an apartment mix-up at the Registrar of Voters, so I wasn't aware of my choices, and since you, of all sources, didn't mention whom to choose instead, I found myself with no idea who was the right man for the job.?Your article said that [Bill] Hunt is the San Clemente police chief, but the ballot said—and the truth is—that Hunt is the current Orange County sheriff's lieutenant. I didn't want to vote for anyone involved with Carona in any way, so his lieutenant was out. The ballot didn't make clear which county [Ralph] Martin serves, so I figured it was Orange—which would also be related to Carona. While you did correctly state that Martin works in LA, that didn't stick to my memory, as you endorsed no one. I ended up voting for [Bob] Alcaraz, the retired deputy sheriff. I'm sure you must be acutely aware that Carona won by an extremely narrow margin. He needed 50 percent plus one vote to win, and he just barely made that. I don't hold the Weeklyentirely responsible, of course, but you should know that, when faced with shit they know and strangers, people usually don't mind the stink of familiarity.
Amanda MacLean
Via e-mail

The editor replies: Oooh, Bill Hunt will be sad to learn he was denied your vote because of his association with the sheriff. He will be seriously bummed.Because, of course, he's been the guy positively roasting Carona for the past six months—and now that the election's over, Carona's gone and returned the favor. So while we appreciate that you took the time to vote, Amanda—since three out of four of your friends did not (and those are the ones who are registered)—we have to give you a wag of the finger for not knowing who the fuck you were voting for. Alcaraz pulled out of the race like a month ago—and threw his support to Bill Hunt.

Your election coverage sucks. You need to endorse people, not just rehash the issues with bad jokes. You spend every issue trashing the sheriff, but when we have an election where we have a chance to get rid of him, you don't endorse anyone in the race. Sure we know Carona sucks, but we know nothing about the other candidates from your paper.

How about some real coverage? How about taking a stand and endorsing people?
Lloyd Chittenden

As I was trying to log on to your website, I came upon a message that read "website is offline." I thought Sheriff Carona was up to no good once again . . . after all the dirt you've found on him, there might be a way he could succeed at pulling off such a feat. Keep up the good work . . . we don't need another politician that is a racist pig.
Via e-mail

The editor responds: The sheriff (and "the Little Sheriff") have been accused of a lot of things—oh, so many lovely, lovely things!—but to our knowledge, "racist" hasn't been among them. Unless that's just a synonym for "Republican," in which case, full-speed ahead!

Can you guys please, please, please do something so that we can finally get rid of that pompous jackass CURT PRINGLE and get him the hell out of Anaheim. Start attacking him early! Put his ugly ass face on the cover of an issue and totally trash him with all the mistakes he's made, like a failed $4 million lawsuit, or the wonderful sky boxes that the city council get every year worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. How about you guys tell Commie Girl or Mr. Arellano to write a story about this: the Anaheim city attorney told me that the two biggest reasons that they lost the lawsuit were because he claims that Arte Moreno was flirting with certain members of the jury and there were several highly inappropriate glances and that sort of thing going on in that courtroom. When I asked the city attorney what he thought the biggest mistake was in the trial, he said that it was that a woman from my school didn't support her hometown. Then I asked him why he didn't think that a poorly written contract was the biggest regret, to which he stated that Anaheim had contracted a separate law firm to draw up that specific contract.

I hope this is considered for an article topic. I am available for any questions, especially from anyone that works at the Weekly. The only thing I ask is that if a story is printed, I get referenced in the article and that hopefully my picture will accompany the story.
Steve Perez, 17 years old
Via e-mail

The only folks 'freaked out' are the ignorant minions who desperately hang on with a death grip (literally and figuratively) to their disbelief and hate for the truth [Cornel Bonca's "Judas: So Hot Right Now!" June 2]. As these poor blind souls tell themselves, "See? I knew that damn Bible was baloney!" We who know a little more about our Bibles and the history of them have heard all of this—all of this—before. This kind of anti-Gospel twaddle has gone on since . . . since . . . since He walked the earth, died on the cross and arose the third day. Freaked out? Hardly. Not one true Christian's faith has been shaken even the slightest bit.
B. Dirk Yarborough
Via e-mail

The wrong name and URL were given for the organization Jim Gilliam urges organ donors to visit ("Brave New Filmmaker," June 9). It is www.shareyourlife.org.


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