Let's Play Where Are They Now: Haidl Gang Rapists

Last year, an Orange County jury convicted three young men for the 2002 videotaped rape and molestation of an unconscious 16-year-old girl on a pool table in a Newport Beach garage. The case made national headlines not just because the drunk men laughed as they repeatedly shoved a Snapple bottle, apple-juice can, lit cigarette and a pool cue in both of the girl's lower orifices, but because one of the defendants was the son to an assistant Orange County sheriff, Don Haidl.

If Haidl also happens to be exceptionally wealthy (via selling used government cars at auction), then he was more than a bit jaded. He spent millions to humiliate the victim. Private detectives tailed her, dug through her family's trash cans, filmed her day and night, illegally released her personal medical records, and hired a defense lawyer who called her "a slut" in court, claimed that she raped the three men (Gregory Scott Haidl, Keith James Spann and Kyle Joseph Nachreiner) and demanded her arrest. (The nastiness prompted me to write many stories, but in the end, there was this one.)

Thanks to the work of the Orange County district attorney's office (in particular, Chuck Middleton, Brian Gurwitz and Susan Kang Schroeder), which overcame a 13-attorney defense onslaught and won convictions after a second trial, on March 10, 2006, Superior Court Judge Francisco Briseno sentenced the weeping defendants to six-year prison terms.

Where are they now?

Gregory Scott Haidl, 22, lives with 4,889 other inmates at Pleasant Valley State Prison in Fresno County.

Kyle Joseph Nachreiner, 23, joins 3,700 other men who make their home inside Chuckawalla Valley State Prison in Blythe.

Keith James Spann, 23, resides at Norco State Prison in Riverside County.


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