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Too many overly unnecessary adjectivesâ€"this article [Edwin Goei’s “Sapphire Shines,†May 17] waxed poetic so much that it became tedious to read . Get to the point in future.
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I really appreciate the article [Nick Schou’s “Dude, Where’s My Pot?,†May 17]. I think it’s a damn shame that just because you have a badge, you can do whatever you want regardless of the outcome that will affect the sick patients that need the medical marijuana to help them cope with the pain. The pot that is being taken by the cops is no doubt in my mind being smoked by them! Just last week on the news there was a story about a cop who had taken pot from someone growing it, and the cop took the pot home and his wife made brownies with it! Where is the justice in this country when cops who are supposed to be up holding the law can get away with doing this and the DA’s enforcing these rules? He along with the sheriff should be voted out of office!
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I am surprised such a liberal rag could do such a nice job on the Judge Shaw piece [R. Scott Moxley’s “Badgering and Blunders,†May 17]. Bravo. She had a long history of running her courtroom like she was the queen yelling, “Let them eat cake.†Thank God she in no longer on the bench. She was the worst example of our criminal defense system I have ever encountered. [She is] a person totally out of touch with reality.
Bret Banker
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I currently subscribe to The Orange County Register. For the past week, I have been receiving the [Register’s] OC Post also free of charge. Thank you, but I do not want the OC Post, so please stop delivering it. A few months ago, we were away on vacation and had canceled the OC Register. When we got home, we had numerous copies of the OC Post, although we didn’t order it, on our driveway. This allows people to know we are out of town and makes our home a target for break-in. I called the OC Post’s offices and explained my concerns and told them do not send the paper. It stopped for a while, but now it’s back. PLEASE DO NOT SEND ME ANY MORE EDITIONS OF THE OC POST.
Susan Newman
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This letter is in response to Greg Stacy’s May 17 review of artist Myron Conan Dyal’s exhibition, “Late Bloomer.†The writer is Dyal’s fiancee. She seems very nice.

This is a very well-written, entertaining and FUNNY story! Myron and I want to thank you for the great review you wrote! Myron is on his home planet, Zelcon, and would have written you himself, except he is out there wandering around his inner mind. . . .
Joy Kong
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After reading of the Minuteman Project’s latest violence against immigrants, their families and supporters, I remembered Luke Y. Thompson’s vaguely critical article “Fight Club†[April 5], and I wanted to point out why it is important to stand up to and speak out against racism in general, but specifically hate groups like the Minuteman Project. It is a mistake for the media or anyone else to characterize the Minutemen and their cause as harmless.
Joe Delaplaine
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The following letter addresses Gustavo Arellano’s June 7, 2006, ¡Ask a Mexican! glossary.

“Piñata: A toy that Mexicans beat to spill forth goodies stuffed inside. Otherwise known as the United States.†Excuse me? Is that a failed attempt at humor? And that illustration is a bit offensive, no? Kind of reminds me of the little Sambo images. Is that all you can come up with? Most people in Mexico don’t look like that at all.
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I love Kim Gordon, and I’m naming my firstborn Thurston, male or not. Thank you for writing this [Vickie Chang’s “Twenty-five Years of Reliable Service,†April 26].
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The article on Pop Noir is very poorly written/edited [Hobey Echlin’s Locals Only, May 17]. It is confusing to read and never succeeds in the point the author is trying to make.
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The letters regarding film critic Scott Foundas’ 190-word capsule review ofJourney From the Fall, which appeared in our March 23 New Releases, are still coming in! Another sampling follows; the rest are posted on ocweekly.com, along with a follow-up response from Foundas.

I was a boat person, and I was just a student during the time the Communists took over Saigon. There were a lot of real-life experiences I have seen, [and it was] even worse than what the movie could have brought out. People got shot in the middle of the street by the Communist police for no reason, in front of my eyes. I cannot tell you all the stories of my experiences. I wish that you could live through what we had lived through, and [I would want to] hear your criticisms after that. It is a shame [that you are] talking about something you know nothing about?
Hoang Troan
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I really enjoyed this article [Vickie Chang’s “Yellow Fever,†Nov. 3, 2006]. I think just about any woman could relate to this. Just because of the way I look, I’m supposed to wear Baby Phat, shake my ass like Beyoncé and sing like Alicia Keysâ€"I think not.
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I’m very happy that you received my message. Your article hit a particular nerve for me, given that I write about similarly “sensitive†subjects. The “thought police†out there are definitely in force. It’s nice to know from people like you, however, that we’re not alone.
Alex Lee
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I found Vickie Chang’s article insightful, valuable and true, and this topic needs to receive more visibility.
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