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The following letters—many taken from our staff blog, Navel Gazing—concern R. Scott Moxley's ongoing coverage of Orange County Sheriff Michael S. Carona, pre- and post-indictment.

Moxley, I am truly impressed. For years, I've read about Sheriff Mike Carona's wrongdoings in your paper and have become more and more infuriated with him in every new story. When I woke up Tuesday morning and saw the headline on the front page of The Orange County Register, I nearly wept. This is the first step of many to come in the march for justice here in Orange County. I salute you, Moxley. You do fine work, and you're a fine reporter.
Trevor Clarke
Dana Point

Stop gloating about being right about Carona before everyone else and not letting go of the issues like everyone else . . . Okay. Never mind. GO AHEAD AND GLOAT.
Rick Berry
via e-mail

I felt so strongly about Carona's corruption that for the first time in my life, I became politically active and helped with [Bill] Hunt's campaign (and I do not work for the OC Sheriff's Department). Moxley, you do go overboard on conspiracy theories regarding law enforcement, and you're not exactly impartial. That having been said, you were right-on regarding Carona, and I suspect this case wouldn't have gotten this far if you hadn't kept up the pressure. Damn fine job, you biased bastard! Carona tarnished the badge for the vast majority of cops who are honest to a fault and strive to do the right thing. He should resign immediately, and Hunt should be appointed his replacement until a new election can be held.
Honest Cop
via Navel Gazing

Speaking truth to power—we owe you one, Moxley. You da man. The harder they come, the harder they fall. Like roaches scurrying for cover when the lights go on, I can't wait to see what this cast of characters is up to next. At least now the sheriff has some motivation to treat people in custody like human beings rather than lab rats, since he may soon be one of them.
Derek Bercher
via Navel Gazing

I fear Carona is going to get off. The bail that was set for him last week is an insult. The $20,000 bail for him, $20,000 for his wife and $10,000 for his mistress is a slap in the face to the public. That means he only had to come up with $200 for himself, $200 for his wife (maybe she had to pay it herself) and $100 for his mistress. A jaywalker pays more than that! Carona is too smug. He has too many people who live in fear of him—the public because of his "hit squad," and officials because they have all done favors for him, and he has done favors for them. The bastard should be in his own jail and treated just like his "hit squad" treats others. He needs to be literally thrown out of office, have all his assets frozen, and NO WAY should WE THE TAX PAYERS have to pay for his defense. That scumbag and his whores are on their own.
Joyce Miller
via e-mail

"What profiteth a man if he gains the whole world but loses his own asshole?" Mikey, if there's any justice in the world, you're gonna find the answer to that question at Folsom.
JD Brox
via Navel Gazing

What a tragedy it is for the hundreds of dedicated men and women still serving the county of Orange in the Sheriff's Department. This past leadership is not only embarrassing, but also a disgrace to the law-enforcement profession. At one time, the Orange County Sheriff's Department had a sterling reputation in the criminal-justice community, but thanks to this administration, our department has become the laughingstock. I hope that county government can take positive action to "restore the shine" on our deputies' badges and allow them to regain the trust and respect of the community they serve.
Captain William Miller, retired OCSD
via Navel Gazing

I remember a few years back when Sheriff Carona was a guest on the Reverend Robert Schuller's Hour of Power at the Crystal Cathedral. There he was, on the stage, espousing Christian/family values to Schuller and the entire congregation. Now this happens. It brings to mind the shortest verse in the Bible: "Jesus wept" (John 11:35).
Bob Squalonero
via Navel Gazing

I love you guys at OC Weekly. Carona said today he is putting his trust in the system and that all of this is a misunderstanding. Channel 2 news referred to him as being the most popular sheriff in Orange County. That is such utter nonsense. Because of the above, when I want to know what's really happening, I pick up OC Weekly. Be careful: Carona does not play nice. Ask Bill Hunt and others who have fallen victim to this man. There is nothing on Earth worse than being a bad person.
Linda Cator
via Navel Gazing

The following letter is in regard to Shawn Smith's Nov. 2 article, "Not Dead Yet," about Orange County poet Derrick Brown.

Thank you for covering Derrick Brown's event. The extremely active poetry community in Orange County and surrounding counties is large, diverse and includes talented writers who measure up to the most demanding standards. Not to mention having a knack for self-deprecation and hilarity blended with pathos. Thank you for writing such an engaging article.
Larry Colker
via e-mail

The following letter is in regard to Gustavo Arellano's Oct. 26 edition of This Hole-In-the-Wall Life, titled "Comfort Curry."

You know, I think tempura is pretty agreed-upon to be a Portuguese gift to Japan, and thus the world, but kare, I believe, is a result of trading with Brits bringing their Raj-era premixed curry powder. Or so I think I remember from a very good Petits Propos Culinaire paper on the subject.
Trabuco Canyon


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