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Greg Stacy's probing analysis of Gwen Stefani's "Hollaback Girl" was hilarious ["This Shit Is Bananas," May 6]. Awesome. Genius. Thanks for tackling this critical topic. I just thought that song was as catchy as it was dumb. Now I see it for the masterpiece that it is.

As someone who often reads the OCWeeklyand Gustavo Arellano's work with admiration, I appreciated both his grudging compliments and his criticism of my recent article in the LosAngelesTimesMagazine,profiling Orange County as a "hot zone" of conspicuous consumption and "affluenza" ["This Is How They Do It About the OC," May 6]. Arellano felt I gave short shrift to my hometown of Santa Ana. But to set the record straight, contrary to what the Weeklyreported, I never met or interviewed (much less "cavorted with") Fletcher "Ted" Jones Jr., the owner of Fletcher Jones Motorcars. Rather, I interviewed a sales manager who had been assigned the task of talking to a reporter. But, mostly, I respectfully object to Arellano's use of a certain F-word in describing me as "a formernative" and Santa Ana as my "former hometown." This would be like saying that Santa Ana High and Cal State Fullerton are my formeralma maters, would it not? Perhaps this is a question for "Ask a Mexican." Perhaps not. But as they say on the streets: Where you from?

GustavoArellanoresponds:PuroAnacrime, ese.Quieresputazos,homes?

Hey, Commie Girl, you mean Bush isn't right [Rebecca Schoenkopf's "Commie Girl," May 27]? I mean, c'mon, all he has to do is just tell kids not to have sex and they will obey him. He is the president, after all! I know the only reason I had sex in the '60s is because John Kennedy, Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon didn't tell me notto. I suppose if they had I would have stopped. (Of course, even the mention of Johnson or Nixon in any relation to sex is so repulsive it would put anyone off getting off.) What a great position: don't teach kids about responsible sex, and everything will be fine. By the way, for the record, I now know far too much about your sex life.

I just finished reading your piece. God bless you. You're my kind of slut. We share many of the same fears of sexual repression from the wingnuts on the extreme right. Unlike you, I will continue to actively avoid the near occasion of chlamydia as much as I can. I guess I just don't have your kind of courage. I wish you and your cooter many happy moments in the years ahead.

Your commentary regarding the racist comments made by Vicente Fox, the corrupt president extraordinaire, was very accurate in your depiction of the vile and corrupt "leader" [Gustavo Arellano's "Ask a Mexican," May 27]. Unfortunately, there was one error: Fox never apologized for his racist comments. Moreover, he (along with his staff) vainly and very clumsily tried to defend his racist remarks. His only "regret" was that the "blacks" were "resentful" of his comments, as he felt that he was "misunderstood" by the "black people." Fox is a very funny man; he should write comedy. Perhaps that is his true calling, because being a leader certainly is not.

This is for the writer who asked about Mexicans parking their cars on the lawn ["Ask a Mexican," April 29]. I would advise him to visit Lancaster, Perris, Hemet, Banning, etc., to see that poor white people have a tendency to put their cars on their lawns as well. Even if their lawns are composed of rusted parts and desert sand.

Once again, kudos to Scott Moxley ["Internal Affairs," May 27]. The sheriff's handpicked, chosen few continue to bring down a great organization. Unfortunately, the OCRegister,other media outlets and the Republican elite (Lincoln Club et al.) continue to bury their heads in the sand and decide to put party politics before ethics. I'm guessing the Registeris just pissed because they keep getting scooped.

I would like to comment on Gustavo Arellano's piece purporting that John Paul II knew the particulars about Father Andrew Andersen's sexual abuse case and did nothing about it ["Sins of the Father," May 27]. For Arellano to rely on a John Cornwell essay for accurate information about Pope John Paul II is about as good as people relying on the ProtocolsoftheEldersofZionfor accurate information about Jews. Cornwell's interpretation of what John Paul said, that sex abuse by priests points to the mystery of evil, is wrong because the mystery of evil is not summed up in Satan. It is, rather, summed up in human beings using the great gifts given to them by God for their own selfish ends. The greater the gift, the greater the evil and the sin. So Bishop Brown was correct in calling it a sin. It may also be a crime, but that's for the state to deal with, not the bishop.

It's a good thing Gustavo Arellano isn't a priest, because they would have silenced him by now. Is there any depth to which these men will not descend? Bad story, good reporting. This stuff is just so nasty that we sometimes have to become irreverent to these "Most Reverends."


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