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I was in complete outrage after reading your first report about Gunther's antics [R. Scott Moxley's "The New Crips," Oct. 13]. Any man who wants to gain his income by exploiting the hardest-working sector of American society is complete scum. This guy nitpicks at the law, creates unimaginable turmoil in the lives of small business owners, and essentially exploits his own "disabilities" for a source of economic profit, and claims he is doing all of this in the name of justice. There are people who are low, and there are people like Gunther. I'm relieved to hear that the judicial system can also see through this breed of parasite [as reported in "Wheels of Fortune," Nov. 17]. Keep at this asshole, Mox. You might as well; he's going to be complaining one way or another.
Blake Adams
Long Beach

Why do so many writers seem to have a problem with the terminology [Rebecca Schoenkopf's "Top 5 Cover Bands as Recommended by Squeeze OC," Nov. 17]? A Cover Band is a group that plays all kinds of music. A Tribute Band performs music from one particular artist. These terms are not at all interchangeable. Someone's juicing someone else, that's for sure because that list is entirely incorrect. Here's the real list for TRIBUTE BANDS: (1) The Atomic Punks. David Lee Roth era Van Halen. (2) Which One's Pink?They even pull off "Great Gig in the Sky" beautifully. (3) Led Zepagain. Vocalist Swan can hit the notes that Plant has long since forgotten. (3) Peace Frog: Close your eyes. It's Jim Morrison. A wonderful trip back to the Whisky in 1968. (4) Bonfire LA. Without question as hard and ferocious as AC/DC. (5) Sticky Fingers. Their set in Sacramento, summer 2005, was Mick and Keith all the way.
Dirk Yarborough
Via e-mail

As soon as I came across this "Abu Ghraib torture," I knew what a loser this writer was and his agenda stunk up the gym where I was reading his nonsense [Matt Coker's "Money for Nothing," Oct. 6]. Torture? Daniel Pearl's family may disagree with your version, little man. Maybe Nick Berg might wish to give his definition of that word. Just come out and say it, you hate America. George W. Bush is the reason we got hit on 9/11, right? Blame him. It's easy. Blame Jesus not the Muslims. It's the Christians, correct? Don't worry about truth here. Send me an article where you were critical of Muslims! They want us all dead, Matt. Start with fact one: Muslims want us in the West to convert, pay a tax or die. Same can be said about us folk too, right? Darn Bushies.
Joe M.
Anaheim Hills

I'd like to add a piece of information to Jacquelyn Beauregard Dillman's letter [Letters, Oct. 6]. During the week of Aug. 20, 2001, employees in the towers were informed that the buildings would be closed on that weekend (Aug. 25-26). This has only happened when Christmas and New Year's fell on a weekend. A few days after the Bush administration named the 19 alleged hijackers, CNN stated that two of the named hijackers had died before 9/11, and three others had been found alive overseas. When the fighting ended in Afghanistan, U.S. soldiers and intelligence agents went door-to-door searching for evidence relating to 9/11. After the search ended, FBI Director Mueller held a press conference and said, "We have not found a single piece of evidence, either here or in Afghanistan, linking the 19 named hijackers to the events of 9/11." He paused and said, "That shows just how good they were."
Michael Davidson
Long Beach

Let Gustavo Arellano write more. The review of Proof in Santa Ana was the best bar review I've ever read . . . considering I don't read many bar reviews . . . and I've been drinking . . . and it's noon on Sunday [Gustavo Arellano's "Drink, Eat, But Don't Pass Out," Oct. 13]. The shot-by-shot mechanics of the article were enjoyable, as was the Twain quote to start things off. Gustavo spoke of a drunken Tuesday at dusk at a bar with a friend, a dynamic I think we can all enjoy whether or not we can relate. What can you say about a guy that writes a killer bar review? You say thank you for drinking and observing at a place I was thinking about going to drink and observe.
James Seegers
Via e-mail

I almost enjoyed the interview with Harry Shearer [Steve Lowery's "Dopey and Sleepy," Oct. 6.] until I reached Lowery's question, "Why do you think Air America didn't work?" SAY WHAAAT? Air America is working just fine, as comedy and political analysis. If its ratings aren't what they might be, maybe that's due to poor publicity. I've met people who said they were looking for Air America but didn't know where on the dial to find it! (For the record, it's KTLK 1150, locally.) For a major corporation, Clear Channel is really cheaping out. Could it be that corporate America wants Air America to fail, so it can then say "we tried progressive radio, but nobody listened"? Must we listeners resort to guerrilla marketing for this beloved lifeline?
Susan Gross
Via e-mail

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