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I read Gustavo Arellano's excellent piece about In and Out madness ["The Night Merwin Barrientos Ate a 26x26 In-N-Out Hamburger," June 23]. All I can say is: URP! Blech. Merwin's pained face eating the 26x26 burger said a thousand words.
Eda Obey
Via e-mail

I've seen your toe before at a pool party, but I didn't know it was toe fungus [Matt Coker's "Why I'll Wear Vans This Summer," June 23]. I thought it was a corn chip. Look at the bright side: if you leave the fungus there long enough, you might be able to harvest mushrooms from your toe someday. Just a thought.
Raul Pea
Fountain Valley

For the first time, I read an article of yours, and after I read it, I realized that I will never read anything of yours again [Rebecca Schoenkopf's "Burning Down the House," June 16]. Simply put, you use vulgarity and what you write serves no positive purpose to the world. You have a platform to contribute something positive, and yet you waste your time and others' on stupid material. On top of that, if it is true that you are a mother, you are setting a terrible example for your child. This is another example showing that the problems of our country are caused by parents who pass on harmful or stupid and useless behavior to their children, and the cycle continues. As for me, I am not perfect, but I try to wake up every day asking the question, "What positive thing can I do today for myself and others?" What question do you ask yourself when you wake up?
John Devroe
Newport Beach

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Still you miss out on (or can it be you don't know of?) the greatest bar band in Southern California? [Summer Guide '06, June 23.] They might be the best bar band in the USA. The VooDudes have been playing Sunday afternoons in Newport Beach since I was a YOUNG man! They recently were "promoted" into the Balboa Inn across the street from the Cabo Cantina (the late Studio Caf—you missed that story too, the end of one of Orange County's landmark jazz and rock showcases) where they played for nearly two decades. The first two Sundays at the Inn have hosted enormous crowds. The bar there under the Inn has never had many people hanging out there—never. With the VooDudes, the place is instantly packed. Drawing power? In a word, unbelievable. There might be other secrets in Orange County, but I've never seen more talent, more showmanship, more energy anywhere in any bar. The band brings new life to tired old songs—even "The Joker" (Steve Miller) is worth paying attention to again. Come on down. I'll buy the first round.
Dirk Yarborough
Via e-mail

I am a longtime American studies professor at Cal State Fullerton, and I want you to know how deeply impressed I am with your recent article on the 1936 citrus workers' strike [Gustavo Arellano's "Gunkist Oranges," June 9]. For decades I've been teaching courses on California and Southern California with Carey McWilliams' work often at the center, and during all that time I've mentioned and underscored the importance of the 1936 OC strike for my students. It is so wonderful to see your well-written, carefully researched piece on that event. I've been writing an article on McWilliams, and the Gunkist piece in the Pacific Weekly had also caught my attention. Thanks so much for drawing all of this information together so effectively. I am impressed not only with this article, but with the many other pieces I've recently read by you. Thanks, once again, for doings such wonderful work, very much in the spirit of Carey McWilliams himself.
Michael Steiner
Via e-mail

I find it quite disturbing that the OC Weekly is allowing Gustavo Arellano to write articles that promote the illegal immigrants' point of view. Is this an AMERICAN magazine?? This type of racist article ("Ask a Mexican") simply brings to light the need for pro-illegal-immigration peoples to be removed from media and political positions. I send this message asking that you strongly consider the content that has been posted by Gustavo Arellano in his column. How many times must he refer to white Americans in a derogatory manner?? For example, calling a white female from Rancho Santa Margarita a "desperate housewife" or referring to a group of white Americans as "prune-faced white folks" . . . Thanks for taking the time to read this point of view.
D.A. in Costa Mesa
Via e-mail

Your article was very timely [Stan Brin's "The Ticket Wizard," June 9]. I got a parking ticket in Costa Mesa, along with several others. There was no posting or painted curb—NOTHING. I took several clear photos of the area and sent them with the "deposit fee." They kept the fee and denied my explanation and PHOTOS! I was informed if I wanted to pursue it, I would have to cough up another $50 and, if I lost, they kept both the "fee" and the additional $50 court fee. What bullshit. I still have copies of the photos. You should post them. Welcome to the Gestapo Parking Enforcers!!
Rene Quintanilla
Via e-mail

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