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The following letter is in response to Luke Y. Thompson's Dec. 7 profile of horror blogger Fatally Yours, "Yours Horrifically."

How somewhat cheesy—and daresay mainstream—it is to interview Fatally Yours and then WOW! On her site, there is an interview with the OC Weekly author!

You do me, and I'll do you, and we'll both be famous!

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Jonathan Volzke
via e-mail

The following letter is in response to J. Hoberman's Nov. 16 review ofRedacted, "Mission: Impossible (Again)."

Your mindless, groveling, sycophantic ass-kissing review of Redacted sucks. So does this hate-and-harm-America flick. Fuck you. Fuck Redacted. Fuck Brian Depalma.

Jerard Plavyn
via e-mail

The following letters are in response to Michael Alan Goldberg's Dec. 7 music article, "Top Turkeys."

Loved your comments about Clive Davis, but sorry, the Eagles' new CD is awesome! They sound like they picked up where they left off 30 years ago; their voices are just as strong! So what if it's only available at WalMart? I bet they're making a lot more money with that deal than they would be if some record company put it out. Artists have been known to starve in those deals.

Jasper Hicks Fan
via e-mail

I'm so glad you added Clive Davis to your Turkey list. I'm really sick of him playing a power trip over artists. I want to hear what they are really about and get some variety in music, rather than a bunch of manufactured garbage that suits the taste of one rich, old fart. Again, thanks and bravo!!

Julie Fratzke
via e-mail

I've got no connection whatsoever to Orange County or Southern California, but it's these types of stories that keep me reading your publication on a weekly basis! Kudos to you Nick Schou, R. Scott Moxley, Gustavo Arellano, et al., for producing the finest weekly publication in the country!

Hans Scholze
via e-mail

The following letter regards Nick Schou's Feb. 22 news story, "'We Love Hunting Wetbacks,'" about a Costa Mesa Latino alleging he was beaten by OC sheriff's deputies.

That is the craziest story I've ever heard. Why were they picking on this guy instead of a real criminal? No cop would ever pull someone over and beat them, and then let them go. The police must account for every minute they are on patrol. If the cops ran the victim in the computer, there would be a record of which police officer ran a DMV or criminal search on who, with a time and date stamp. There would also be a record of who called the canine police. Those two records could easily be checked with little effort. If I was the investigating officer at IAB, the very least I would do was to perform those checks.

And lastly, DEA agents don't have narcotics dogs, only local police.

Normal Joe
via e-mail

The letters keep coming in response to Ben Westhoff's Dec. 14 work of fiction, "The Efron Scandal," about rapper Lil Wayne collaborating with teen heartthrob Zac Efron on the newHigh School Musical soundtrack.

This article is so untrue! Lil Wyne is nothing like that. Why portray rappers with such a negative attitude? I don't believe a word of this. I doubt he would talk about dick-sucking and fucking hoes on the new High School Musical CD. And as far as him reaching the "white" suburban kids like Kanye . . . of course, you made that into the interview and getting his dick sucked four times. Puh-leeze. And he's engaged. Come again, boo-boo!

Ms. Williams
via e-mail

What a ridiculous story. I don't get what you people get out of slandering people's names. Probably because you have no lives and are jealous of the fame and fortune that both of these stars have made. Get over yourselves.

via e-mail

LMAO!!! Nice fabricated story. Creative, yet not really believable. Funny, nonetheless! Love how y'all got all these crazy Zac Efron fans going crazy!

via e-mail

So confused. Is this supposed to be a comical article, rather than something that actually happened? It just sounds so absurd is all.

via e-mail

If Lil Wayne was as "G" as he claims to be, then why is this kid saying, "What up, nigga" and kissing him?! Please. This is the stuff that's killing hip-hop. Save the music, y'all.

via e-mail

Are you serious? The problem with hip-hop right now is that everyone feels they need a radio-friendly song to get some love. I choose reality over the same song over and over again. Right now, you have Jay Z Jr. and R. Kelly Jr. on the radio. And you're talking about Ghost. Please.

via e-mail

Do you have a picture of them kissing?

via e-mail

Oh, my god! This is the funniest thing I've ever read. Whoever came up with this is a genius and should continue the good work. I needed a good laugh.

via e-mail

So you think using the word "nigga" is "hilarious"?!? I think it would be hysterically funny if that kike Westhoff were anally raped. Why don't you run that? And from this point on, we will ONLY refer to that Jew cocksucker as kike Westhoff. He's my kike, right?

Bob K.
via e-mail

The following letter is in response to Edwin Goei's Dec. 7 review of Kappo Hana restaurant, "Wasabi S&M."

The [other] night, American customers came in and told me there was [a review of] our restaurant in OC Weekly. I read through it quickly and was shocked. There were wrong facts in the article. The reporter seemed not to know essential Japanese foods that he described. The first third of text, he described the wasabi as if we were using real wasabi, but we're actually using factory-made powder wasabi, not special and not claiming we use the real one.

He concluded the article by describing the crab shumai with wasabi, but that combination never existed in any country, I believe. Cranberry sauce never serves with roast beef, right? Or you do?

He introduced the kamameshi with the wrong vegetable, but it's okay because Americans are not supposed to know wild vegetables. We grilled yellowtail color, although he thought we baked it by an oven and claimed it lacked charcoal smokiness.

He introduces kamaeshi, which is unfamiliar to Americans. That's good. Thank you. But the last-night customers we had ordered sushi. Sushi orders make our kitchen performance decrease because we don't have a sushi cook.

Our goal is to make American customers know the Kappo restaurant where authentic Japanese foods served. EXCLUDE SUSHI.

I hope OC Weekly readers don't remember the incorrect facts about wasabi in our place.

Kappo Hana Restaurant
via fax

Edwin Goei responds: I should have said that the slurry I received with the shumai "tasted like" fake wasabi mixed with soy sauce. Similarly, I should have said the hamachi collar "tasted oven-baked" instead of "was oven-baked." However, the wasabi I had with the tai sashimi was definitely the real thing. It had a coarse, uneven texture and honest-to-goodness bits of the rhizome that stayed whole, even sitting in a pool of soy sauce. This wouldn't happen if it was from a powder, in which it would just dissolve. It had all the properties, flavor and body of a real, grated wasabi root. I wouldn't have made such a big deal or centered the whole article on it if I weren't sure-if that wasn't real wasabi, then they've fooled someone who has eaten it many times.

The one thing that my impressions of the wasabi did was to make the restaurant appear to be sushi-centered, but nowhere do I imply or proclaim that it is. In fact, I didn't even say that they offered sushi (although they do).

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