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The following letters are in regard to R. Scott Moxley's Nov. 9 article, "She's the (Under) Sheriff," about Orange County Sheriff Mike Carona moving his loyal soldier Jo Ann Galisky into temporary command at the department following his federal indictment.

Although Jo Ann Galisky's loyalty to her boss is commendable, no one believes her any more than they believe Mike Carona. Our tax dollars have been wasted long enough on both of them; they both need to step down gracefully. Enough is enough!
Joyce Miller
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You rock, Moxley. Keep it up!
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Why can't polygamists be more like Mike Carona? He only has one wife (and a mistress and a couple of girlfriends).
B. Wm. Overn

The following letter is in regard to Ryan Ritchie's Nov. 9 article, "Primo Proto-emo Dude Goes Pop," about ex-Gameface singer Jeff Caudill's move to the Goodtimes Band.

I used to love Gameface. Actually, I still do, but Jeff Caudill's solo stuff ruins it for me. It's pretty boring. Sorry.
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The following letters are in response to Ben Westhoff's Nov. 9 article, "Hova-Rated," about Jay-Z's newly releasedAmerican Gangster CD.

Absurd review. That's all I can say.
Monique Logan
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You are obviously a fan of the jigga man. Baby you like. Baby you love. Only a real fan could have simmered that in the cooking pot to come up with that pie chart.
Not Dames Dude
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Ben Westhoff, thank you! You've shown us how idiotic you are. I understand this is only your opinion, but I have never had so many retarded tingles reading an opening statement. In hip-hop, you have many avenues and many styles; no one has ever provided a true and yet artistic view of the African-American culture (except maybe KRS-One), and this alone is the reason it has such an impact on pop and American culture. I have not listened to the new album, but how dare you insult his past work! You only make yourself look stupid. Do yourself a favor and buy a Jay-Z album, listen to it from beginning to end, and then ask yourself, do I know this man they call Jay-Z? Do I understand where he came from? Am I entertained by how he has informed us? Am I inspired by the tales he tells? I believe after you have done that, you will have a very different opinion of who and what Jay-Z is and has done.
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Sooo true [Jonanna Widner's Nov. 9 article, "How (Not) to Name Your Band"]! Thank you! It's what I've been thinking for years.
Lisa R.
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The following letter concerns Hobey Echlin's review of Buck 65's CDSituation, published Nov. 9.

Hobey Echlin doesn't know what the fuck he is talking about. This album is dope as hell. Not only that, but this album is also, like, Buck's 100th consistently good album. I like how Hobey mentions a few songs on the album that are good but doesn't even mention the best songs on the album! Where is the mention of "Beatific," "1957" and "Shutter Buggin"? These are the newest songs on the album, as well; the other songs are from mixtapes and EPs that he released previously. "Buck forgets he's rapping?" WTF does that even mean? If you like Buck 65, you like him for the fact that he doesn't conform to said genre or stereotype, and that's what makes him so good. Just because you want to hear your pop-rap garbage, and Buck isn't like them, with their constantly recycled clone rhymes, doesn't mean he sucks. Seriously, did you even listen to the songs, or did you just skip through them looking for the catchiest sounds?
Mike M.
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The following letter is in regard to Vickie Chang's Nov. 9 edition of Trendzilla, in which she discusses the "fashion icons" ofSex and the City.

Carrie Bradshaw bores me, too. Thanks for stating the obvious, Trendzilla. Someone had to say it.

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The following letter is in regard to Derek Olson's Nov. 9 article, "Taken to School," about the dismissal of a lawsuit against Chapman University alleging class-hour fraud.

Ken Lay is rolling over in his grave. Chapman should replace [attorney Fred] Plevin based on his extraordinarily uneducated rationale that without relevant expertise, juries can't judge. Actually, it may be naive of me to think Chapman isn't at least supportive of this social-elitist argument. Wonder if they have an "Intelligent Design" science course?
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Gustavo Arellano is right on the money about Casa Oaxaca [This Hole-In-the-Wall Life, Nov. 9]. My wife and I just had lunch there. The guacamole is second to none. Keep your "Hole-in-the-Wall Life" rolling, and we will keep following.
Bill and Roberta Harvey
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Well, I guess the cat is out of the bag now [thanks to Edwin Goei's "Sucking in the '70s," Nov. 9]! My family has been going to Wong's in Garden Grove for about 10 years. We are from LA and have eaten Cantonese-/Hong Kong-style everywhere from Chinatown to the Crenshaw District, Monterey Park to Gardena. If you know of any other places in the OC that have this style, please let us know!
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