The following letters are in regard to R. Scott Moxley's ongoing coverage of Orange County Sheriff Mike Carona.

Absolutely a totally bitchen job. Keep up the good work.
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Keep up the good work on Carona. He is a disgrace to law enforcement and should resign. I am also writing about him on my blog since his indictment, and I will continue to follow this sorry episode.
Gary Fouse
DEA, retired
Lake Forest


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I must confess that your "Scariest People in OC" issue [Oct. 26] baffles me. You rightly throw Dana Rohrabacher at the top of the list for, among other things, his position on Iraq. Then, No. 2 on the list is Loretta Sanchez, a person whose position is completely the opposite with regard to Iraq. Are you saying that you don't actually care about Iraq? Or are you saying that somebody who only voted for war funding with the caveat of a time table is just as bad as a complete war-hawk patsy of the president?
Damon T.
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EDITOR'S NOTE: From the introduction to the Scariest People list: "[Sanchez] and our senators are part of an ineffectual opposition that, whether in the minority or the majority, has not provided any meaningful check to the Bush administration's war plans."

The following letter is a response to Derek Olson's Oct. 19 feature story, "Against the Wall," which chronicled his experiences with UC Irvine's Muslim Student Union.

I have been an adjunct teacher at UC Irvine for nine years. I can tell you personally that almost every quarter, the Muslim Student Union here brings in radical Islamic speakers who are not only anti-Israel and anti-Jewish, but anti-American as well. Amir Abdel Malik Ali, for example, is an imam from Oakland who appears regularly on campus and calls suicide bombers heroes. Another—Addel Musa from Washington, D.C.—stated at one demonstration at which I was present that Islam will take over America.

Many Jewish students at UCI are fearful for their safety. When they take their concerns to the administration, all they get is talk about free speech. Meanwhile, UCI equates these hate-filled speakers with their critics, who are called Islamophobes, as if it's all the same thing.

It is a disgusting situation here at UCI and needs to get the widest attention possible.
Gary Fouse
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I just wanted to say thanks for doing a great article about Jim "the Poorman" Trenton [Luke Y. Thompson's "Enter Poorman," Nov. 9]. I am a SoCal native and grew up following the Poorman from radio to KDOC. One item you missed was his term at 103.1 (formerly Groove Radio), which he helped launch with a great morning show (eventually canceled). I spent some time interacting with Jim during one of his events, and you really described him just as I remember him.

Nevertheless, he truly is an LA radio (and now TV) icon who has always pushed the envelope. I'm convinced not enough people know about his contributions to LA/OC history. So, thanks for bringing his story to the Weekly.

Keep up the good work, and although you guys have changed ownership, you continue to be a great source of news for Orange County for all of us news junkies who want the real scoop.
Alex Liu
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I just wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying your music coverage in the OC Weekly. It's great to see Hobey Echlin's byline, too. I used to read his stuff in the [Detroit] Metro Times. I especially enjoyed Echlin's recent piece on the Gore Gore Girls ["These Boots Are Made for Kickin' Ass," Oct. 19]. Well, I just thought you'd like to know that a fellow former Detroiter is digging the music section of the Weekly. Keep up the excellent work!

Beth Fhaner
Features Editor
Westways Magazine
Costa Mesa

The following letter is in regard to Gustavo Arellano's Nov. 2 edition of ¡Ask a Mexican!—"Special Día de los Muertos edición."

Mr. Arellano, you are truly an intelligent man. I can't tell you how much I appreciate your last little bit about the DREAM Act. Que Diosito lo bendiga.
Celia Martinez
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Rich Kane's Chick-Fil-A article ["You Want Christ With That?" March 4, 2004] was very disrespectful. Yes, the owner is a Christian, but you can eat there without getting Christianity shoved in your face. And YES, the food is great! What do you mean, no better than a McNugget? I strongly disagree. The fried-chicken sandwich is cooked in a wonderful-tasting oil; it's one of my favorites. I'm so glad they opened more. I also love their "Eat Mor Chiken" ads with the cows, which I didn't see mentioned in the article. Very biased review.
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I want Luke Y. Thompson to know I appreciate the plug of my movie Loop at the end of his article "By Any Other Name" [Oct. 26]. Loop is now completely finished. FAIF [the Foundation for the Advancement of Independent Film] accepted it based on a rough-cut work in progress, and we appreciate the publicity.
Pericles Lewnes
via e-mail

In Joel Beers' Nov. 9 theater review of Guilt Anthology, "Breath of Fire, Breath of Life," the last name of the director should be spelled Couturie. It should also be noted that Tony Viramontes, not Anthony Couturie, played the priest in Revelations.

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