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Yes, thousands of copies of our pro-White newspaper, The White Patriot Leader, were distributed in your area within the past two months [Matt Coker's "Hatesville, USA," July 21]—153,000 all tolled, nationwide. And we're just getting started. Upset soccer moms, girlie-men and illegal aliens can phone me to stop future deliveries—(417) 463-7703. Others can look forward to lots more. Your article bad mouthed Costa Mesa's mayor for "demanding cops enforce immigration laws." You're right to oppose his demands. To enforce immigration laws at this late date is like locking the hen house door with coyotes inside. California Whites are doomed to extinction anyway. "Pedro" is right: "Gringos didn't make no babies." Worldwide, the White birthrate is down to 1.2 [births per woman], while 2.1 is required just to maintain current numbers. Almost twice as many of us die each year as are born. We buy twice as many caskets as cradles. Enlightened California, "melting-pot" gringos procreate least of all. Therefore, they're not entitled to bitch about brown immigrants coming to take up their slack. California is lost and doomed to become like Mexico, with obvious third world implications that only fools and liars deny. Zebras never change stripes. Mexicans make Mexican kinda countries. Africans make African kinda countries, etc. Whites? Ha!! We ain't got no country, anymore. And so it's no longer a matter of saving America, it's a matter of taking it back while we still can. Whether or not we will do so is the question.

Not whether or not Costa Mesa's mayor reduces the number of illegal aliens in his formerly "fair" city. Thanks for allowing my free speech in your paper.
Glenn Miller
Publisher, The White Patriot Leader

Glad to see your article [Nick Schou's "They'll Beat Your Ass," July 21]. As a retired DA now living in Arkansas, I read your paper to keep track of my former co-workers and the DA's office in general. Sounds like the DA is operating in its normal fashion. I tried to keep such cases at bay when I was working but found there were a lot of other DAs who loved the show. I guess that horseshit is a lot more interesting than drugs. It always has been.
Mike Nunn
Via e-mail

I am writing to ask for the immediate and unconditional removal of Gustavo Arellano from your writing staff. His Ask A Mexican! column was not funny this week. I was bored and not even mildly offended. And thank you for Ellen Griley and her articles, though I have yet to read one. I'm sure she is a good writer.
Julie Ralls, M.D.
Newport Beach

The Mexican responds: Replace me and four more Mexicans will take my spot. Do you really want that, doctora?

May I, hopefully, be one of many who advise you to ask questions and then close your mouth before reporting incorrect assumptions [Commie Girl, July 21]? The Pacific Crest National Scenic Trail (PCT) runs from the border of California and Mexico, on mainly a crest route, through California, Oregon and Washington to the Canadian border, over 2600 miles. The folks you met at Edison Lake were for the most part "thru hikers," backpacking most or all of that distance in 3 to 5 months, not "hippies." Besides, from the picture on your site, you are far too young to even recognize a "hippie" let alone try to understand one, and, I will add, far too young to have any good, common sense. Hikers on the PCT (and other trails) range from the much older folks (many in their 60s and 70s) to the very young. They are, for the most part, working professional men and women. Many have leaves of absence from their jobs. Others are teachers on summer break, young people just out of college taking the journey of their lives before heading into full-time employment, people between jobs and retirees. Some are so devoted to long distance hiking that they work and save to be able to hike for months at a time, year after year. Hikers are from a huge cross section of life, from here in the U.S. and many other countries of the world. They are my friends, and I am and always will be a proud hiker. If you'd engaged any of the hikers in conversation long enough, you'd have heard and understood the reason many have trail names. You didn't . . . your loss.
JoAnn (Are We There Yet?) Michael
Via e-mail

Hey thar, Pretentious Twit. I'm Dust, and I'm from Tennessee. I like hiking in the mountains for months at a time, 'cause, you see, I don't like working or wearing a tie. And I like smoking good dope. My hippie friends gave me that thar trail name Dust 'cause when I went out to California to hike that thar hiking trail, I was always coated with dust from head to toe. Some call me dirty, but the truth is, ma'am, I'm usually downright filthy. Twit, you should try it. Ah, see you live in Orange County and can only take 4 days off for vacation? That's a drag, momma. How bout comin' with me up to the mountains next time. Thar's a hot springs up a ways whar we can take our clothes off together and smoke some good sensimilla as the moon rises. Then, ya know, when all the dust and dirty is washed off and we're a good and buzzin', we can go to our tent and do what comes naturally. I like twats better than twits, and can play a twat just like a fiddle back home.

So drop me a line and let me know when you're free. You may never go back to Orange County again.
Via e-mail


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